Ice Queen Trailer

Ice Queen Trailer (2014)

"Ice Queen" 31 December 2014 Adventure, Action, Comedy 20 mins

Kuzkid brings a new story to the screen with Ice Queen. Ice Queen, based off Disney's Frozen, is about a Queen named Elsa who has magical ice powers. Elsa runs off after she exposes her powers at her coronation. She ran off, and her sister, Anna, follows her. Directed by Meghan Hoehler Produced by Joe Narcavage Starring Katie Hoehler with Meghan Hoehler, Dale Gray, and Charlie Gray. Filmed by Dale and Roscoe Publishing Animated by JRD Digital Distributed and made by Kuzkid. Kuzkid premiered Ice Queen on December 31, 2014 at 8:44. Ice Queen was filmed at a high frame rate and resolution. It was filmed at 1080p with 60 Fps. The whole movie was filmed in front of a greenscreen located in Kuzkid's CEO/President's house, Dale Gray, and all of the backgrounds are created digitally using a 3D animation software called Blender.

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Katie H

as Elsa

Meghan H

as Anna

Dale G

as Christof

Charlie G

as Store Clerk



Kuzkid Producer

Dale G

Dale G Post Production Supervisor

Roscoe Gray

Roscoe Gray Post Production Assistant

Meghan H


International Titles

Ice Queen Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 31 December 2014

Virgin Islands (U.S.) 08 March 2015

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