Movie Trailers - August 1964

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1964

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Mary Poppins Trailer (1964)

27 August 1964

The movie combines a diverting story, songs, color and sequences of live action blended with the movements of animated figures.

The Night of the Iguana Trailer (1964)

06 August 1964

Drama while a tour bus driver shows church ladies around Mexico. Helped establish Puerto Vallarta as tourist destination.

Band of Outsiders Trailer (1964)

05 August 1964

Two crooks with a fondness for old Hollywood B-movies convince a languages student to help them commit a robbery.

Ein Sarg aus Hongkong Trailer (1964)

21 August 1964

A House Is Not a Home Trailer (1964)

12 August 1964

Story follows the life of Polly Adler, who grew to become one of New York's most successful bordello madams of the 1920s.

Yellow Devil Trailer (1964)

20 August 1964

When a villain named "the Shoot" terrorizes the constituents of Albanian country, which he rules. Hem

The World's Most Beautiful Swindlers Trailer (1964)

14 August 1964

The Ringer Trailer (1964)

21 August 1964

The sister of a famous, but as yet uncaught, criminal named The Hexer is murdered. Inspector Higgins of Scotland Yard believes that The Hexer will surface to take his revenge on his sister's killers, and plans to set a trap to finally capture him.

Behold a Pale Horse Trailer (1964)

14 August 1964

Manuel Artiguez, a famous bandit during the Spanish civil war, has lived in French exile for 20 years.

Kisses For My President Trailer (1964)

21 August 1964

When the women of America join together on election day and elect a Leslie McCloud as the US President, things get a little awkward.

The Castle of the Living Dead Trailer (1964)

05 August 1964

Count Drago invites over entertainers to his castle, but what the people don't know is that Drago mummifies animals and humans!

Flight To Fury Trailer (1964)

07 August 1964

This adventure is set in the Philippines and chronicles the exploits of two men who survive a plane crash in the jungle.

I'd Rather Be Rich Trailer (1964)

25 August 1964

An updated remake of It Started With Eve (1941). A young heiress is summoned to the bedside of her dying grandfather.

Hercules Against the Sons of the Sun Trailer (1964)

07 August 1964

Hercules, after sailing global waters is eventually shipwrecked in South America. After losing his Greek shipmates, Hercules is enlisted to overthrow a tyrannical king int he land of the Incas.

Undercover Rogue Trailer (1964)

12 August 1964

Atentát Trailer (1964)

19 August 1964

Amori pericolosi Trailer (1964)

13 August 1964

Three episodes of varying pitch and quality. In the first a maid plans the elimination of her lover's wife with him, but she doesn't enjoy the fruits of victory.

Strange Voyage Trailer (1964)

09 August 1964

Paquita and her brother Venancio, both single and childish, live in a small town near Madrid. Their bossy eldest sister Ignacia, also an old maid, dominates them.

Mord for åbent tæppe Trailer (1964)

10 August 1964

Handlingen udspilles på et teater, hvor skuespilleren og teaterdirektøren Poul Bech (Preben Mahrt) bliver skudt ned af sin medspiller Eva Berthelsen (Susse Wold) midt under en premiere.

The Thrill Killers Trailer (1964)

07 August 1964

Three psychotic murderers escape from a mental institution and stalk women in Los Angeles.

Escape by Night Trailer (1964)

29 August 1964

A gangster is caught and arrested by police. When he's being transported by bus -- filled with innocent civilians -- it's hi-jacked by his gang in attempt to free their boss.

Sandokan Fights Back Trailer (1964)

13 August 1964

When Sandokan learns he is the rightful heir to the throne of Malaysia, he immediately sets of to claim his land back.

Åsa-Nisse i Popform Trailer (1964)

28 August 1964

Seven Slaves Against the World Trailer (1964)

28 August 1964

Tribune Marcus Aulus, out of favor in Rome because of his alleged sympathy for Christians, arrives to take charge of an aqueduct project on the hot, arid fringes of the Empire.

Le repas des fauves Trailer (1964)

26 August 1964

Romeo e Giulietta Trailer (1964)

28 August 1964

First film adaptation of the renowned romantic work of William Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet", focused on the drama that must live two different families facing youth.

Bullets Don't Argue Trailer (1964)

21 August 1964

Black Angel of the Mississippi Trailer (1964)

23 August 1964

Early Spanish western. Ramon Torrado’s westerns remain among the most obscure ones. Of his four westerns, all shot around 1964.

