Pettson and Findus: A Little Nuisance, a Great Friendship Trailer

Pettson and Findus: A Little Nuisance, a Great Friendship Trailer (2014)

13 March 2014 Comedy, Music, Family 90 mins

Old farmer Pesonen gets a kitten from his neighbour Mrs Kosonen and calls the cat Viiru. When Viiru starts to talk, the two become inseparable friends.

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Ulrich Noethen

as Pettersson

Marianne Sägebrecht

as Beda Andersson

Max Herbrechter

as Gustavsson

Roxana Samadi

as Findus (voice)

Caroline Schreiber

as Henni / Muckla 2 (voice)

Caroline Schreiber

as Dummes Huhn (voice)

Ali Samadi Ahadi

as Muckla 1 (voice)


as Huhn 3 (voice)

Kristiina Tuomi

as Huhn 4 (voice)

Navíd Akhavan

as Muckla 3 (voice) (as Navid Akhavan)

Navíd Akhavan

as Muckla 3

Navíd Akhavan

as Muckla 4 (voice)


Sven Nordqvist

Sven Nordqvist Characters

International Titles

Петсън и Финдъс Trailer

Pettersson und Findus - Kleiner Quälgeist, grosse Freundschaft Trailer

Peddersen og Findus - Den Lille Drillepind Trailer

Pettson ja Findus – väike tüütus suur sõprus Trailer

Viiru ja Pesonen: Pikkukepposia ja suurta ystävyyttä Trailer

Pettson and Findus: A Little Nuisance, a Great Friendship Trailer

Gubben og Katten: Masekråker og bestevenner Trailer

Pettson och Findus: Roligheter Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 13 March 2014

Denmark 02 October 2014

Estonia 07 November 2014

Sweden 01 August 2014

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