Movie Trailers - August 1946

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1946

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The Killers Trailer (1946)

28 August 1946

Two professional killers invade a small town and kill a gas station attendant, "the Swede," who's expecting them.

Notorious Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

Released shortly after the war, this classic Hitchcock film illustrates the battle between German Nazis and American spies in Rio de Janeiro where a German businessman keeps a wine cellar with uranium ore.

The Big Sleep Trailer (1946)

23 August 1946

Private Detective Philip Marlowe is hired by a rich family. Before the complex case is over, he's seen murder, blackmail, and what might be love.

A Matter of Life and Death Trailer (1946)

22 August 1946

When a young airman miraculously survives bailing out of his aeroplane without a parachute, he falls in love with an American radio operator.

Black Angel Trailer (1946)

02 August 1946

A falsely convicted man's wife, Catherine (Vincent), and an alcoholic composer and pianist, Martin (Duryea) team up in an attempt to clear her husband of the murder of a blonde singer, who is Martin's wife.

Peter and the Wolf Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

Disney's animated adaptation of Prokofiev's masterpiece, in which every character is represented musically by a different instrument.

Anna and the King of Siam Trailer (1946)

11 August 1946

In 1862, a young Englishwoman becomes royal tutor in Siam and befriends the King.

The Time of Their Lives Trailer (1946)

16 August 1946

Two ghosts who were mistakenly branded as traitors during the Revolutionary War return to 20th century New England to retieve a letter from George Washington which would prove their innocence.

The Missing Lady Trailer (1946)

17 August 1946

While investigating the theft of a valuable jade statue known as "The Missing Lady" -- and the subsequent murder of an art dealer -- imperceptible sleuth Lamont Cranston aka the Shadow (Kane Richmond) finds himself being blamed for the crime.

Willie the Operatic Whale Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

The Metropolitan Opera is looking for the sea monster reported in newspaper headlines, because this monster sings beautifully! The "monster" is actually Willie, a whale who can sing in several voices simultaneously.

The Searching Wind Trailer (1946)

09 August 1946

With a screenplay adapted by Lillian Hellman from her own play, director William Dieterle's 1946 drama stars Robert Young as a U.

Northwest Hounded Police Trailer (1946)

03 August 1946

The wolf escapes from Alka-Fizz prison, but the persistent Sergeant McPoodle of the Canadian Mounties (Droopy) follows his trail wherever he goes.

The Martins and the Coys Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

The Martins and the Coys are two feuding clans. One day, Grandpa Coy gets caught in the Martin henhouse, and a massive battle erupts, leaving only a Martin girl and a Coy boy.

Under the Bridges Trailer (1946)

31 August 1946

Two barge skippers fall in love with the same woman.

The Last Crooked Mile Trailer (1946)

09 August 1946

A mystery grows after a bank robbery car leads investigators to a carnival sideshow.

Spook Busters Trailer (1946)

24 August 1946

The Bowery Boys--Slip, Sach, Bobby, Whitey & Chuck--start their own exterminating service, and get a job which takes them to a spooky old abandoned mansion in the middle of the night.

The Inner Circle Trailer (1946)

07 August 1946

Johnny Strange (Warren Douglas) a fresh-faced young detective, gets set up, framed for murder, and alibied by a smart blonde (Adele Mara).

Mr. Ace Trailer (1946)

02 August 1946

A rich society woman uses a gangster to win a congressional election.

Traffic with the Devil Trailer (1946)

31 August 1946

This "Theater of Life" series short looks at traffic problems in Los Angeles, California, as described and experienced by Sgt.

Holiday in Mexico Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

Christine Evans, the fifteen-year-old daughter of the widowed American ambassador to Mexico Jeffrey Evans, believes that she is no longer a young girl and that she has fully matured into adulthood.

Casey at the Bat Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

The over-confident Casey comes to the plate for Mudville in this animated version of the classic baseball poem.

Down Missouri Way Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

Musical - Romance and music accompany this comedy about a film director searching for a mule to star in his new movie.

Wet Paint Trailer (1946)

09 August 1946

Donald re-paints his car, and a bird lands on it. In the mayhem that ensues, the car ends up covered with handprints, spotted a dozen different colors, stripped of paint, and covered with the stuffing from the seats so that it resembles a sheepdog.

Solid Serenade Trailer (1946)

31 August 1946

Near a house is a doghouse labeled "Killer" with a dog (Spike) in it. Tom pokes his head over the wall and spots a female cat (Toodles Galore) in the window.

The Bachelor's Daughters Trailer (1946)

06 August 1946

A department store floor walker is persuaded by four husband-seeking salesgirls to pose as their father in a Long Island mansion which they have rented by pooling resources and pretending to be wealthy themselves.

Bacall to Arms Trailer (1946)

03 August 1946

Movie patrons watch and interact with a variety of short subjects and a spoof of the film "To Have and Have Not.

Without You Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

"A Ballad in Blue" is a series of impressionistic images set to Andy Russell's rendition of the title song.

Dumbell of the Yukon Trailer (1946)

30 August 1946

A snowy scene; Daisy would like a fur coat, so Donald filches a baby bear from its sleeping mother. But the mother awakens and tracks Donald (and her baby) down.

Walky Talky Hawky Trailer (1946)

31 August 1946

Young Henery Hawk's father regretfully admits their family's shame: they hunt and eat chickens. Henery set off to find one, and comes across Foghorn Leghorn, where the loudmouth rooster is engaged in his favorite pastime, playing tricks on a grumpy dog.

