La Fleur de l'âge Trailer

La Fleur de l'âge Trailer (2013)

01 May 2013 Comedy 83 mins

Gaspard Dassonville may be 63 but he stubbornly refuses to show his age. A well-known television producer, he amuses himself with women who are half his age, and life has never felt so good. Then, one day, his age catches up with him with a vengeance, when he is forced to take care of his elderly father Hubert. An indomitable oldster, Hubert soon manages to unsettle his son’s illusory youth, but things take an unexpected turn when a care assistant with a colorful imagination comes between them...

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Pierre Arditi

as Gaspard Dassonville

Jean-Pierre Marielle

as Hubert Dassonville

Julie Ferrier

as Zana Kotnic

Audrey Fleurot

as Marion Cappelaro

Artus de Penguern

as Joseph Tellier

Rasha Bukvic

as Stjepan Kotnic

Thibault Vinçon

as Fabrice Poulain

Cyril Gueï

as Cyril Cox

Pierre Vernier

as Maurice Renouard

Élisabeth Vitali

as Dr. Moser

Anne Benoît

as Mme Correau

Sophie Meister

as Barbara

Agathe Natanson

as Directrice de la maison de repos


Nick Quinn


Éric Neveux

Original Music Composer

David Quesemand

David Quesemand Director of Photography

Nicolas de Boiscuillé

Nicolas de Boiscuillé Production Design

Pascal Bonnet

Pascal Bonnet Production Manager

Alain Attal

Alain Attal Producer

International Releases Dates

Spain 01 January 2014

France 01 May 2013

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