Clank: Legacy Trailer

Clank: Legacy Trailer (2016)

20 July 2016 Action, Thriller

The leader of CIS goes missing. Clank tries his best to track down an arms dealer in league with a dangerous organization while the agents rebuild their former status. All changes when a stranger appears from a shadowy past.

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David Anghel

as First Clank

Daniel Abreu

as Agent Demian

Feli Cabrera

as Hammerhead

Lennart B. Sandelin

as Number Four

Inca Whyte

as Joel 'Wizard'

Wille Glyt

as Miguel

Daniil Piispanen

as Valerius

Jonas S. Einarsson

as Number One

Alvaro Calderon

as William Bullocks

Timo Janhunen

as Doctor Alfred

Jonas Masko

as Number Two

Markus Von Wowern

as Agent Sven


Timo Janhunen

Timo Janhunen Executive Producer

Hampus Hardeborn

Hampus Hardeborn Assistant Director

Jonas Masko

Jonas Masko Stunt Coordinator

Daniel Abreu

Daniel Abreu Additional Photography

Andrés Luciano Calderón

Andrés Luciano Calderón Additional Photography

Daniel Abreu

Daniel Abreu Script Supervisor

Inca Whyte

Inca Whyte Script Supervisor

Inca Whyte

Inca Whyte Additional Camera

Emilio Janhunen Calderón

Emilio Janhunen Calderón Additional Camera

Elisa Ringelmann

Elisa Ringelmann Additional Photography

International Releases Dates

Sweden 20 July 2016

Production Companies

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