Turbo Trailer

Turbo Trailer (2013)

"SLO NO MO" 11 July 2013 Animated, Family 96 mins

The tale of an ordinary garden snail who dreams of winning the Indy 500.

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Ryan Reynolds

as Turbo (voice)

Paul Giamatti

as Chet (voice)

Michael Peña

as Tito (voice)

Samuel L. Jackson

as Whiplash (voice)

Luis Guzmán

as Angelo (voice)

Bill Hader

as Guy Gagné (voice)

Snoop Dogg

as Smoove Move (voice)

Maya Rudolph

as Burn (voice)

Ben Schwartz

as Skid Mark (voice)

Richard Jenkins

as Bobby (voice)

Ken Jeong

as Kim-Ly (voice)

Michelle Rodriguez

as Paz (voice)


David Soren


Chris Stover

Chris Stover Cinematography

Nishant Khanna

Nishant Khanna Special Effects

Andy Schuhler

Andy Schuhler Storyboard

International Titles

Turbo Trailer

极速TURBO Trailer

涡轮方程式 Trailer

Turbó Trailer

터보 Trailer

Turbo - 3D Trailer

Turbo 3D Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 18 July 2013

Australia 19 September 2013

Belgium 23 October 2013

Bulgaria 19 July 2013

Brazil 19 July 2013

Canada 17 July 2013

Chile 18 July 2013

Germany 04 October 2013

Denmark 10 October 2013

Dominican Republic 18 July 2013

Estonia 18 October 2013

Spain 18 October 2013

Finland 18 October 2013

Faroe Islands 02 May 2014

France 16 October 2013

United Kingdom 17 October 2013

Greece 18 July 2013

Hong Kong 18 July 2013

Croatia 19 September 2013

Hungary 16 July 2013

Indonesia 19 July 2013

Ireland 18 October 2013

Israel 19 September 2013

India 19 July 2013

Iceland 04 October 2013

Italy 19 August 2013

Cambodia 25 July 2013

Korea 25 July 2013

Kazakhstan 12 July 2013

Lebanon 29 August 2013

Lithuania 18 October 2013

Marshall Islands 26 April 2014

Macedonia 29 August 2013

Mexico 19 July 2013

Netherlands 08 October 2013

Norway 27 September 2013

New Zealand 26 September 2013

Peru 18 July 2013

Philippines 19 July 2013

Poland 27 September 2013

Palestine, State of 29 July 2013

Portugal 18 July 2013

Romania 02 August 2013

Russia 11 July 2013

Sweden 25 October 2013

Singapore 01 August 2013

Slovakia 17 October 2013

Thailand 18 July 2013

Turkey 13 September 2013

Taiwan 02 August 2013

United States 19 July 2013

Venezuela 16 August 2013

Viet Nam 19 July 2013

South Africa 06 September 2013

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