Pretville Trailer

Pretville Trailer (2012)

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" 22 November 2012

"The film is a rollicking Afrikaans musical set in the 50s. In the small, bright and vibrant town of Pretville, anything is possible and lots of interesting things happen all the time."

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Marlee van der Merwe

as Serah Somers

Eugene Jensen

as Dawid de Wit

Marno Van der Merwe

as Frank Fouche

Steve Hofmeyr

as Eddie Elektriek

Terence Bridgett

as Pierre Lukuveer

Emo Adams

as Jakkie

Carike Keuzenkamp

as Gerda Geeverniet

Lizz Meiring

as Lollie le Roux

Annette Engelbrecht

as Ouma Sarie

Willem Botha

as Hennie Hakkel

Lizelle de Klerk

as Grieta Geeverniet

Sanet Ackermann

as Emily Somers

Rina Nienaber

as Roeda Regyt

Machiel Roets

as Kallie Klawers


Nerine Pienaar

Nerine Pienaar Costume Design

Bathoni Robinson

Bathoni Robinson Art Direction

Paul Kruger

Paul Kruger Executive Producer

Emma Krüger

Emma Krüger Executive Producer

International Releases Dates

South Africa 22 November 2012

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