Looking For Love Trailer (1964)

05 August 1964

An aspiring young singer, who's so far had no luck with her show business career, unexpectedly gets her big break by inventing a specialized clothes rack.

American Folk-Blues Festival: The Blues and Gospel Train Trailer (1964)

19 August 1964

A 16 minute short comprising 2 acts of a 1964 event where an innovative group of musicians performed on a real railroad track.

Two Escape from Sing Sing Trailer (1964)

22 August 1964

Two attendants in a public toilet in New York save the life of the Mafia boss Attanasia. Attanasia turns one of them into a successful boxer by setting up his matches and makes the other into his right hand.

Tales of Japanese Chivalry Trailer (1964)

13 August 1964

A timber merchant and haulage firm in late 19th century Tokyo is in trouble. The widowed lady owner is being threatened by a scheming competitor who is offering much cheaper labour.

Jouen no Uzu Trailer (1964)

03 August 1964

Early pinku.

A Choice of Coward: Design for Living Trailer (1964)

31 August 1964

A comedy concerning a trio of artistic characters, Gilda, Otto and Leo, and their complicated three-way relationship (Episode of A Choice of Coward).

It's Hot on Sin Island Trailer (1964)

14 August 1964

Two dopes take five young, frequently nude women on a cruise to Paradise Island, where they run afoul of gangsters.

Robot Rival Trailer (1964)

08 August 1964

Zippy, an inept space taxicab driver, is given a chance to prove himself against a robot driver.

The Once Over Trailer (1964)

08 August 1964

About a tall, chain-smoking con man and a short, bulbous patsy of a man.

The Adventures of Tolya Klyukvin Trailer (1964)

10 August 1964

An adventures of a young boy after taking a wrong turn on his road to home...

Hilfe, meine Braut klaut Trailer (1964)

04 August 1964

Relaxe-toi chérie Trailer (1964)

19 August 1964

Señorella and the Glass Haurache Trailer (1964)

01 August 1964

In a Mexican restaurant, a man named Jose tells to his friend, Manuel, the story of Senorella, a Mexican version of Cinderella.

Empire Trailer (1964)

02 August 1964

A single shot of the Empire State Building from early evening until nearly 3am the next day.

Goliath Trailer (1964)

12 August 1964

Terpinkó, the bragging man of muscle likes womanising linked with betting: conquering is a great fun for him.

His Majesty's Dates Trailer (1964)

12 August 1964

The chroniclers are diligently scribbling the history of life and deeds of the virtuous and wise King Matthias, who, in the meantime, sneaks out of the palace in disguise.

Llanto por un bandido Trailer (1964)

31 August 1964

Directed by Carlos Saura

No Problems in Summer Trailer (1964)

13 August 1964

Kati, a fragile, sixteen-year-old teenager and Sándor, a twenty-two-year-old young man get married defying their parents' and friends' objections.

Mabuse et le rayon de la mort Trailer (1964)

13 August 1964

The Beauty Jungle Trailer (1964)

25 August 1964

A Bristol typist joins the world of beauty contests.

New Domestic Animal Trailer (1964)

11 August 1964

This short doc is about changes occurring in Yugoslav rural life as it begins to reap the benefits of motorization, e.

Holiday in St. Tropez Trailer (1964)

14 August 1964

Le sette vipere (Il marito latino) Trailer (1964)

11 August 1964

Dos caballeros de espada Trailer (1964)

13 August 1964

Sixteenth century swordsmen adventure.

Duelo en el desierto Trailer (1964)

07 August 1964

B-movie western, sequel to El solitario.

I Learned It from Father Trailer (1964)

28 August 1964

Historia de un ballet Trailer (1964)

25 August 1964

This short documentary describes the process and inspiration behind the creation and performance of a new Cuban ballet based on Afro-Cuban traditions and beliefs.

The Horror of It All Trailer (1964)

19 August 1964

In this dark comedy, a Yankee goes to visit a family of British eccentrics to ask for the hand of one of their daughters in marriage.

The Land Burns Trailer (1964)

18 August 1964

A short film describing the bleak reality of life in the rural regions in Brazil through the story of thirty-five-year-old farmer Juan Amaro.

The Cat in the Bag Trailer (1964)

08 August 1964

A young journalist is unhappy with society and contemplates what he can do about it.

Wolves, Pigs & Men Trailer (1964)

26 August 1964

A lonely gangster tries recruiting men to plunder a respected and powerful gang.

The Birth of Triplets Trailer (1964)

26 August 1964

Informational birth-of-a-baby documentary short from back when such a thing was one of the few respectable ways to look at a woman's hoo-hah in public.