Movie Trailers - April 1974

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1974

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The Conversation Trailer (1974)

07 April 1974

Surveillance expert Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) is hired by a mysterious client's brusque aide (Harrison Ford) to tail a young couple, Mark (Frederic Forrest) and Ann (Cindy Williams).

Dark Star Trailer (1974)

01 April 1974

A low-budget, sci-fi satire that focuses on a group of scientists whose mission is to destroy unstable planets.

Foxy Brown Trailer (1974)

05 April 1974

A voluptuous black woman takes a job as a high-class prostitute in order to get revenge on the mobsters who murdered her boyfriend.

The Night Porter Trailer (1974)

03 April 1974

Thirteen years after WWII a concentration camp survivor (Rampling) and her tormentor (Bogarde), currently the night porter at a Vienna hotel, meet again and fall back into their sado-masochistic relationship.

The Sugarland Express Trailer (1974)

05 April 1974

Married small-time crooks Lou-Jean and Clovis Poplin lose their baby to the state of Texas and resolve to do whatever it takes to get him back.

Truck Turner Trailer (1974)

19 April 1974

Ex-football star turned skip-tracer, Turner specializes in bringing in the criminals police are too scared to chase, and when he's hired to capture sociopathic pimp Gator, he finds himself confronted by the most vicious killers in the underground scene.

House of Whipcord Trailer (1974)

19 April 1974

An old man that lives in an old house conducts a correctional institute for girls. But he does not realize that the date is the present as he is cooped up in the house.

Planet Earth Trailer (1974)

23 April 1974

Planet Earth is a sequel to Gene Roddenberry's Genesis II (1973) made-for-TV movie, in which a NASA scientist, Dylan Hunt, is revived from suspended animation in the post-nuclear war United States.

Schoolgirl Report Part 7: What The Heart Must Thereby… Trailer (1974)

25 April 1974

In Part 7, the filmmakers explore what’s lacking in modern German schoolgirls.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter Trailer (1974)

07 April 1974

When several young girls are found dead, left hideously aged and void of blood, Dr Marcus suspects vampirism.

Deadly Weapons Trailer (1974)

04 April 1974

After the mob hits a guy with a list, one of the hoods keeps the list for himself to blackmail the people on it.

The Fierce One Trailer (1974)

01 April 1974

A boy raises a wolf cub, but when released into the wild, it returns to attack him.

Flavia the Heretic Trailer (1974)

13 April 1974

After a cult besieges her convent, a young nun goes with an army of Muslims to destroy the convent and kill who wronged her.

Cinco mil dolares de recompensa Trailer (1974)

18 April 1974

Mexico 1974

Cry of a Prostitute Trailer (1974)

04 April 1974

The gangster Tony Aniante in the middle of a feud between two mafia families. He manipulates both families into believing he is on their side and are just waiting for the right moment to take the initiative.

Space Seeing - Space Hearing Trailer (1974)

10 April 1974

Space Seeing - Space Hearing uses sound and image editing, as well as split-screen effects, to create a performance from a motionless body.

The Crazy Bunch Trailer (1974)

27 April 1974

Tricky Dicky is after a gold treasure with his companion. He tracks the treasure down in insane asylums, Ku Klux Klan rallies, and finally, the outlaw's hideout.

Point of No Return Trailer (1974)

08 April 1974

The love story of a Soviet officer wounded in battle and the woman who shelters him during the German occupation of the Great Patriotic War.

Exams at Any Odd Time Trailer (1974)

04 April 1974

Two novels united by common characters and a never-settled problem: the clash between sincerity of children and the heartless pragmatism and ambitions of grown-ups.

The Turn Of The Screw Trailer (1974)

15 April 1974

An English governess is hired to take care of two adorable orphans, who turn out to be not exactly what they seem to be.

The Gun And The Pulpit Trailer (1974)

03 April 1974

In the days of the "Wild West", a gunslinger, with a price on his head, discovers the body of a traveling minister who has been killed in an ambush.

Heavenly Homecoming to Stars Trailer (1974)

26 April 1974

A woman slowly drinks herself to death as men, one after another, emotionally and physically abuse her.

Muschimaus mag's grad heraus Trailer (1974)

25 April 1974

Frivolous Senta (Ulrike Butz) is thrown out of her residence for a reason later explained. Owning just a suitcase and the clothes on her back (a raincoat) she decides to hitch a ride.

24 Hours of Love Trailer (1974)

07 April 1974

The film tells the story of 3 navy officers, Samir, Ahmed and Sherif who go back to their houses and wives for 1 24 hours vacation after spending 6 months on duty aboard the ship.

Where the Lilies Bloom Trailer (1974)

10 April 1974

A family of children decide not to tell anyone their father has died, and to live on their own in the backwoods of rural North Carolina.

Dorothea's Revenge Trailer (1974)

24 April 1974

Dorothea, a 16-year-old bourgeois girl from Hamburg, plays with her friends of both sexes, imitating the production of adult movies.

QB VII Trailer (1974)

29 April 1974

A physician sues a novelist for publishing statements implicating the doctor in Nazi war crimes.

