O Amor é Lindo ... Porque Sim! Trailer

O Amor é Lindo ... Porque Sim! Trailer (2016)

10 March 2016 Comedy 95 mins

A young girl goes through a series of strange events after she is dumped by her boyfriend on her birthday and loses her job.

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Lee Fuzeta

Lee Fuzeta Cinematography

Vicente Alves do Ó

Vicente Alves do Ó Costume Design

Ivan Coletti

Ivan Coletti Costume Design

Andreia Cabral

Andreia Cabral Makeup Artist

Ivan Coletti

Ivan Coletti Hairstylist

Ivan Coletti

Ivan Coletti Makeup Artist

Ivan Coletti

Ivan Coletti Production Manager

Marta Valente Lopes

Marta Valente Lopes Production Manager

Duarte Grilo

Duarte Grilo Assistant Director

Mafalda Rodrigues

Mafalda Rodrigues Assistant Director

Branko Neskov

Branko Neskov Sound Re-Recording Mixer

International Titles

O Amor é Lindo....Porque Sim! Trailer

O Amor e Lindo....Porque Sim Trailer

International Releases Dates

Portugal 10 March 2016

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