Movie Trailers - August 1947

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1947

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The Hucksters Trailer (1947)

27 August 1947

A World War II veteran wants to return to advertising on his own terms, but finds it difficult to be successful and maintain his integrity.

Kiss of Death Trailer (1947)

27 August 1947

Small-time crook Nick Bianco gets caught in a jewel heist and despite urgings from well-meaning district attorney D'Angelo, refuses to rat on his partners and goes to jail, assured that his wife and children will be taken care of.

Golden Earrings Trailer (1947)

27 August 1947

A British colonel (Ray Milland) escapes from the Gestapo to the Black Forest and poses as a Gypsy's (Marlene Dietrich) mate.

A Mouse in the House Trailer (1947)

30 August 1947

Mammy Two-Shoes tells Tom and Butch that the cat who gets rid of the icebox-raiding, breadbox-invading mouse (Jerry) is the one who can stay.

Lured Trailer (1947)

28 August 1947

A woman helps the police catch the serial killer who murdered her best friend.

Cry Wolf Trailer (1947)

19 August 1947

A woman uncovers deadly secrets when she visits her late husband's family.

Variety Girl Trailer (1947)

29 August 1947

Dozens of star and character-actor cameos and a message about the Variety Club (a show-business charity) are woven into a framework about two hopeful young ladies who come to Hollywood, exchange identities, and cause comic confusion (with slapstick interludes) throughout the Paramount studio.

Desert Fury Trailer (1947)

15 August 1947

The daughter of a Nevada casino owner gets involved with a racketeer, despite everyone's efforts to separate them.

Singapore Trailer (1947)

13 August 1947

After the war, Matt Gordon returns to Singapore to retrieve a fortune in smuggled pearls. Arrived, he reminisces in flashback about his prewar fiancée, alluring Linda, and her disappearance during the Japanese attack.

Under the Tonto Rim Trailer (1947)

01 August 1947

A stagecoach owner (Tim Holt) goes to jail to catch a holdup gang.

Cynthia Trailer (1947)

27 August 1947

Sheltered by her parents, a small-town teenager finally goes out on a date.

Down to Earth Trailer (1947)

21 August 1947

Upset about a new Broadway musical's mockery of Greek mythology, the goddess Terpsichore comes down to earth and lands a part in the show.

Vuelven los García Trailer (1947)

15 August 1947

Ruled by a tough grandma (Sara García), the Garcías (Infante, Salazar and Mendoza) are three charro cousins who fall in love with young American-born Lupita (Marga López) and fight for her love until grandma quiets them.

Philo Vance's Secret Mission Trailer (1947)

30 August 1947

Vance is hired to write a true-crime mystery... but when the facts about an unsolved crime are about to be brought out into the open a murder takes place.

The Kneeling Goddess Trailer (1947)

13 August 1947

Legendary superstar María Félix, stars in this melodrama noir playing the role of Raquel, a woman who has a passionate love affair with married aristocrat Antonio.

Crazy With The Heat Trailer (1947)

01 August 1947

Donald and Goofy are driving across the desert, apparently the Sahara. The car breaks down (out of gas), and they start walking.

The October Man Trailer (1947)

28 August 1947

Jim Ackland, who suffers from a head injury sustained in a bus crash , is the chief suspect in a murder hunt, when a girl that he has just met is found dead on the local common, and he has no alibi for the time she was killed.

A Pest in the House Trailer (1947)

02 August 1947

After a prologue about the labor shortage being so acute that some employers would hire anybody or anything, a very tired businessman needs some sleep and checks into a hotel run by Elmer Fudd.

Bootle Beetle Trailer (1947)

22 August 1947

An older beetle of a rare variety advises a young passerby against crossing a stream, where he is likely to get trapped by bug collector Donald, as he himself almost was when he was young.

The Ghost Goes Wild Trailer (1947)

08 August 1947

Young artist Monte Crandell is being sued for an unauthorized caricature. To escape arrest, he disguises himself as a mystic, only to conjure up a genuine ghost during a seance.

The Son of Rusty Trailer (1947)

07 August 1947

The fourth film in Columbia's "Rusty" series is a lecture against spreading gossip. A young army veteran comes to town, and Danny and his friends learn that he had spent time in a military stockade for an infraction of a regulation.

The Strike Trailer (1947)

31 August 1947

Directed by Karel Steklý

Noah's Ark Trailer (1947)

20 August 1947

Bitru is a carefree fellow who, one day, decides to buy a houseboat on the River Seine. He moves there and starts living surrounded by a circle of colorful friends.

Master of Bankdam Trailer (1947)

20 August 1947

Two brothers struggle for control of the family business in 19th century Yorkshire.

Albur de amor Trailer (1947)

29 August 1947

Dark romantic melodrama, played out with high-stakes card games and cockfights.

Snow Trail Trailer (1947)

05 August 1947

Three bank robbers, Eijima, Nojiri, and Takasugi, flee the police and escape into the mountains. At an inn high in the Japanese Alps, Eijima and Nojiri encounter a young woman and her father, as well as Honda, a mountaineer.

Calcutta Trailer (1947)

29 August 1947

Neale and Pedro fly cargo between Chungking and Calcutta. When their buddy Bill is murdered they investigate.

The Pretender Trailer (1947)

11 August 1947

Albert Dekker plays a investment agent who embezzles a large sum from an estate, hoping to cover his crime by marrying the estate's heiress.

Livet i finnskogarna Trailer (1947)

22 August 1947

In a rural parish in 1906, young Heikki, one of the Finnish immigrants, lives a wild and free life in the deep forest.

Holiday Camp Trailer (1947)

05 August 1947

The Huggett family go to a holiday camp, and get involved in crooked card players, a murderer on the run, and a pregnant young girl and her boyfriend missing from home.

