Goosebumps Trailer

Goosebumps Trailer (2015)

"The stories are alive." 05 August 2015 Adventure, Horror, Comedy 103 mins

A teenager teams up with the daughter of young adult horror author R.L. Stine after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Madison, Delaware.

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International Titles

Escalofrios Trailer

Chair de poule Trailer

Goosebumps: Monstros e Arrepios Trailer

Gänsehaut Trailer

Pesadillas Trailer

Ανατριχίλες Trailer

Grøsserne Trailer

Ужастики Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 29 October 2015

Argentina 12 August 2015

Austria 12 February 2016

Australia 26 December 2015

Azerbaijan 03 December 2015

Belgium 11 August 2015

Bulgaria 23 October 2015

Bahrain 29 October 2015

Bolivia 15 October 2015

Brazil 22 October 2015

Belarus 03 December 2015

Canada 16 October 2015

Switzerland 18 February 2016

Chile 15 October 2015

Colombia 15 October 2015

Cyprus 11 December 2015

Czech Republic 05 August 2015

Germany 04 February 2016

Denmark 27 May 2016

Dominican Republic 15 October 2015

Ecuador 16 October 2015

Estonia 04 December 2015

Egypt 29 October 2015

Spain 23 March 2016

Ethiopia 30 October 2015

Finland 27 November 2015

France 10 February 2016

United Kingdom 05 February 2016

Greece 10 December 2015

Hong Kong 22 October 2015

Croatia 03 December 2015

Hungary 29 October 2015

Indonesia 16 October 2015

Israel 15 October 2015

India 23 October 2015

Iraq 29 October 2015

Iceland 30 October 2015

Italy 21 January 2016

Jamaica 14 October 2015

Jordan 29 October 2015

Kenya 23 October 2015

Cambodia 22 October 2015

Korea 14 January 2016

Kuwait 29 October 2015

Kazakhstan 03 December 2015

Lebanon 29 October 2015

Lithuania 04 December 2015

Latvia 04 December 2015

Mexico 16 October 2015

Malaysia 14 October 2015

Nigeria 23 October 2015

Netherlands 05 August 2015

Norway 13 August 2015

New Zealand 03 December 2015

Oman 29 October 2015

Peru 15 October 2015

Philippines 21 October 2015

Poland 17 September 2015

Portugal 29 October 2015

Qatar 29 October 2015

Romania 06 August 2015

Russia 03 December 2015

Sweden 27 November 2015

Singapore 05 August 2015

Slovenia 03 December 2015

Slovakia 29 October 2015

Syrian Arab Republic 29 October 2015

Thailand 24 December 2015

Turkey 04 December 2015

Ukraine 03 December 2015

United States 26 January 2016

Uruguay 15 October 2015

Venezuela 16 October 2015

Viet Nam 16 October 2015

South Africa 30 October 2015

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