Bayside Shakedown The Final: The New Hope Trailer

Bayside Shakedown The Final: The New Hope Trailer (2012)

06 September 2012 Action, Crime 126 mins

Set 2 years after prior film "Bayside Shakedown 3: Set the Guys Loose," a major case occurs that has the potential to take down the entire police organization. For the next 3 days, Shunsaku Aoshima (Yuji Oda) and his colleagues struggle to unravel the case...

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Yûji Oda

as Shunsaku Aoshima

Toshirō Yanagiba

as Shinji Muroi

Eri Fukatsu

as Sumire Onda

Yūsuke Santamaria

as Masayoshi Mashita

Yuki Uchida

as Natsumi Shinohara

Atsushi Itō

as Shinjiro Waku

Miki Mizuno

as Yukino Kashiwagi

Shun Oguri

as Seiichi Torikai

Masahiro Kômoto

as Kaoru Ogata

Naoki Kawano

as Koji Kuriyama

Kenichi Takito

as Meisai Ou

Toshiya Toyama

as Koji Morishita

Kenta Satoi

as Jiro Uozumi

Susumu Kobayashi

as Osamu Nakanishi

Sôichirô Kitamura

as Police Chief Kana

Satoru Saitô

as Harumi Akiyama

International Titles

Bayside Shakedown 4: The Final Trailer

踊る大捜査線 The Final 新たなる希望 Trailer

Odoru Daisôsasen the Final: Aratanaru kibô Trailer

Odoru Daisosasen the Final: Aratanaru kibo Trailer

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