Patchewollock Music Festival - Historical DVD Trailer

Patchewollock Music Festival - Historical DVD Trailer (2013)

17 October 2013 26 mins

Birdsville is famous for its iconic outback pub, Tamworth is famous for its country music festival and Patchewollock will become famous for linking both together at the inaugural Patchewollock Music Festival, to be held over the weekend of 18th to 20th of October 2013. The phenomenal success of last year’s ‘Year of the Farmer’ celebration has convinced the festival director, Robin Yetman, and his committee to turn the festival into an annual three day event. This year’s event will be called The Patchewollock Music Festival and run for 3 days from 18th-20th October. The Friday 18th evening will be the inaugural showing of 50 shades of grey. 50 shades of grey will showcase the early history of the district with black and white pictures of the early days being projected onto the side of a semi trailer taut liner parked outside the hotel on the main street. The photos will include early machinery, sheep sales, channels, dust storms, local identities and sporting activities.

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Patchewollock Music Festival Trailer

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Australia 17 October 2013

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