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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1968

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The Girl with a Pistol Trailer (1968)

22 August 1968

A Sicilian woman is dishonored by her lover, then goes to London with a pistol intending to murder him.

Destroy All Monsters Trailer (1968)

01 August 1968

The 9th Godzilla film was the last made by the original Godzilla creators, and was meant to be a grand finale.

Stolen Kisses Trailer (1968)

13 August 1968

Baisers voles is the second of two films from the ‘Antonie-Doinel-Zyklus’ by French director Truffaut.

Farewell Friend Trailer (1968)

14 August 1968

After serving together in the French Foreign Legion, a mercenary and a doctor leave the service and go their separate ways.

The Mercenary Trailer (1968)

29 August 1968

While a Mexican revolutionary lies low as a U.S. rodeo clown, the cynical Polish mercenary who tutored the idealistic peasant tells how he and a dedicated female radical fought for the soul of the guerrilla general Paco, as Mexicans threw off repressive government and all-powerful landowners in the 1910s.

Eclipse of the Crescent Moon Trailer (1968)

12 August 1968

This romantic and grandiose historical film depicts the era of the constant incursions and heroic battles fought by the defenders of the castle of Eger, led by captain István Dobó, against the heavy odds of superior numbers through the lives and love of Bornemissza Gergely and Cecey Éva.

Thunderbird 6 Trailer (1968)

03 August 1968

The International Rescue team is faced with one of its toughest challenges yet, as the revolutionary lighter-than-air craft Skyship One is hijacked while on her maiden voyage around the world.

The Blood of Fu Manchu Trailer (1968)

22 August 1968

Fu Manchu inoculates ten women with poison, to kill ten world leaders.

Run, Man, Run Trailer (1968)

29 August 1968

The legendary Tomas Milian stars as Cuchillo, a knife-throwing thief on the run from murderous bandits, sadistic American agents, his hot-blooded fiancée and a sheriff turned bounty hunter, all of whom are gunning for a hidden fortune in gold that could finance the Mexican Revolution.

If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death Trailer (1968)

14 August 1968

After a stagecoach is robbed and the passengers murdered, a long and tangled series of surprise attacks a murderous double-crosses leaves the coach's strongbox in the hands of the killer Lasky.

Admiral of the Grand Fleet: Isoroku Yamamoto Trailer (1968)

13 August 1968

As Japan joins in a political pact with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is appointed supreme commander of the Japanese fleet.

With Six You Get Eggroll Trailer (1968)

07 August 1968

In WITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL, Abby McClure, a widow with three sons, and Jake Iverson, a widower with a teen-age daughter, begin dating and eventually decide to get married.

Por mis pistolas Trailer (1968)

21 August 1968

Fidencio Borer (Cantinflas) an apothecary in a village on the northern border of Mexico discovers some old title of a mine in Arizona and decides to claim them.

Van de Velde: The Perfect Marriage Trailer (1968)

09 August 1968

A drama dircted by Franz Josef Gottlieb. It was followed by "Every Night of the Week".

The Legend of Lylah Clare Trailer (1968)

21 August 1968

A dictatorial film director (Finch) hires an unknown actress (Novak) to play the lead role in a planned movie biography of a late, great Hollywood star.

A Black Veil for Lisa Trailer (1968)

11 August 1968

When a narcotics officer suspects that his beautiful wife, who is a former criminal, is having an affair, he becomes so obsessed with this that he has major problems to manage their work.

One Dollar Too Many Trailer (1968)

12 August 1968

Suave gambler Clay Watson, cocky sharpshooter Moses Lang, and wily thespian Edwin Kean are a trio of criminals in the Old West.

Robby Trailer (1968)

14 August 1968

Shipwrecked on a tropical island, a young boy befriends an abandoned native youth, forcing him to reevaluate societal prejudice about race, religion and nudity.

For Men Only Trailer (1968)

16 August 1968

Freddie Horne loves his job working for a trendy women’s fashion magazine, but his pretty blonde fiancée is getting jealous.

Nobody Runs Forever Trailer (1968)

22 August 1968

Rod Taylor plays a policeman sent to return a sensitive case; An Australian citizen, currently acting as high commissioner for peace talks who is wanted for an old charge -- of murder.

Los que tocan el piano Trailer (1968)

23 August 1968

Cayetana, her boyfriend Paco and Venancio, her foster brother, commit small thefts and, from time to time, spend a few days in jail.

Zatôichi and the Fugitives Trailer (1968)

10 August 1968

Zatoichi runs afoul of some evil fugitives, working for a corrupt law official.

