Monster Trucks Trailer

Monster Trucks Trailer (2017)

13 January 2017 Animated, Action, Family

Animated movie based off the popular franchise.

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Chris Wedge


Phil Langone

Phil Langone Storyboard

James Forrester

James Forrester Production Office Assistant

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 17 March 2016

Argentina 17 March 2016

Austria 14 April 2016

Australia 17 March 2016

Azerbaijan 17 March 2016

Belgium 16 March 2016

Bolivia 17 March 2016

Brazil 17 March 2016

Canada 18 March 2016

Colombia 17 March 2016

Cyprus 18 March 2016

Germany 14 April 2016

Denmark 17 March 2016

Estonia 18 March 2016

Egypt 16 March 2016

Spain 18 March 2016

France 01 February 2017

United Kingdom 01 April 2016

Hong Kong 17 March 2016

Indonesia 16 March 2016

Ireland 01 April 2016

Israel 17 March 2016

Italy 17 March 2016

Korea 17 March 2016

Kuwait 17 March 2016

Kazakhstan 17 March 2016

Lebanon 17 March 2016

Lithuania 01 April 2016

Latvia 18 March 2016

Mexico 17 March 2016

Malaysia 17 March 2016

Norway 01 April 2016

New Zealand 17 March 2016

Peru 17 March 2016

Poland 18 March 2016

Portugal 17 March 2016

Romania 18 March 2016

Russia 17 March 2016

Sweden 01 April 2016

Singapore 17 March 2016

Thailand 17 March 2016

Turkey 18 March 2016

Trinidad and Tobago 16 March 2016

Ukraine 17 March 2016

United States 13 January 2017

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