The Dictator Trailer

The Dictator Trailer (2012)

15 May 2012 Comedy 83 mins

The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

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Sacha Baron Cohen

as Aladeen / Efawadh

Aasif Mandvi

as Doctor

Megan Fox

as Herself

Anna Faris

as Zoey

John C. Reilly

as Clayton

Michelle Bergh

as Aladeen's Mother

Adeel Akhtar

as Maroush

Olivia Taylor Dudley

as Nurse Svetlana

Kathryn Hahn

as Pregnant Woman

Rizwan Manji

as Patient

Alex Kruz

as Japanese Olympic Runner


Erran Baron Cohen

Original Music Composer

Lawrence Sher

Lawrence Sher Cinematography

Jeffrey Kurland

Jeffrey Kurland Costume Design

Erika Abberton

Erika Abberton Hairstylist

Scott Rudin

Scott Rudin Producer

International Titles

O Ditador Trailer

Le Dictateur Trailer

El dictador Trailer

Diktaattori Trailer

The Dictator Trailer

Ο δικτάτορας Trailer

O diktatoras Trailer

A diktátor Trailer

Il dittatore Trailer

Dictatorul Trailer

Диктатор Trailer

DICTATOR_THE_2012 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Armenia 21 May 2012

Argentina 19 July 2012

Austria 17 May 2012

Australia 15 May 2012

Belgium 16 May 2012

Bulgaria 18 May 2012

Brazil 24 August 2012

Canada 16 May 2012

Switzerland 20 June 2012

Chile 23 August 2012

Colombia 20 July 2012

Czech Republic 19 May 2012

Germany 17 May 2012

Denmark 16 May 2012

Estonia 18 May 2012

Spain 13 July 2012

Finland 18 May 2012

France 20 June 2012

United Kingdom 16 May 2012

Georgia 24 May 2012

Greece 19 July 2012

Hong Kong 07 June 2012

Croatia 17 May 2012

Hungary 17 May 2012

Ireland 16 May 2012

Israel 07 June 2012

Iceland 16 May 2012

Italy 15 June 2012

Cambodia 05 July 2012

Kazakhstan 17 May 2012

Lithuania 18 May 2012

Latvia 16 May 2012

Mexico 24 August 2012

Netherlands 16 May 2012

Norway 16 May 2012

New Zealand 16 May 2012

Peru 19 July 2012

Poland 18 May 2012

Portugal 17 May 2012

Romania 18 May 2012

Sweden 16 May 2012

Singapore 14 June 2012

Slovenia 17 May 2012

Thailand 12 July 2012

Turkey 18 May 2012

Taiwan 15 June 2012

Ukraine 17 May 2012

United States 16 May 2012

Viet Nam 27 July 2012

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