Shaun the Sheep Movie Trailer

Shaun the Sheep Movie Trailer (2015)

"Moving on to Pastures New." 05 February 2015 Adventure, Animated, Comedy 85 mins

When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it's up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.

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Justin Fletcher

as Shaun (voice)

Justin Fletcher

as Shaun / Timmy (voice)

John B. Sparkes

as Bitzer and Farmer (voice)

John B. Sparkes

as Bitzer / Farmer (voice)

Omid Djalili

as Trumper (voice)

Richard Webber

as Shirley (voice)

Kate Harbour

as Timmy's Mum / Meryl (voice)

Kate Harbour

as Timmy's Mum and Meryl (voice)

Tim Hands

as Slip (voice)

Simon Greenall

as Twins (voice)

Andy Nyman

as Nuts (voice)

Emma Tate

as Hazel (voice)

Jack Paulson

as Celebrity with Hair Trouble (voice)

Sean Connolly

as Maitre D / Golfer / Stylists / Angry Panto Horse / Hospital Characters (voice)

Henry Burton

as Junior Doctor / Animal Containment Visitor (voice)

Dhimant Vyas

as Hospital Consultant (voice)


Paul Kewley

Paul Kewley Producer

John Warhurst

John Warhurst Music Editor

Mark Burton


Nick Angel

Nick Angel Music Supervisor

Kirsty Whalley

Kirsty Whalley Music Editor

Charles Copping

Charles Copping Director of Photography

Dave Alex Riddett

Dave Alex Riddett Director of Photography

Ilan Eshkeri

Original Music Composer

Tom Doggart

Tom Doggart First Assistant Editor

Kelly Barker

Kelly Barker Production Coordinator

David Sproxton

David Sproxton Executive Producer

Peter Lord

Peter Lord Executive Producer

International Titles

Shaun: O Carneiro Trailer

Schaun das Schaf Trailer

Schaun das Schaf Der Film Trailer

La oveja Shaun: La película Trailer

Shaun le Mouton Trailer

Shaun the Sheep Movie Trailer

Σον Tο Πρόβατο: Η Ταινία Trailer

Shaun, Vita da Pecora Il Film Trailer

Shaun Het Schaap: De Film Trailer

A Ovelha Choné - O Filme Trailer

笑笑羊大電影 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 24 May 2015

Armenia 28 April 2015

Argentina 03 September 2015

Austria 20 March 2015

Australia 26 March 2015

Aruba 05 February 2015

Belgium 08 April 2015

Bulgaria 06 February 2015

Bolivia 23 April 2015

Brazil 30 April 2015

Chile 05 May 2015

China 18 April 2015

Colombia 23 April 2015

Czech Republic 26 February 2015

Germany 19 March 2015

Denmark 26 March 2015

Ecuador 24 April 2015

Estonia 06 March 2015

Spain 17 April 2015

Finland 06 February 2015

France 01 April 2015

United Kingdom 06 February 2015

Greece 19 March 2015

Hong Kong 19 February 2015

Croatia 26 February 2015

Hungary 26 February 2015

Indonesia 18 February 2015

Ireland 06 February 2015

Israel 11 July 2015

Italy 12 February 2015

Korea 05 May 2015

Kuwait 05 February 2015

Lebanon 22 March 2015

Lithuania 13 February 2015

Luxembourg 08 April 2015

Latvia 20 February 2015

Macedonia 26 February 2015

Mexico 02 April 2015

Netherlands 25 March 2015

Norway 06 February 2015

New Zealand 26 March 2015

Panama 23 April 2015

Philippines 29 April 2015

Poland 13 February 2015

Portugal 24 September 2015

Romania 27 February 2015

Russia 02 April 2015

Sweden 13 February 2015

Singapore 19 February 2015

Slovenia 26 February 2015

Slovakia 23 April 2015

Thailand 05 March 2015

Turkey 17 April 2015

Taiwan 02 April 2015

Ukraine 19 February 2015

United States 05 August 2015

Uruguay 26 March 2015

Venezuela 08 May 2015

Viet Nam 27 February 2015

South Africa 27 February 2015

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