Summer Breeze 2013 Trailer

Summer Breeze 2013 Trailer (2014)

"Music" 01 January 2014 243 mins

Tracklist DVD: 1. SABATON - Poltava 2. VADER – Return To The Morbid Reich 3. THE BONES – Gazoline Business 4. POWERWOLF – We Drink Your Blood 5. MUSTASCH – Bring Me Everyone 6. ILLDISPOSED – Weak Is Your God 7. EVOCATION – Feed The Fire 8. ATROCITY – Haunted By Demons 9. AGNOSTIC FRONT – For My Family 10. LETZTE INSTANZ – Sing 11. LEAVES’ EYES – My Destiny 12. END OF GREEN – Tie Me A Rope… While You’re Calling My Name 13. MERRIMACK – Seraphic Conspiracy 14. NOCTE OBDUCTA - November/Und Pan spielt die Flöte (Desîhras Tagebuch Kapitel II) 15. ORDEN OGAN – The Things We Believe In 16. HATEBREED – The Language 17. FIDDLER’S GREEN – The Night Pat Murphy Died 18. KNORKATOR – Ma Baker 19. CLITEATER – Fred Shipman (A Sick Man) 20. HATE – Erebos 21. PRO-PAIN - Shreds Of Dignity (Intro) / Stand Tall 22. ENSLAVED – Roots Of The Mountain 23. TRISTANIA – Year Of The Rat 24. PRIMORDIAL – Bloodied Yet Unbowed 25. LONG DISTANCE CALLING – Arecibo

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Germany 01 January 2014

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