Nightfall: Second World III Trailer

Nightfall: Second World III Trailer (2013)

"When night falls, evil rises." 23 September 2013 Horror, Action 87 mins

Cadence Simon (Perinda Lowe), Conner Chase (Brendan O'Donnell) and Charles 'Ruckus' Sisper (Altorro Prince Black) journey to the location of a secret cult compound in search of two of their own. When they come under attack from an unknown force, they fortify and barricade themselves in a strategic position with an experimental all female squad capable of conducting operations in the spiritual realm. Who will survive to see the sun rise?

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Barrence Anthony

as Torrence

Nyah Anthony

as Playground Kid

Paris Anthony

as Playground Kid

Aydin Assan

as Demon

Daechon Augburn-Boykins

as Playground Kid

Stephanie E. Baker

as Journey Daniels

Brent Bauer

as Belltower

Alex Berry

as Demon

Altorro Prince Black

as Charles 'Ruckus' Sisper

Rick Brooks

as Crooks

Jalen R. Brown

as Playground Kid

Maya Nicole Bynum

as Playground Kid

Maddison L. Carmi

as Playground Kid


Otis Lowe

Otis Lowe Producer

Shane Parker

Shane Parker Executive Producer

Otis Lowe

Otis Lowe Cinematography

Jeannette Lowe

Jeannette Lowe Makeup Artist

Tori Lee Nelson

Tori Lee Nelson Makeup Artist

Alison Ware

Alison Ware Makeup Artist

Brent Bauer

Brent Bauer Boom Operator

Tyler Benson

Tyler Benson Boom Operator

Joel Futrell

Joel Futrell Boom Operator

Pinky Galia

Pinky Galia Boom Operator

Mo Kamal

Mo Kamal Boom Operator

Otis Lowe

Otis Lowe Boom Operator

Otis Lowe

Otis Lowe Sound Editor

International Releases Dates

United States 23 September 2013

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