Movie Trailers - April 1971

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1971

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Summer of '42 Trailer (1971)

08 April 1971

Silent as a painting, the movie shows us day-dreamer Hermie and his friends Oscy and Benjie spending the summer of '42 on an US island with their parents - rather unaffected by WWII.

Delusions of Grandeur Trailer (1971)

01 April 1971

Don Sallust (Louis de Funès) is minister of the King of Spain. It is a being disingenuous, hypocritical and greedy that collects the taxes himself, he turns in part to his advantage.

Perched on a Tree Trailer (1971)

13 April 1971

Henry Roubier, a French promoter, and Enrico Mazzini, an Italian, have signed an agreement guaranteeing them a stranglehold on European highways.

Don't Deliver Us from Evil Trailer (1971)

05 April 1971

Anne and Lore, neighbors and best friends, barely into their teens, board at a convent school where they have taken a vow to sin and to serve Satan.

Trafic Trailer (1971)

16 April 1971

Mr. Hulot is the head designer of the Altra Automotive Co. His latest invention is a newfangled camper car loaded with outrageous extra features.

The Shiver of the Vampires Trailer (1971)

21 April 1971

A young honeymooning couple stop for the night at an ancient castle. Unbeknownst to them, the castle is home to a horde of vampires, who have their own plans for the couple.

Coffin Full of Dollars Trailer (1971)

01 April 1971

There's a frontier feud on the border of Mexico. Outlaw Hagen's brothers have been killed by Nevada's Kid's family.

Bananas Trailer (1971)

28 April 1971

When a bumbling New Yorker is dumped by his activist girlfriend, he travels to a tiny Latin American nation and becomes involved in its latest rebellion.

The Cat Trailer (1971)

24 April 1971

Courbevoie (France), 1971. Julien Bouin, a former typographist, and his wife Clemence, who used to perform in a circus, hardly talk to each other in their small house, soon to be demolished.

The Collector Trailer (1971)

24 April 1971

A bombastic, womanizing art dealer and his painter friend go to a seventeenth-century villa on the Riviera for a relaxing summer getaway.

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song Trailer (1971)

23 April 1971

After saving a Black Panther from some racist cops, a black male prostitute goes on the run from "the man" with the help of the ghetto community and some disillusioned Hells Angels.

Valdez is Coming Trailer (1971)

09 April 1971

A Mexican-American sheriff must resort to violence against a powerful rancher in order to get just compensation for the pregnant Indian widow of a wrongly killed black man.

Flight of the Doves Trailer (1971)

02 April 1971

While fleeing across the Irish countryside, two orphans are pursued by their villainous uncle, a master of disguises.

Raphael or the Debauched One Trailer (1971)

02 April 1971

1830, somewhere in France. Aurore is a young, beautiful and virtuous widow. She meets Raphael, a man of leisure, a debauchee.

Richard Pryor: Live and Smokin' Trailer (1971)

29 April 1971

Richard Pryor: Live & Smokin' is the first stand-up act of Richard Pryor to be filmed out of the four that were released in total.

Cold Eyes of Fear Trailer (1971)

06 April 1971

Against a backdrop of Swingin' 60s London a young playboy type "steals" a beautiful Italian girl from her elderly date and suggests she comes back to his place for some good times.

Le petit matin Trailer (1971)

21 April 1971

Ballad of the Fierce One Trailer (1971)

02 April 1971

Deeply hurt by his wife's adultery, a man leaves her and his son to live high up alone in the mountains of Montenegro.

C.I.D. Nazir Trailer (1971)

14 April 1971

C.I.D. Nazeer is a 1971 Malayalam film starring Prem Nazir in the title role.

Zorro, Rider of Vengeance Trailer (1971)

08 April 1971

In Old Calfiornia, an unscrupulous adventurer massacre Indians in order to find an ancient (and precious) talisman they are supposed to hide.

Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets Trailer (1971)

24 April 1971

Conditions have been better for the nameless protagonist: his grandmother is a shoplifter and his war criminal father and sister have an unhealthy, intimate relationship with the family rabbit.

The Mephisto Waltz Trailer (1971)

09 April 1971

A frustrated pianist himself, music journalist Myles Clarkson is thrilled to interview virtuoso Duncan Ely.

The Jade Faced Assassin Trailer (1971)

09 April 1971

The swordsman Zhang Zhen is injured in a misadventure and rescued by Eldest Sister of Changchun Sect, who has a crush on him.

Vier Tage unentschuldigt Trailer (1971)

17 April 1971

The Married Couple of the Year Two Trailer (1971)

07 April 1971

Nicolas Philibert goes to America after killing a French aristocrat. On his return he tries to divorce his wife, Charlotte, but when he sees others trying to woo her his own interest is rekindled.

The Zodiac Killer Trailer (1971)

07 April 1971

The San Francisco area is beset by a series of seemingly random murders without motive or pattern. The police are taunted by phone calls and letters.

The American Dreamer Trailer (1971)

01 April 1971

A documentary about actor/director Dennis Hopper, showing him at his home and studio putting together his film "The Last Movie.

Der Fall Jägerstätter Trailer (1971)

11 April 1971

Alternating between early-1970's interviews with his wife, priest, and other villagers and re-enactments of his final months, the film follows Austrian peasant farmer Franz Jaegerstaetter's path to martyrdom under the Nazis.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail Trailer (1971)

04 April 1971

Peter Cottontail wants to be the #1 chief Easter Bunny, and everyone in April Valley agrees...except for Evil Irontail.

