Movie Trailers - April 1982

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1982

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Conan the Barbarian Trailer (1982)

02 April 1982

John Milius's jingoistic direction and pulpy screenplay fit perfectly into this film version of the Robert E.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Trailer (1982)

03 April 1982

A science fiction fairytale about an extra-terrestrial who is left behind on Earth and is found by a young boy who befriends him.

Cat People Trailer (1982)

02 April 1982

After years of separation, Irina (Nastassja Kinski) and her minister brother, Paul (Malcolm McDowell), reunite in New Orleans in this erotic tale of the supernatural.

Victor Victoria Trailer (1982)

25 April 1982

A struggling female soprano finds work playing a male female impersonator, but it complicates her personal life.

Basket Case Trailer (1982)

14 April 1982

A young man carrying a big basket that contains his deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will.

Five Element Ninjas Trailer (1982)

21 April 1982

A young martial artist seeks revenge on the ninja who kills his martial arts brothers and teacher.

Diner Trailer (1982)

02 April 1982

Set in 1959, Diner shows how five young men resist their adulthood and seek refuge in their beloved Diner.

The Sword and the Sorcerer Trailer (1982)

01 April 1982

A mercenary with a three-bladed sword rediscovers his royal heritage when he is recruited to help a princess foil a brutal tyrant and a powerful sorcerer's plans to conquer the land.

Wrong Is Right Trailer (1982)

16 April 1982

Political double-talk, dirty tricks, hidden microphones, spy satellites, bugging the Oval Office and a nuclear bomb for sale are all ingredients in this swift, funny and frightening look at the possibilities in today's political arenas.

I, the Jury Trailer (1982)

22 April 1982

Jack Williams was the best friend of Vietnam veteran and detective Mike Hammer. When Jack is murdered, Mike makes it his business to solve the crime.

The Quack Trailer (1982)

12 April 1982

A famous surgeon is beaten by drunken bullies, loses his memory and cannot recollect who he was before.

Once Upon a Rainbow Trailer (1982)

21 April 1982

Fong and Angie were close friends when they were in school but departed after graduation. Fong continued her further education in a training center.

Silent Rage Trailer (1982)

02 April 1982

A Texas sheriff tries kung fu on an ax killer who, revived by doctors, cannot be killed.

Some Kind of Hero Trailer (1982)

02 April 1982

A Vietnam vet returns home from a prisoner of war camp and is greeted as a hero, but is quickly forgotten and soon discovers how tough survival is in his own country.

Paul Raymonds Erotica Trailer (1982)

30 April 1982

Brigitte Lahie stars as a stunning French reporter who Paul Raymond personally invites into Soho's sleaziest sex locales.

Rokk í Reykjavík Trailer (1982)

17 April 1982

Rokk í Reykjavík (Rock in Reykjavik) gives a thorough overview of the powerful and expanding rock scene in Iceland.

By the Sea Trailer (1982)

12 April 1982

A crusty old General leads his dotty family on a relaxing weekend at the seaside, and comic chaos ensues.

Tag: The Assassination Game Trailer (1982)

20 April 1982

Pretending to do research for his newspaper, college student Alex Marsh teams up with the somewhat older Susan Swayze, who he long admired from afar.

Burst City Trailer (1982)

09 April 1982

Set in a barren, futuristic Tokyo of highways and wastelands, a rowdy group of punk bands and their fans gather to protest slow, boring, Japanese living.

The Passerby Trailer (1982)

14 April 1982

During an interview, Max Baumstein (Piccoli), respected chairman of a humanitarian organisation, shoots the Paraguayan ambassador dead, in cold blood.

Pandemonium Trailer (1982)

01 April 1982

Tom Smothers stars as the brave mountie, who along with his trusty horse and bitter deputy Paul Reubens must track down a killer who is stalking coeds at a nearby cheerleader camp.

Black Candles Trailer (1982)

03 April 1982

A young woman travels with her partner to England on the unexpected death of her brother. Staying with her sister-in-law, she finds her companion soon drawn into a satanic cult based in the house whose rites seem to centre somewhat on large-scale sexual congress.

Jaco Pastorius: Live in Montreal Trailer (1982)

14 April 1982

Filmed at the Montreal Jazz Festival in the early 1980s, this concert provides nearly an hour of first-class jazz.

Rolls, Rolls, I Love You Trailer (1982)

08 April 1982

shaw production

Field Diary Trailer (1982)

10 April 1982

The Go Masters Trailer (1982)

01 April 1982

Ten years before the outbreak of the Second World War in Asia, a Japanese Go master and his Chinese rival meet in China to play a game of Go (loosely described as an Asian version of chess).

Cassette Love Trailer (1982)

02 April 1982

A comedy directed by Rolf Lyssy.

Farewell to the Land Trailer (1982)

09 April 1982

Influenced by Bresson and Mizoguchi, Farewell takes a detached view of its protagonist Yukio (Jinpachi Nezu), an ex-farmer working as a dump-truck driver in Kashima.