Marshal of Cripple Creek Trailer (1947)

15 August 1947

Tom Lambert arrives and Long John Case gets him into trouble. To protect his wife and son he refuses to talk and is sent to prison.

The Red Stallion Trailer (1947)

16 August 1947

Family film about an elderly rancher, her young grandson, and the horse that the child raises from a colt.

Jesse James Rides Again Trailer (1947)

02 August 1947

Jesse James wants to start a new life in a new location, but quickly finds himself wrapped-up in protecting townsfolk from the machinations of evil oilmen.

Last of the Redmen Trailer (1947)

01 August 1947

A family-oriented adaption of James Fenimore Cooper's "The Last of the Mohicans." As the French-Indian War rages across the untamed territory of the Great Northwest, the embattled wilderness gives birth to a legend -- the proud legend of "The Last of the Red Men.

La barca de oro Trailer (1947)

13 August 1947

Ranch-heiress chooses a husband.

Adventure Island Trailer (1947)

13 August 1947

Travelers find themselves marooned on an island with a maniacal self-made ruler.

Shy Guy Trailer (1947)

05 August 1947

Phil, a student who recently transferred into his high school, keeps to himself a lot, spending time in his basement building radios and record players.

Jassy Trailer (1947)

13 August 1947

In 19th century England, Jassy is a young Gypsy girl blessed with the gift of second sight. Pursued by superstitious villagers, she is rescued by the son of the owner of Mordelaine, a vast stately home.

Solid Ivory Trailer (1947)

25 August 1947

Woody is shooting pool at a farm house when one of his pool balls rolls into a nearby henhouse. He takes the ball back but must battle with the hen who thinks the woodpecker is taking one of her eggs.

Killer Dill Trailer (1947)

02 August 1947

Door-to-door salesman Johnny Dill, the exact double of a notorious gangster, finds himself struck between the forces of good and evil.

Mother Wore Tights Trailer (1947)

20 August 1947

In this chronicle of a vaudeville family, Myrtle McKinley (class of 1900) goes to San Francisco to attend business school, but ends up in a chorus line.

The Romance of Rosy Ridge Trailer (1947)

04 August 1947

A mysterious Civil War veteran (Van Johnson) courts a Missouri farmer's (Thomas Mitchell) daughter (Janet Leigh) amid postwar unrest.

Los tres García Trailer (1947)

15 August 1947

Ruled by a tough grandma (Sara García), the Garcías (Infante, Salazar and Mendoza) are three charro cousins who fall in love with young American-born Lupita (Marga López) and fight for her love until grandma quiets them.

The Mild West Trailer (1947)

21 August 1947

A series of blackout gags, followed by an exhortation to sing along with the bouncing ball -- the song being "I'm an Old Cow Hand".

Captain Boycott Trailer (1947)

26 August 1947

Based on real events, this historical drama is set in 19th-century Ireland, when poverty-stricken tenants dispossessed by greedy landowner Capt.

The Amazing Mr. Nordill Trailer (1947)

30 August 1947

This Passing Parade short is based on the exploits of counterfeiter Everett Nordill, one of the cleverest counterfeiters who ever baffled the agents of the U.

Those Blasted Kids Trailer (1947)

18 August 1947

Directed by Danish filmmakers Bjarne and Astrid Henning-Jensen, THOSE BLASTED KIDS tells a story of a group of back-alley urchins that is considered Denmark’s first true children’s film.

A Date for Dinner Trailer (1947)

28 August 1947

Some mice decide to tease a cat, but he is hungry and determined and easily catches them. Just as he is about to eat them, Mighty Mouse comes to the rescue.

Smoky River Serenade Trailer (1947)

20 August 1947

The Little Soldier Trailer (1947)

27 August 1947

A budding romance between two toy dancers is put into dangers when the boy is conscripted into the toy army.

The Wee Men Trailer (1947)

07 August 1947

A yarn about the mythical Leprechauns who reside in Ireland and their crock of gold. The legend says that if anyone succeeds in capturing one of the wee men, the little person must then lead them to where the gold is hidden.

Symphony of a City Trailer (1947)

15 August 1947

Short documentary from Sweden that won an Oscar in the category "Best Short Subject, One-reel."

The Foxy Duckling Trailer (1947)

22 August 1947

An insomniac fox residing in a forest needs duck down for his pillow in order to be comfortable enough in his bed to fall asleep, and to this purpose he pursues a wily yellow duck.

News Hounds Trailer (1947)

13 August 1947

Slip and Sach are working for a local newspaper as a reporter and photographer, respectively. Slip wants to get the goods on a local gambling ring that is fixing sporting events, so he and Sach go undercover to expose the ring.

Flying South Trailer (1947)

15 August 1947

Heckel and Jeckle decide it is too much trouble and time-consuming, not to mention wear-and-tear on their wings, to fly south for the winter, so they will pose as orphans and find some kindly old grandmother to take care of them when the snow flies.

Curley Trailer (1947)

23 August 1947

The students of Lakeview Elementary devise ways to torment their new teacher. Comedy.

Dernier Refuge Trailer (1947)

26 August 1947

The Soil Under Your Feet Trailer (1947)

13 August 1947

Góz Jóska and Juhos Marika, the main characters in the story that takes place in 1930, love each other.

Glimpses of New Scotland Trailer (1947)

30 August 1947

Glimpses of Nova Scotia, from Halifax to Digby. The off-screen narration cites history, tradition, the contributions of Scottish and French immigrants, the strategic importance of Nova Scotia's coast, each village's churches, the stained glass windows at St.

Herzkönig Trailer (1947)

25 August 1947