Something Creeping in the Dark Trailer (1971)

15 April 1971

A group of stranded travelers takes refuge in an old abandoned house, only to find out that they are not the only residents of the building.

Laisse aller... c'est une valse Trailer (1971)

07 April 1971

My Village, My Country Trailer (1971)

06 April 1971

Ajit saves the village from the dakus (bandits); whilst having romance with Anju.

Bleu Shut Trailer (1971)

29 April 1971

"Even when we know the game is an illusion, the experience of Bleu Shut is entirely a pleasure: the ‘game’ is fun, the Nelson/Wiley debates, infectiously funny; and Nelson’s choice of imagery, quirky and amusing.

Il sole nella pelle Trailer (1971)

09 April 1971

A very young Ornella Muti plays a rich girl who falls for an older hippie boy. Her parents don't approve and try to stop her from seeing him so they run away to a villa (Her parents') by the sea.

Ma che musica maestro Trailer (1971)

05 April 1971

Le bateau sur l'herbe Trailer (1971)

16 April 1971

No overview found.

Badjävlar Trailer (1971)

28 April 1971

In proper Swedish you say summer residents. But if you are a resident on the island you say bathe-fucks.

Pretty Maids All in a Row Trailer (1971)

28 April 1971

In a California high school, a married teacher is the athletic coach and faculty advisor. He starts to have sex flings with his female students and eventually has to kill several of the girls to keep them quiet.

Dig Your Grave Friend... Sabata's Coming Trailer (1971)

02 April 1971

Steve McGowan has proposed to avenge the death of his father, murdered by one of the followers of Chief Miller.

Marta Trailer (1971)

11 April 1971

A wealthy landowner haunted by the spectre of his dead mother has a fling with a beautiful fugitive who bears a striking resemblance to his missing wife, who may have been murdered.

The Designated Victim Trailer (1971)

22 April 1971

A wealthy, decadent count convinces a disillusioned playboy that they shall murder one another's relatives, to get away with the perfect crime.

Deep West Trailer (1971)

08 April 1971

A Yankee gunman, Hallelujah, is hired by Mexican Juarista, General Ramirez to confiscate a case of jewels to fund the revolution.

The Duel Trailer (1971)

21 April 1971

Tan Jen-chieh’s life spins out of control when he’s forced into exile to clear his name following the murder of his adopted father.

The Lost Angel Trailer (1971)

21 April 1971

August 24, 1937: a day in the life of expressionist sculptor and author Ernst Barlach (Fred Düren). Barlach lives in the small town of Güstrow, keeping to himself and wanting to steer clear of politics.

Agnus dei Trailer (1971)

22 April 1971

Alegory of the suppression of the 1919 revolution and the advent of fascism in Hungary; in the countryside, a unit of the revolutionary army spares the life of father Vargha, a fanatical priest.

The Sudden Wealth of the Poor People of Kombach Trailer (1971)

14 April 1971

An intriguing Hans Christian Anderson-style fairy tale aesthetic and voice over narration. Sudden Wealth is a despairing chronicle of a group of starving peasants who finally seize governmental wealth like a dysfunctional group of Robin Hood's Merry Men, only to be betrayed by their inescapable selves and systematically dehumanized (think bucolic Orwell) and reprogrammed by what we'll put under the rubric of God and Country.

Em Família Trailer (1971)

19 April 1971

The Superwitness Trailer (1971)

01 April 1971

Comedy about a man (Tognazzi) who is sentenced to life imprisonment mainly because of a woman's (Vite

Struggles in Italy Trailer (1971)

29 April 1971

The film reveals how and why a supposedly revolutionary Italian girl has in fact fallen prey to bourgeois ideology.

Pattern of Evil Trailer (1971)

30 April 1971

No description.

A Big Grey-Blue Bird Trailer (1971)

09 April 1971

Two rival gangs try to obtain the five parts of a dangerous formula held by five scientists.

Margo Sheli Trailer (1971)

14 April 1971

A love story between two people from different cultures and the relatives who manage to separate them until the lovers again find each other.

Prisoners Trailer (1971)

07 April 1971

Two-hander TV Play featuring Edward Woodward and Warren Mitchell

George Lucas: Maker of Films Trailer (1971)

01 April 1971

A biography of filmmaker George Lucas.

Ankara ekspresi Trailer (1971)

08 April 1971

World War II the Germans as a spy in the years to Turkey and the Turkish Secret Organization daughter Hilda's love story .

At The Top Trailer (1971)

02 April 1971

In this film we catch a glimpse into what Ishmael Bernal's ouvre would prefigure for the industry: it is a scene showing an aspiring actress (played by the late Rita Gomez) pondering on dreams blooming in deserts of desolation and dying out in a mirage that painfully conjures images of squatter colonies and sordid lives.

Tora-san, the Good Samaritan Trailer (1971)

28 April 1971

After a quarrel with his mother, Torajiro sets off to find a bride.

Crioulo Doido Trailer (1971)

12 April 1971

Fable about the financial and social ascension of a black man in a small town, in the interior of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and his existential crisis when he begins to believe the world is going to end.

The Beast in the Cellar Trailer (1971)

14 April 1971

Two spinsters have kept their mad brother locked up in their cellar for 30 years. Then he escapes ...

The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant Trailer (1971)

28 April 1971

Dr. Roger Girard is a rich scientist conducting experiments on head transplantation. His caretaker has a son, Danny, who, although fully grown, has the mind of child.