Safe House Trailer

Safe House Trailer (2012)

"No one is safe" 09 February 2012 Action, Thriller, Crime 115 mins

Denzel Washington plays the most dangerous renegade from the CIA, who comes back onto the grid after a decade on the run. When the South African safe house he's remanded to is attacked by mercenaries, a rookie operative (Ryan Reynolds) escapes with him. Now, the unlikely allies must stay alive long enough to uncover who wants them dead.

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Denzel Washington

as Tobin Frost

Ryan Reynolds

as Matt Weston

Vera Farmiga

as Catherine Linklater

Joel Kinnaman

as Keller

Brendan Gleeson

as David Barlow

Sam Shepard

as Harlan Whitford

Nora Arnezeder

as Ana Moreau

Liam Cunningham

as Alec Wade

Fares Fares

as Vargas

Jenna Dover

as CIA Analyst

Stephen Rider

as CIA Analyst

Daniel Fox

as CIA Analyst

Tracie Thoms

as CIA Analyst

Robert Patrick

as Daniel Kiefe

Rubén Blades

as Carlos Villar

Stephen Bishop

as Marine Guard


Ramin Djawadi

Original Music Composer

Oliver Wood

Oliver Wood Director of Photography

Sarah Finn

Sarah Finn Casting

Brigitte Broch

Brigitte Broch Production Design

Melinda Launspach

Melinda Launspach Set Decoration

Susan Matheson

Susan Matheson Costume Design

Cordell McQueen

Cordell McQueen Special Effects Coordinator

Greg Powell

Greg Powell Stunt Coordinator

Scott Aversano

Scott Aversano Executive Producer

Marc D. Evans

Marc D. Evans Executive Producer

Alexa Faigen

Alexa Faigen Executive Producer

Trevor Macy

Trevor Macy Executive Producer

International Titles

Protegiendo al enemigo Trailer

安全屋 Trailer

灭口布局 Trailer

狡兔计划 Trailer

Safe House - Niemand ist sicher Trailer

狡兔計畫 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 22 March 2012

Australia 09 February 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina 09 February 2012

Belgium 22 February 2012

Bulgaria 10 February 2012

Bahrain 09 February 2012

Brazil 16 March 2012

Canada 10 February 2012

Chile 17 May 2012

Czech Republic 16 February 2012

Germany 23 February 2012

Denmark 16 February 2012

Estonia 10 February 2012

Spain 10 February 2012

Finland 17 February 2012

France 22 February 2012

United Kingdom 24 February 2012

Greece 22 March 2012

Hong Kong 23 February 2012

Croatia 09 February 2012

Hungary 16 February 2012

Indonesia 29 February 2012

Ireland 24 February 2012

Israel 16 February 2012

India 17 February 2012

Italy 02 March 2012

Kuwait 09 February 2012

Kazakhstan 09 February 2012

Lithuania 10 February 2012

Malta 07 March 2012

Mexico 02 March 2012

Netherlands 23 February 2012

Norway 24 February 2012

New Zealand 09 February 2012

Panama 16 March 2012

Peru 15 March 2012

Philippines 10 February 2012

Pakistan 10 February 2012

Poland 24 February 2012

Portugal 09 February 2012

Paraguay 04 May 2012

Romania 17 February 2012

Russia 09 February 2012

Sweden 15 February 2012

Singapore 09 February 2012

Turkey 10 February 2012

Taiwan 10 February 2012

United States 10 February 2012

Uruguay 20 April 2012

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