Epic Trailer

Epic Trailer (2013)

"Discover a world beyond your imagination" 15 May 2013 Adventure, Fantasy, Animated 102 mins

A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group characters in order to save their world -- and ours.

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Josh Hutcherson

as Nod (voice)

Amanda Seyfried

as Mary Katherine (voice)

Amanda Seyfried

as Mary Katherine (M.K.) (voice)

Colin Farrell

as Ronin (voice)

Jason Sudeikis

as Bomba (voice)

Aziz Ansari

as Mub (voice)

Beyoncé Knowles

as Queen Tara (voice)

Judah Friedlander

as Taxi Driver (voice)

Steven Tyler

as Nim Galuu (voice)


as Bufo (voice)

Blake Anderson

as Dagda (voice)

Christoph Waltz

as Mandrake (voice)

John DiMaggio

as Pinecone Jinn (voice)

John Di Maggio

as Pinecone Jinn (voice)

Allison Bills

as Dandelion Jinn (voice)

Todd Cummings

as Fruit Fly (Old) (voice)


Chris Wedge


Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis Producer

Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis Producer

Lori Forte

Lori Forte Producer

Danny Elfman

Original Music Composer

Renato Falcão

Renato Falcão Cinematography

Greg Couch

Greg Couch Production Design

William Joyce

William Joyce Production Design

Michael Knapp

Michael Knapp Art Direction

Bob Camp

Bob Camp Storyboard

International Titles

Reino Escondido Trailer

Épique Trailer

绿国奇兵 Trailer

艾匹克 Trailer

Epic - Verborgenes Koenigreich Trailer

Epic: El mundo secreto Trailer

Epic - La Bataille du Royaume Secret Trailer

A zöld urai Trailer

에픽 : 숲속의 전설 Trailer

Epic - O Reino Secreto Trailer

Čuvari tajnog kraljevstva Trailer

Чувари тајног краљевства Trailer

Epic 3D Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 23 May 2013

Argentina 16 May 2013

Austria 17 May 2013

Australia 13 June 2013

Azerbaijan 30 May 2013

Belgium 05 June 2013

Bulgaria 24 May 2013

Bahrain 30 May 2013

Bolivia 16 May 2013

Brazil 17 May 2013

Belarus 30 May 2013

Canada 24 May 2013

Chile 16 May 2013

Colombia 17 May 2013

Czech Republic 30 May 2013

Germany 16 May 2013

Denmark 23 May 2013

Dominican Republic 16 May 2013

Ecuador 17 May 2013

Estonia 31 May 2013

Egypt 29 May 2013

Spain 30 August 2013

Finland 24 May 2013

France 22 May 2013

United Kingdom 24 May 2013

Greece 06 June 2013

Hong Kong 27 June 2013

Croatia 06 June 2013

Hungary 23 May 2013

Indonesia 22 May 2013

Ireland 24 May 2013

Israel 23 May 2013

Iceland 31 May 2013

Italy 23 May 2013

Jamaica 22 May 2013

Jordan 30 May 2013

Cambodia 30 May 2013

Korea 07 August 2013

Kuwait 30 May 2013

Kazakhstan 30 May 2013

Lebanon 30 May 2013

Lithuania 31 May 2013

Latvia 24 May 2013

Macedonia 23 May 2013

Mexico 17 May 2013

Malaysia 23 May 2013

Netherlands 29 May 2013

Norway 07 June 2013

New Zealand 11 July 2013

Oman 30 May 2013

Peru 16 May 2013

Philippines 24 May 2013

Poland 24 May 2013

Puerto Rico 23 May 2013

Portugal 30 May 2013

Qatar 30 May 2013

Romania 07 June 2013

Russia 30 May 2013

Sweden 24 May 2013

Singapore 30 May 2013

Slovenia 06 June 2013

Slovakia 30 May 2013

Syrian Arab Republic 30 May 2013

Thailand 23 May 2013

Turkey 31 May 2013

Trinidad and Tobago 15 May 2013

Taiwan 31 May 2013

Ukraine 23 May 2013

United States 24 May 2013

Uruguay 17 May 2013

Venezuela 17 May 2013

Viet Nam 24 May 2013

South Africa 14 June 2013

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