Niko 2 - Little Brother, Big Trouble Trailer

Niko 2 - Little Brother, Big Trouble Trailer (2012)

"Small things come in big packages" 12 October 2012 Adventure, Animated, Comedy 79 mins

Set right before Christmas, Niko the reindeer must deal with his mom getting re-married and his being tasked with looking after his little stepbrother.

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Kari Hietalahti

as Armas (voice)

Juha Veijonen

as Raavas (voice)

Kari Ketonen

as Spede (voice)

Risto Kaskilahti

as Uljas (voice)

Erik Carlson

as Niko (voice)

Elina Knihtilä

as Oana(voice)

International Titles

Niko 2 - Kleines Rentier, grosser Held Trailer

Sobík Niko 2 Trailer

Niko le petit Renne 2 Trailer

Нико 2: Маленький братишка - Большие хлопоты Trailer

Little Brother, Big Trouble Trailer

Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure Trailer

Niko 2 Little Brother Big Trouble A Christmas Adventure Trailer

Niko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble Trailer

International Releases Dates

Canada 02 November 2012

Germany 31 October 2012

Denmark 01 November 2012

Finland 12 October 2012

France 28 November 2012

Russia 11 December 2012

United States 02 November 2012

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