Movie Trailers - April 1928

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1928

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The Passion of Joan of Arc Trailer (1928)

21 April 1928

Joan of Arc, a young woman inspired by God to lead an army against the English, is put on trial by priests who try to force her to confess that her visions were false.

Speedy Trailer (1928)

07 April 1928

"Speedy" loses his job as a soda-jerk, then spends the day with his girl at Coney Island. He then becomes a cab driver and delivers Babe Ruth to Yankee Stadium, where he stays to see the game.

You're Darn Tootin' Trailer (1928)

21 April 1928

Members of a municipal band, Stanley and Oliver seem to be always following someone else's lead, rather than that of the temperamental conductor.

The Man Who Laughs Trailer (1928)

27 April 1928

Gwynplaine, son of Lord Clancharlie, has a permanent smile carved on his face by the King, in revenge for Gwynplaine's father's treachery.

Laugh, Clown, Laugh Trailer (1928)

14 April 1928

A professional clown and a self-indulgent count learn to help each other with their problems, but then become romantic rivals.

Don Diego and Pelagia Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

The vain station master of a Russian train station out in the sticks has a quarrel with an old peasant woman and has her thrown in jail.

Betty's Bath Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

One of the most successful erotic title of the early days of cinema (by the number of copies circulating worldwide at that time).

Across to Singapore Trailer (1928)

07 April 1928

Joel and Priscilla have been in love since they were children. Mark announces his engagement to her without obtaining her permission.

Glorious Betsy Trailer (1928)

25 April 1928

Vitaphone production reels #2471-2478; third Warner Bros. feature film - the first being The Jazz Singer and the second Tenderloin - to include talking sequences, along with the by now usual Vitaphone musical score and sound effects.

Black Mass Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

The initiation of a neophyte into a satanic cult turns into an orgy.

Woman of Destiny Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

Expressing post-war cultural internationalism, this silent film follows the mysterious Orchid and the man who loves her.

Skyscraper Trailer (1928)

08 April 1928

This is a typically benign silent comedy/drama whose only distinction is that it is set among the skyscrapers of 1928 NYC.

Dekabryuhov i oktyabryuhov Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

"Oktyabryuhov and Dekabryuhov" (alternate title "Dekabryuhov and Oktyabryuhov") - black-and-white silent eccentric comedy scripted by Mayakovsky, written a decade of the October Revolution.

Zvenigora Trailer (1928)

13 April 1928

Zvenigora stars Nikolai Nademsky (Earth), as the grandfather of Timoshka (Semyon Svashenko), whom he alerts to secret treasure buried in the mountains and the boy spends the rest of his life trying to find.

Prikliouchenia Kitaïtchat Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

Prikliouchenia Kitaïtchat (The Adventures of the little Chinese, 1928, directed by Maria Benderskaya, Flash Video 17:28).

Salamandra Trailer (1928)

11 April 1928

A Socialist Realist distortion of Dr. Paul Kammerer's experiments in the inheritance of acquired character(istic)s -- the (not entirely anti-Darwinian) conjecture that certain changes the environment produces in an individual may spontaneously appear in the next generation.

Idle Eyes Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

The film begins with Ben Turpin looking for some food. He's a hobo and is resorting to trying to steal food from a baby.

The Lure of Labrador Trailer (1928)

22 April 1928

A film that follows the exploration of the Hamilton River in Newfoundland and Labrador by Yale students Varick Frissell & Jim Hillier.

Les nuits électriques Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

City lights contrasted with total darkness in this experimental short film.

Thick and Thin Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

A 'Snub' Pollard comedy short.

Fox Movietone News: Jenkins Orphanage Band Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

The Jenkins Orphanage Band - comprised of young African-Americans in Charleston, South Carolin performs for the newsreel.

Kukla s millionami Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

The rich widow Madame Collie leaves the fortune to her lost niece Maria Ivanova. Two cousins of Maria go from Paris to Moscow in order to search her.

Ride 'Em Plow Boy Trailer (1928)

15 April 1928

In a foreshadowing of what was to become a staple of the Mickey shorts, Oswald manages his farm along to a musical beat.

Figures Do Lie Trailer (1928)

01 April 1928

A comedy short with Frank Alexander, Jack Cooper & Violet Palmer from the J.R. Bray Studios.

Études sur Paris Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

This visually magnificent and poetic city symphony of Paris in the late 1920s earned Sauvage the admiration of Jean Renoir and Jean Vigo.

The Canyon of Adventure Trailer (1928)

21 April 1928

Steven Bancroft, a young officer in the U. S. Calvary, is given the assignment of ensuring that dirty-work by agents of Spain, Mexico or Russian aren't going to keep statehood-for-California from becoming a reality.

The Patsy Trailer (1928)

22 April 1928

A hillarious movie from director King Vidor, with Marion Davies AND Marie Dresler! As the perpetually feuding mother and daughter, Dresler and Davies are not only side-splittingly funny, they are actually quite touching.

L'Étoile de mer Trailer (1928)

20 April 1928

Two people stand on a road, out of focus. Seen distorted through a glass, they retire upstairs to a bedroom where she undresses.

