Movie Trailers - August 1951

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The Man in the White Suit Trailer (1951)

07 August 1951

The unassuming, nebbishy inventor Sidney Stratton creates a miraculous fabric that will never be dirty or worn out.

An American in Paris Trailer (1951)

08 August 1951

Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) is an exuberant American expatriate in Paris trying to make a reputation as a painter.

People Will Talk Trailer (1951)

29 August 1951

Successful and well-liked, Dr. Noah Praetorius becomes the victim of a witchhunt at the hands of Professor Elwell, who disdains Praetorius's unorthodox medical views and also questions his relationship with the mysterious, ever-present Mr.

Best of the Badmen Trailer (1951)

09 August 1951

Though RKO Radio Pictures was, in 1951, still faithful to the concept of "B" westerns starring Tim Holt, the studio was more than capable of turning out an "A" oater from time to time.

His Kind of Woman Trailer (1951)

29 August 1951

Nick Ferraro, deported crime boss, needs to re-enter the USA. His plan involves "honest" gambler Dan Milner, who's subjected to a series of "misfortunes," then bribed to take a trip to Mexico.

Lost Continent Trailer (1951)

17 August 1951

It's Cesar Romero versus dinosaurs in this classic 1950s B movie, with Hillary Brooke as the jungle goddess love interest.

The House on Telegraph Hill Trailer (1951)

27 August 1951

Concentration camp survivor Victoria Kowelska finds herself involved in mystery, greed, and murder when she assumes the identity of a dead friend in order to gain passage to America.

When Worlds Collide Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

When a group of astronomers calculate a star is on a course to slam into Earth, a few days before, it's accompanying planet will first pass close enough to the Earth to cause havoc on land and sea.

Flying Leathernecks Trailer (1951)

28 August 1951

Major Daniel Kirby takes command of a squadron of Marine fliers just before they are about to go into combat.

Jim Thorpe -- All-American Trailer (1951)

24 August 1951

The triumph and tragedy of Native Anerican Jim Thorpe, who, after winning both the pentathlon and decathlon in the same Olympics, is stripped of his medals on a technicality.

Force of Arms Trailer (1951)

13 August 1951

During the winter of 1943, the German army halted the American advance in the mountains of Italy; back-and-forth combat decimates Joe Peterson's platoon.

David and Bathsheba Trailer (1951)

10 August 1951

David and Bathsheba is a 1951 historical epic film about King David made by 20th Century Fox. It was directed by Henry King, produced by Darryl F.

The Tall Target Trailer (1951)

17 August 1951

A detective tries to prevent the assassination of a mysterious "tall man" during a train ride.

Iron Man Trailer (1951)

18 August 1951

In Coaltown, Pennsylvania, miner Coke Mason hopes to better himself, buy a radio store, and marry Rose Warren.

Cheese Chasers Trailer (1951)

25 August 1951

After eating their fill at a cheese factory, Hubie and Bertie decide there is nothing left to live for, and try to get Claude Cat to eat them.

R'Coon Dawg Trailer (1951)

09 August 1951

Mickey's hunting raccoons, with help from Pluto. But the raccoon outsmarts Pluto at every turn, with help from a vine, a stream, and ultimately grabbing Mickey's coonskin cap and puppeteering it as a baby coon.

Cattle Drive Trailer (1951)

08 August 1951

The spoilt young son of a wealthy railroad owner manages to get himself lost in the middle of nowhere.

The Secret of Convict Lake Trailer (1951)

03 August 1951

Prison inmates escape but-- after a difficult drudge through the woods-- find themselves snowed in with a town populated only by women.

St. Benny the Dip Trailer (1951)

24 August 1951

A gang of con artists disguise themselves as clerics in order to pull off a job, but soon find that even pretending to be religious people is having an effect on them.

The Basketball Fix Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

A college basketball star collaborrates with organized crime and becomes involved in 'point shaving.' A sportswriter tries to get him back on the right track.

The Strip Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

Drummer Stanley Maxton moves to Los Angeles with dreams of opening his own club, but falls in with a gangster and a nightclub dancer and ends up accused of murder.

The Kaiser's Lackey Trailer (1951)

31 August 1951

Diederich Heßling is scared of everything and everyone. But as he grows up, he comes to realize that he has to offer his services to the powers-that-be if he wants to wield power himself.

El revoltoso Trailer (1951)

15 August 1951

El Revoltoso ("The Rebellious One") is a 1951 Mexican film directed by Gilberto Martines Solares. The main character is played by the Mexican comedian Germán Valdés, better known as Tin-Tan.

Juwita Trailer (1951)

12 August 1951

Abidin a young composer finally returns home after 5 years pursuing his career. He was shocked to find out that the love of his life is now blind.

How to Catch a Cold Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

An average guy gets lessons from his common sense on how to treat a cold (mainly, rest and avoid behaviors that would spread it) and how to keep from getting one in the first place.

The Storm Trailer (1951)

11 August 1951

Vörös Hajnal (Red Dawn), a co-operative is the venue of skylarking, while the storm destroys the wheat which is to be harvested soon.