Step By Step Trailer (1946)

23 August 1946

The FBI trails a young couple suspected of stealing government plans.

Boom in the Moon Trailer (1946)

02 August 1946

An American soldier (Keaton) during World War II escapes from an airplane crash over the Pacific Ocean.

White Tie and Tails Trailer (1946)

30 August 1946

When his employer goes to Florida, a butler masquerades as a millionaire and winds up marrying an heiress.

Piccadilly Incident Trailer (1946)

24 August 1946

A newly married WREN, presumed drowned when her ship is torpedoed, spends three years on a tropical island before returning to England to find her husband remarried with a baby son.

Rodeo Romeo Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

Popeye and Olive are at the rodeo, starring Badlands Bluto. Olive is impressed by Bluto's stunts, many of them designed to make Popeye look bad.

Faithful in My Fashion Trailer (1946)

21 August 1946

Hoping to find everything just as he had left it four years ago, soldier Jeff Compton, who is home on a two-week furlough, visits the New York City department store in which he worked and surprises his former co-worker and sweetheart Jean Kendrick with a kiss.

Slightly Scandalous Trailer (1946)

02 August 1946

Disparate twin brothers find themselves involved in romantic mayhem when their respective girl friends get them confused in this musical comedy.

Under Nevada Skies Trailer (1946)

26 August 1946

Rodeo star Roy Rogers returns home to find that his old friend Tom Craig has been murdered after he was accused of stealing a family crest from Helen Williams (Evans).

Albergo Luna, camera 34 Trailer (1946)

22 August 1946

A young music teacher, after her house is burned down by a raid, has to go to a refugee camp with her old and sick mother.

Discretion Wanted Trailer (1946)

05 August 1946

In order to supplement the family income, Marius Bastrup rents his unused rooms to young women looking for a "discreet stay.

The Drunkard Trailer (1946)

28 August 1946

A good-hearted man, betrayed by his wife and friends, fakes his death and takes up a new identity, as a nameless, wandering drunkard.

Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

Two hats fall in love in a department store window, but are separated when each are purchased by different owners.

Winning the West Trailer (1946)

16 August 1946

The big bad cats are the villains/Indians, and the little mice are the settlers going west in their little covered wagons, and the Indians are on a rampage about it.

El pasajero diez mil Trailer (1946)

22 August 1946

Shipboard romance/comedy between a female executive and a guy with a lot of buttons on his tunic.

Death Valley Trailer (1946)

15 August 1946

A dance hall girl is murdered and her body robbed of a quantity of gold obtained illegally. The killer flees into Death Valley and encounters the rightful owner of the gold and her sweetheart.

Deadline for Murder Trailer (1946)

01 August 1946

A favor for an old friend leads a Los Angeles gambler (Kent Taylor) into a dangerous search for a missing document.

Special Delivery Trailer (1946)

03 August 1946

The film begins with shots of American bombers flying in formation and the narrator giving the audience a dictionary definition of a "special delivery" and the vital role that air power played in winning the late conflict.

Overland Riders Trailer (1946)

21 August 1946

A honest stranger arrives in Devil's Gap and helps the local sheriff expose the murderer of a rancher.

Below the Deadline Trailer (1946)

03 August 1946

A veteran, Joe Hilton (Warren Douglas), returns from the war to find that his brother Jeffrey Hilton (George Meeker), a gangster, has been killed.

Wild Beauty Trailer (1946)

08 August 1946

Rustler's Round-up Trailer (1946)

01 August 1946

A cowboy sets out to break up a gang of rustlers.

Earl Carroll Sketchbook Trailer (1946)

22 August 1946

An aspiring singer and her lover, a songwriter who has desperately resorted to writing radio jingles, have many conflicts on their road to success.

The Tortoise Wins Again Trailer (1946)

30 August 1946

In one of the great (hooray!)spoiler titles of all time, this version of the Hare vs. Tortoise fable finds the contest being done on ice skates between teams of rabbits and turtles, and the turtles cheat like crazy.

Saa mødes vi hos Tove Trailer (1946)

02 August 1946

Genius at Work Trailer (1946)

16 August 1946

Two actors who play detectives on the radio find themselves investigating a real crime masterminded by an arch-criminal named the Cobra.

Black Beauty Trailer (1946)

29 August 1946

Based on Anna Sewell's novel. In rural England of the 1880's, widower Squire Wendon is rearing his young daughter Anne.

A Feather in His Collar Trailer (1946)

06 August 1946

Made for the Community Chests of America, Pluto demonstrates his community spirit by donating his collection of bones.

Mysto-Fox Trailer (1946)

28 August 1946

A Fox & Crow animated short. In this one, Mysto-Fox puts out a sign in front of the carnival for a rabbit audition.

Of Thee I Sting Trailer (1946)

16 August 1946

A (male?!) mosquito army prepares for the attack. We see basic training, which includes an obstacle course (slapping hands, fly swatters), target practice on stuffed dummy human forms, and training for taking off and landing on "flattops" (sardine cans).

Lawless Breed Trailer (1946)

16 August 1946

Government agents Ted Everett and Tumbleweed are sent to Spearville, Texas, where the law agencies have failed to stop a series of bank robberies.

Rocket to Mars Trailer (1946)

08 August 1946

Popeye and Olive are touring a museum when they accidentally launch a rocketship to Mars. Olive escapes, but Popeye gets to Mars, where he is attacked (by a group led by Bluto) that was preparing to invade Earth.