The Actress Trailer (1928)

27 April 1928

A theatrical troupe from the west end of London loses its leading lady (Rose Trelawny) when she goes off to marry a rich young man from the other side of town (Arthur Gower).

Easy Come, Easy Go Trailer (1928)

20 April 1928

Dix plays radio announcer Robert Parker, working at a station run by his girlfriend's father. Becoming a bit overexcited on the air, our hero lets slip a few (fortuitously unheard) profanities.

Sagebrush Sadie Trailer (1928)

01 April 1928

Oswald plays a cowboy who must rescue Sadie from a runaway stagecoach and Pegleg Pete.

Harold Teen Trailer (1928)

28 April 1928

Farmboy Harold moves to the city and there attends high school. Soon he is very popular, his spirited nature causing much excitement on the campus.

Limousine Love Trailer (1928)

13 April 1928

On the way to his wedding the bride groom finds a nude, married woman in his car

Comicalamities Trailer (1928)

01 April 1928

Comicalamities' starts with a hand drawing an incomplete Felix the cat. Felix is not satisfied with the result so he goes to a man who can fix him (finish his body and give him his black color).

Street Angel Trailer (1928)

09 April 1928

A spirited young woman finds herself destitute and on the streets before joining a traveling carnival, where she meets a vagabond painter.

The Keystone 'Patrician' Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

A short made by the Keystone Aircraft Corporation highlighting features of its tri-motor airplane, 'Patrician', and demonstrating its capability by a flight to Los Angeles with 33 passengers.

Momotaro the Undefeated Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

Momotaro, the hero of the story, is born out of a giant peach his foster mother finds floating on the river.

Ozzie of the Mounted Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, goes in pursuit of Peg-Leg Pete.

Danses espagnoles Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

Carmencita Garcia, a Spanish flamenco dancer, performs two dances.

Ko-Ko's Haunted House Trailer (1928)

28 April 1928

Ko-Ko visits a haunted house.

Three Sinners Trailer (1928)

13 April 1928

A woman allows her husband, who she knows no longer loves her, to believe that she has been killed in a train wreck.

Rudolph's Revenge Trailer (1928)

01 April 1928

Relentless Rudolph is back with another scheme to capture Belinda and humiliate Hairbreadth Harrry.

Daughters of Eve Trailer (1928)

03 April 1928

An unmarried showgirl takes a handsome companion with her on a vacation, to the distress of others.

She Said No Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

A thief steals a $10,000 string of pearls from the star of a show. The thief runs into Ben (literally), and in the ensuing chaos the thief ends up with Bens suitcase.

Tragedy at the Royal Circus Trailer (1928)

08 April 1928

Rinty of the Desert Trailer (1928)

20 April 1928

A lost Rin-Tin-Tin film.

Princesse Masha Trailer (1928)

08 April 1928

A baby is abandoned near the Neva in St. Petersburg 1890. A teacher picks it up and takes the little girl.

Hellship Bronson Trailer (1928)

30 April 1928

A ship's captain, believing that his wife has cheated on him, takes their young son and leaves her. he comes back 20 years later.

Barnum & Ringling, Inc. Trailer (1928)

06 April 1928

The kids decide to put on a circus at the local hotel. Seeing various pets and other domestic animals dressed up like circus animals was very cute--particularly the dachshund dressed as a seal! However, the animals all get loose and terrorize the hotel guests--including a drunk played by Oliver Hardy.

Mighty Taro's Reckless Training Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

The very short adventures of a samurai and his fighting bear.

The Girl He Didn't Buy Trailer (1928)

14 April 1928

Hände Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

German expressionist short. AKA: Hands: The Life and Loves of the Gentler Sex.

The Chorus Kid Trailer (1928)

09 April 1928

A Silent Comedy film directed by Howard Bretherton.

Lonesome Babies Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

A comedy short with Jack Cooper done by J.R. Bray Studios.

A Naughty Nurse Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

A comedy short featuring Jack Cooper, Ella and Ida Mae McKenzie, Marvin Lobach, and Spencer Williams done for Bray Studios.

Seein' Things Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

"Some folks think married men live longer. They don't — it only seems longer!" The opening inter-title to "Seein' Things" (1928) sums up the life of Joe Grubb (Ben Turpin), who is married to the shrewish Mrs.

Eskimotive Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

Felix & his friend have fun playing at blowing bubbles. Felix gets inside one and is blown away. The bubble lands on a snowy mountain and turns.

Goofy Ghosts Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

A Al Christie comedy short featuring Jimmie Adams & Lorraine MacLean.

Kastus Kalinovskiy Trailer (1928)

29 April 1928

Kastus Kalinovskiy - a feature film. Was released on August 14, 1928. The picture shows one of the heroes of the uprising of the Belarusian, Lithuanian and Polish people against forced Russification and the restoration of Poland's independence in 1863.

Won in the Clouds Trailer (1928)

21 April 1928

Nearly 7,000 Curtiss Jennies were built and they had a long and distinguished career in the movies. In this load of garbage, a Swahili village (somewhere in the sierras behind Hollywood) is affected by disease.