Skadeskutt Trailer (1951)

26 August 1951

In "Skadeskutt" we follow the couple Einar and Else Wang in a painful drama about love, happiness, sorrow and eternal damnation.

Fort Dodge Stampede Trailer (1951)

24 August 1951

The Pike gang steal $30,000 from the Adams Bank, but one of them double crosses the rest of the gang and hides the money in Fort Dodge, Nevada.

Visiting Italy Trailer (1951)

25 August 1951

This TravelTalks short focuses on the ancient ruins in Rome, the leaning tower of Pisa, and the architecture in Florence, Italy.

Home To Danger Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

Rona Anderson plays a wealthy young Englishwoman, long estranged from her father. She returns home when papa dies, reluctantly agreeing to listen to the will reading.

A Case For P.C. 49 Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

A model’s scheme to murder a millionaire with the intention of inheriting his fortune is uncovered by a police constable.

The Magic Face Trailer (1951)

13 August 1951

Actor becomes Hitler's valet, murders him, takes his place and ruins Nazi Germany's war efforts.

Criminal Lawyer Trailer (1951)

23 August 1951

A drunken attorney tries to sober up in order to defend a friend in murder case.

'Sno Fun Trailer (1951)

21 August 1951

Heckle and Jeckle of the Northwest Unmounted Police pursue the dreaded outlaw, Powerful Pierre.

Meet Me After the Show Trailer (1951)

15 August 1951

A Broadway star devises a scheme to win back her husband when she suspects he's being unfaithful.

The Highwayman Trailer (1951)

11 August 1951

Verklungenes Wien Trailer (1951)

28 August 1951

Der Fünfminutenvater Trailer (1951)

02 August 1951

Enrico Caruso - Leggenda di una voce Trailer (1951)

05 August 1951

The UNTOLD intimate story of his most PASSIONATE years, his most GLORIOUS songs, his most EXCITING escapades!

This Is Korea! Trailer (1951)

10 August 1951

John Ford's documentary about the early battles of the Korean War, shot in color.

The Lady and the Bandit Trailer (1951)

13 August 1951

A dramatization of the life of the English bandit Dick Turpin.

The Guy Who Came Back Trailer (1951)

16 August 1951

Former football star Harry Joplin is down on his luck, both in his career and in his married life. He seems convinced of his own unworthiness, but a chance to play in a charity football game helps him see his life in a new light.

Darling, How Could You! Trailer (1951)

08 August 1951

Based on James Barrie's play "Alice Sit-By-The-Fire". In turn-of-the-century New York, a young girl who believes she's learned "the seamy side of life" from a risque play takes it upon herself to rescue her estranged mother from what appears to be a steamy love affair.

This Year – London Trailer (1951)

12 August 1951

A group of workers from a Leicester shoe-making company travel down south for a day in the Smoke.

Peking Express Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

A group of refugees fleeing Chinese Communist rule via train are beset by a gang of terrifying outlaws.

La nuit est mon royaume Trailer (1951)

09 August 1951

Det sande ansigt Trailer (1951)

21 August 1951

¡Baile mi rey! Trailer (1951)

03 August 1951

Lower-middle-class ligger rescues a girl from her abusive father and practices for a high-profile dance contest.

The Six Men Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

The ‘Six Men’ are a gang of six criminals that Scotland Yard is unable to pin a charge against even though they are positive of the identities.

Monte de piedad Trailer (1951)

01 August 1951

Anthology-movie, series of anecdotes about the personal tragedies that lead people to take their values posessions to the state-run pawnshop.

The Glenrowan Affair Trailer (1951)

17 August 1951

Artist Rupert Kathner is sketching in near Benalla. He flashes back to the story of Ned Kelly and his gang.

His Hare Raising Tale Trailer (1951)

10 August 1951

Bugs tells stories to his nephew Clyde derived from earlier cartoons ("Baseball Bugs", "Stage Door Cartoon", "Rabbit Punch", "Falling Hare", and "Haredeveil Hare").

Falschmünzer am Werk Trailer (1951)

02 August 1951

Get Rich Quick Trailer (1951)

31 August 1951

Goofey is portrayed as George Geef, a typical common man who makes a perfect prey for all kinds of swindlers, bookmakers and the like, eager to be a 'good looser' after they 'won' all his money; never mind the name of the game nor the venue, from alley to casino and 'friendly' poker nights.

Casper Comes to Clown Trailer (1951)

09 August 1951

Casper befriends a bear cub with a natural talent for juggling. Soon the cub is in the circus, but a gorilla proves to be much scarier than any ghost.

Die Frauen des Herrn S. Trailer (1951)

09 August 1951

Das seltsame Leben des Herrn Bruggs Trailer (1951)

09 August 1951

Die verschleierte Maja Trailer (1951)

30 August 1951

Különös házasság Trailer (1951)

12 August 1951

Különös házasság is a 1951 Hungarian drama film directed by Márton Keleti. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.

El suavecito Trailer (1951)

03 August 1951

The playboy Roberto "El Suavecito" takes very comfortable working relationship with Lupita, despite his constant infidelities.