Pain & Gain Trailer

Pain & Gain Trailer (2013)

"Their American dream is bigger than yours." 18 April 2013 Action, Thriller, Crime 130 mins

Danny Lupo, manager of the Sun Gym in 1990s Miami, decides that there is only one way to achieve his version of the American dream: extortion. To achieve his goal, he recruits musclemen Paul and Adrian as accomplices. After several failed attempts, they abduct rich businessman Victor Kershaw and convince him to sign over all his assets to them. But when Kershaw makes it out alive, authorities are reluctant to believe his story.

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Mark Wahlberg

as Daniel Lugo

Dwayne Johnson

as Paul Doyle

Anthony Mackie

as Adrian Doorbal

Tony Shalhoub

as Victor Kershaw

Ed Harris

as Ed DuBois

Rob Corddry

as John Mese

Bar Paly

as Sorina Luminita

Rebel Wilson

as Ramona Eldridge

Ken Jeong

as Johnny Wu

Michael Rispoli

as Frank Griga

Keili Lefkovitz

as Krisztina Furton

Vivi Pineda

as Detective Haworth

Christopher Jestin Langstaff

as Nine-Year-Old Boy/Rusty

Gustavo Quiroz Jr.

as Son of Victor Kershaw

Corinne Ferrer

as Basketball Girl

Zack Moore

as Young Daniel Lugo


Michael Bay


Michael Bay

Michael Bay Producer

Ian Bryce

Ian Bryce Producer

Matthew Cohan

Matthew Cohan Executive Producer

Scott Gardenhour

Scott Gardenhour Executive Producer

Wendy Japhet

Wendy Japhet Executive Producer

Jeffrey Beecroft

Jeffrey Beecroft Production Design

Sebastian Schroder

Sebastian Schroder Art Direction

Colleen Kelsall

Colleen Kelsall Costume Design

Deborah Lynn Scott

Deborah Lynn Scott Costume Design

International Titles

Sem Dor, Sem Ganho Trailer

Coup musclé Trailer

健男抢钱团 Trailer

付出与收获 Trailer

甜从苦中来 Trailer

Dolor y dinero Trailer

No Pain No Gain Trailer

Pain & Gain Trailer

Pain and gain Trailer

不勞而禍 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 19 September 2013

Australia 08 August 2013

Belgium 21 August 2013

Bulgaria 03 May 2013

Brazil 23 August 2013

Germany 22 August 2013

Spain 30 August 2013

France 11 September 2013

United Kingdom 29 August 2013

Greece 12 September 2013

Ireland 03 May 2013

Italy 01 May 2013

Mexico 09 May 2013

Netherlands 15 August 2013

Norway 23 August 2013

New Zealand 08 August 2013

Poland 29 August 2013

Russia 18 April 2013

Sweden 02 August 2013

Turkey 12 July 2013

United States 26 April 2013

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