Celebrare - Pra Dançar Trailer

Celebrare - Pra Dançar Trailer (2016)

14 February 2016

1. Jungle Boogie – 2. That`s The Way (I Like It) – 3. Got To Be Real – 4. Macho Man / Born To Be Alive – 5. Shame / Boogie Oogie Oogie / Everybody Dance – 6. Cant´t Take My Eyes Off You – 7. Night Fever / Staying Alive – 8. Satisfaction (I Can´t Get No) – 9. Celebration – 10. Gostava Tanto De Você – 11. Olhos Coloridos – 12. It´s Raining Men – 13. How Deep Is Your Love – 14. Love Is In The Air – 15. Será – 16. Livin´ La Vida Loca – 17. Smooth – 18. Never Can Say Goodbye – 19. YMCA – 20. I Will Survive – 21. País Tropical / Taj Mahal

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Brazil 14 February 2016

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