The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

The Cabin in the Woods Trailer (2012)

"If you hear a strange sound outside... have sex" 12 April 2012 Horror, Thriller 95 mins

Five college friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

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Kristen Connolly

as Dana Polk

Chris Hemsworth

as Curt Vaughn

Anna Hutchison

as Jules Louden

Fran Kranz

as Marty Mikalski

Jesse Williams

as Holden McCrea

Richard Jenkins

as Richard Sitterson

Bradley Whitford

as Steve Hadley

Brian J. White

as Daniel Truman

Brian J. White

as Daniel Truman (as Brian White)

Amy Acker

as Wendy Lin

Tim De Zarn

as Mordecai

Tim De Zarn

as Mordecai (as Tim DeZarn)

Tom Lenk

as Ronald The Intern

Dan Payne

as Matthew Buckner

Jodelle Ferland

as Patience Buckner

Dan Shea

as Father Buckner


Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon Producer

Jason Clark

Jason Clark Executive Producer

Peter Deming

Peter Deming Director of Photography

David Julyan

Original Music Composer

Terry Notary

Terry Notary Choreographer

Shawna Trpcic

Shawna Trpcic Costume Design

Martin Whist

Martin Whist Production Design

Michael Diner

Michael Diner Art Direction

International Titles

O Segredo da Cabana Trailer

Segredo da Cabana Trailer

Chata v lesích Trailer

La Cabaña del Terror Trailer

La Cabaña en el Bosque Trailer

Το Μικρό Σπίτι στο Δάσος Trailer

Dom w głębi lasu Trailer

A Casa na Floresta Trailer

La Cabaña en el Bosque Trailer

詭屋 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 06 December 2012

Austria 07 September 2012

Australia 14 June 2012

Belgium 02 May 2012

Bulgaria 13 April 2012

Brazil 26 October 2012

Canada 13 April 2012

Germany 05 September 2012

Denmark 10 May 2012

Estonia 13 April 2012

Spain 08 November 2013

Finland 20 April 2012

France 02 May 2012

United Kingdom 13 April 2012

Greece 15 April 2012

Hong Kong 03 May 2012

Croatia 03 May 2012

Ireland 13 April 2012

Israel 19 April 2012

India 01 June 2012

Iceland 20 April 2012

Italy 18 May 2012

Lithuania 13 April 2012

Latvia 13 April 2012

Mexico 14 September 2012

Netherlands 19 April 2012

Norway 11 May 2012

Philippines 02 May 2012

Poland 27 April 2012

Portugal 16 August 2012

Russia 12 April 2012

Sweden 18 May 2012

Singapore 19 April 2012

Thailand 10 May 2012

Turkey 27 April 2012

Taiwan 04 May 2012

United States 12 April 2012

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