La vendedora de ropa interior Trailer (1982)

01 April 1982

A story of a family whose father tries by all means to maintain the strictest ethics and morality ...

La Escena Circular Trailer (1982)

07 April 1982

The silhouettes of a couple in the window were filmed with few directions for the protagonists. They suggested the synthesis of cinematic space and the universality of their figures.

Partners Trailer (1982)

30 April 1982

Benson is a police detective. After a series of murders in the Gay community he is ordered to go undercover with a gay police clerk named Kerwin as his partner.

Cleveland Smith, Bounty Hunter Trailer (1982)

01 April 1982

Early Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell short.

Starstruck Trailer (1982)

08 April 1982

Young woman wants to become the next big singer with the help of her friends and despite the wishes of her working class family.

Meine Frau erfährt kein Wort Trailer (1982)

13 April 1982

Cricket Trailer (1982)

27 April 1982

1997: A village cricket team (complete with computerised Wisden Almanac with the voice of Brian Johno

Der Zubringer Trailer (1982)

27 April 1982

A Woman Called Golda Trailer (1982)

26 April 1982

The story of the Russian-born, Wisconsin-raised woman who rose to become Israel's prime minister in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Sballato, gasato, completamente fuso Trailer (1982)

02 April 1982

Oi for England Trailer (1982)

17 April 1982

During the Manchester, Moss Side riots of 1981 a struggling skinhead punk band try to secure their first gig.

Batman from the Planet Eros Trailer (1982)

16 April 1982

Totally off the wall cult Italian porno starring the bumbling Batman (Mark Shannon). Words can't describe this unique Italian film that stars Sandy Samuel, Cathy Menard, Guia Lauri Filzi, & Sabrina Mastrolorenzi.

Lonely Fifteen Trailer (1982)

20 April 1982

A 1982 Hong Kong film directed by David Lai.

The Dorm That Dripped Blood Trailer (1982)

01 April 1982

A crazed killer stalks college students who gave up their vacation to clean a deserted dormitory.

I Are You, You Am Me Trailer (1982)

17 April 1982

9th-graders Kazuo (boy) and Kazumi (girl) take a tumble at a temple in a small seacoast town in Japan.

Pruimenbloesem Trailer (1982)

22 April 1982

Myriam welcomes young men, women and couples to her luxury house in the Dutch countryside and has sex with them.

The Mist Whispers Like a Woman Trailer (1982)

22 April 1982

Sung-min and Do-hi love each other. So Sung-min lures his wife Hye-ryun to a riverside and drowns her.

Todo es posible en Granada Trailer (1982)

05 April 1982

Manolo Ortega is a tour guide in Granada and, at night, acting in a cave in Sacromonte. It has a small plot totally barren, and yet does not want to sell it to an American company for uranium prospecting.

Female Teacher: In Front of the Students Trailer (1982)

08 April 1982

The lovely Reiko has taken a new teaching job at a creepy old high school. She is an extremely attractive woman and the young students in her class have fallen for her.

Juan Charrasqueado y Gabino Barrera Trailer (1982)

01 April 1982

Revolution-era Mexico: two well-known bandits hook up, then join forces with an outlaw woman.

Intlo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya Trailer (1982)

22 April 1982

Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnayya is comedy romance based movie in which, Chiru plays a sought of mild and sober guy, who falls in love with Madhavi and gets married to her.

Die Stunde des Löwen Trailer (1982)

18 April 1982

Schuld sind nur die Frauen Trailer (1982)

29 April 1982

El rey de los caminos Trailer (1982)

15 April 1982

Comical adventures of two truckers.

The Shock Trailer (1982)

28 April 1982

Martin Terrier wants to quit his job as a hired hitman, but his organized crime employers are unwilling to see him turned out to pasture, Terrier knows too much, and he is still useful to the organization.

Crimes Trailer (1982)

13 April 1982

2002: In a paranoid UK, with the threat of nuclear war ever closer and prisons full to bursting, four convicts tell of the ‘crimes’ they have committed, some seemingly innocuous by today’s standards… at least, at first.

Roma dalla finestra Trailer (1982)

17 April 1982

Italian-japanese drama

Ranga Trailer (1982)

14 April 1982

Overview Coming Soon...

Las locuras de Parchís Trailer (1982)

14 April 1982

Yeh Vaada Raha Trailer (1982)

09 April 1982

Vikram and Sunita love each other but Vikram's mother disapproves Sunita as her future daughter in law because of Sunita's poor background.

Workout Trailer (1982)

25 April 1982

Jane Fonda's Workout is the original Workout program inspired by her best-selling book. The program includes a 30 minute Beginners' class and a 60 minute Advanced session.

Big Meat Eater Trailer (1982)

30 April 1982

After killing the crooked mayor a homicidal janitor named Abdullah goes to work for a butcher who has invented a new language for the town's planned futuristic theme park.