Men from the Monastery Trailer (1974)

03 April 1974

Shaolin firebrands Fang Shih-yu, Hung His-kuan, and Hu Huei-chien are as famous in Asia as the Three Musketeers are in America and Europe.

Lost Love: Oil Hell Trailer (1974)

04 April 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Caged Heat Trailer (1974)

19 April 1974

A girl is caught in a drug bust and sent to the hoosegow.

A Touch of Genie Trailer (1974)

23 April 1974

What do you get when you mix madcap Jewish humor with the Superstars of Seventies porn? A tribute to a boyhood spent at raucous Lower East Side comedies (and an adulthood spent writing and directing adult films).

The Single Girls Trailer (1974)

14 April 1974

A group of men and women travel to a Carribean resort to discover themselves sexually but unfortunately one of them has also discovered that they like to murder people too.

Human, Too Human Trailer (1974)

03 April 1974

In his documentary Humain, Trop Humain, Louis Malle presents his meditative investigation of the inner workings of a French automotive plant.

Ohnsorg-Theater - Der schönste Mann von der Reeperbahn Trailer (1974)

19 April 1974

Pheasant Tomorrow Trailer (1974)

28 April 1974

The loving couple of this grotesque parable parody of the Kádár-regime, Mária and István row to an uninhabited, idyllic island.

The Ghost Valley's Treasure Mysteries Trailer (1974)

01 April 1974

A satirical comedy about a poor farmer who, while plowing his field, accidentally uncovers an ancient burial chamber loaded with gold artifacts.

Los vampiros de Coyoacan Trailer (1974)

25 April 1974

Woman of the Ganges Trailer (1974)

03 April 1974

A man returns to the place he once lived a passionate love affair with a woman who is now dead. So powerful are the emotions that seize him that he imagines she is still alive, and begins to live as if this were the case.

Professional Sex Performers: A Docu-Drama Trailer (1974)

09 April 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Le Plumard en Folie Trailer (1974)

02 April 1974

Akumyo: Notorious Dragon Trailer (1974)

24 April 1974

About small time gangster Asakichis chaotic life in the 1930s. His gambling addiction means that he must not continue working in the family business.

Undine 74 Trailer (1974)

19 April 1974

Evil Face Trailer (1974)

29 April 1974

Baron Ivan Rassimov, a brilliant doctor, died horribly during a fire burst in his laboratory. Since that day, his daughter Tanja retired to a life of reclusion, covering with a dark veil her disfigured face.

Le permis de conduire Trailer (1974)

30 April 1974

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Trailer (1974)

11 April 1974

The younger son of a working-class Jewish family in Montreal, Duddy Kravitz yearns to make a name for himself in society.

Autostop-Lustreport Trailer (1974)

28 April 1974

Bavarian comedy from Germany

Chains Trailer (1974)

25 April 1974

Catene is a 1974 Italian melodramatic film directed by Silvio Amadio. The film is the re-make of the 1949 top grossing film with the same title by Raffaello Matarazzo.

The Last Angry Man Trailer (1974)

17 April 1974

In the midst of the Depression, a crotchety doctor whose practice is in the Brooklyn slums takes an interest in a local teenager, whose hostility and erratic behavior the doctor believes is due to more than just his environment.

Für die Liebe noch zu mager Trailer (1974)

24 April 1974

Genesis - Live in Montreal 1974 Trailer (1974)

20 April 1974

Genesis Live at the University Sports Arena, Montreal 20 April 1974

The Eagle's Nest Trailer (1974)

01 April 1974

A Turkish version of Straw Dogs (1971), set in a small Cypriot village in the days before the 1974 Turkish invasion.

Dokyumento poruno: Zoku toruko tekkuniku daizenshû Trailer (1974)

01 April 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Lover of the Monster Trailer (1974)

28 April 1974

Kinski plays a retired doctor and jealous husband who returns with his wealthy wife (Katia Christian) to her family castle.

Three in One Trailer (1974)

01 April 1974

A man traumatized by war memories works as a tour guide on the sea. He starts a relationship with a young woman from the nearby hippie commune.

Porn Scandal School Trailer (1974)

22 April 1974

Her teenage hormones raging, Eva is obsessed with sex. Her prudish family sends her to an all-girls' boarding school to receive proper moral guidance and forget her sexual obsessions.

The Sex Thief Trailer (1974)

01 April 1974

A struggling pulp fiction writer who doubles as an incompetent jewel thief. He gets caught in the act every time, but he uses his looks and charm to make the best of it.

Return of the Street Fighter Trailer (1974)

27 April 1974

Second in a series starting with The Street Fighter starring Sonny Chiba. In this sequel, Martial artist Takuma Tsurugi returns to take on a Yakuza family that may be embezzling money from charities to finance their own operations.

The Beast Must Die Trailer (1974)

01 April 1974

Wealthy big game hunter Tom Newcliffe has tracked and killed practically every type of animal in the world.

Place de la République Trailer (1974)

30 April 1974

Louis Malle presents his entertaining snapshot of the comings and goings on one street corner in Paris.

Big Beef at the O.K. Corral Trailer (1974)

17 April 1974

Hoot Kloot is guarding the cattle from the notorious cattle rustler Billy the Kidder. Billy's strange goal? Steal the cows so he can set them free in the wild.