Corazón salvaje Trailer (1968)

22 August 1968

Outlaw: Heartless Trailer (1968)

01 August 1968

Goro Fujikawa (Tetsuya Watari) was indebted to Mitsugimoto. Sawada, a low rank yakuza with a gambling problem, owed Mitsugimoto three million yen.

A Gun for One Hundred Graves Trailer (1968)

24 August 1968

At the end of the Civil War, Jim Slade, a young confederate soldier and conscientious objector, returns to his ranch to find his parents murdered and the ranch practically destroyed.

How Sweet It Is! Trailer (1968)

21 August 1968

All-American couple who try to bridge the generation gap with their free-spirited son on a trip, frisky business and misunderstandings galore ensue, all funny, vibrant and charming.

The Moment to Kill Trailer (1968)

04 August 1968

Two famous gunmen, Lord and Bull are called to a southern western town by a judge to retrace a gold reserve, worth $500.

Wrath Of God Trailer (1968)

24 August 1968

Mike (Brett Halsey) returns home in order to leave his gunfighting days behind him and settle down on a farm with his old sweetheart but things do not go as planned.

The Hand of Night Trailer (1968)

11 August 1968

A tourist travelling through Morocco discovers an ancient curse and must choose between light and dark.

One Against One... No Mercy Trailer (1968)

24 August 1968

Bill learns that his father, during the American Civil War, was accused of theft and killed. Convinced of his innocence, Bill discovers the true robbers.

Unruhige Töchter Trailer (1968)

18 August 1968

A drama directed by Hansjörg Amon.

Hell in Normandy Trailer (1968)

13 August 1968

The movie is set during World War II in the days just prior to the D-Day invasion. A special parachute unit is sent to destroy a German flame thrower installation on Omaha Beach.

Duel in the Eclipse Trailer (1968)

23 August 1968

Returning home, Ross Logan immediately gets into conflict with the Carranza gang, which had just crossed the Mexican border and has occupied a nearby Hacienda.

Massacre Harbor Trailer (1968)

17 August 1968

Rommel's last open port is maintained by POW labor against Allied bombing. A commando operation is undertaken to liberate the prisoners.

San Diego Surf Trailer (1968)

01 August 1968

Viva and Taylor Mead are a married couple renting an extra beach-house to a group of surfers sent to them by a Mr.

The Face of Eve Trailer (1968)

05 August 1968

Adventurer and treasure hunter Mike Yates is hoping to find a cache of Incan treasure lost in the Amazon jungle.

The Great Turn On Trailer (1968)

30 August 1968

An early short about particular transactions on a park bench.

A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof Trailer (1968)

14 August 1968

The bandit Pratt, looking for Tim, who is responsible for the death of his two sons, attacks a caravan killing all the passengers.

Black History: Lost Stolen, or Strayed Trailer (1968)

31 August 1968

Did you know that the first open-heart surgery was performed by a Black doctor, Daniel Hale Williams? Not many people did in 1968, the year this eye-opening film, narrated by Bill Cosby, was first released.

Tiger by the Tail Trailer (1968)

01 August 1968

No overview found.

Blue Demon vs. the Infernal Brains Trailer (1968)

17 August 1968

A wrestling hero helps the police in their battle against a mad doctor and his army of female zombies.

They Saved Hitler's Brain Trailer (1968)

17 August 1968

At the end of World War II, Nazi officials spirited the living head of Adolf Hitler out of Germany to a hiding place in the South American country of Mandoras, in order to revive the Third Reich at a later date.

Un hombre vino a matar Trailer (1968)

26 August 1968

Falsely convicted for robbing an army treasury Tony Garrett manages to escape and looks for the real culprits to take revenge.

Artists Under the Big Top: Perplexed Trailer (1968)

29 August 1968

A young circus director ends up going into television after her father, a trapeze performer, dies in a circus accident.

Bondage Trailer (1968)

12 August 1968

Molnár Karcsi, the former sport-pilot now sprays fertilizers somewhere in the country and feels that his present job is rather inferior.

Soldaterkammerater på bjørnetjeneste Trailer (1968)

23 August 1968

Soldiers on bear patrol

The Sword of Swords Trailer (1968)

23 August 1968

A noble swordsman fights to recover the magical blade that has protected his country for centuries after being blinded and betrayed by a ruthless villain.

Profesor Zazul Trailer (1968)

27 August 1968

Tichy is caught by a storm on the side road, and therefore forced to seek shelter in strange looking house.

It's Your Move Trailer (1968)

10 August 1968

A criminal plots a bank robbery hinging on doubles of the employees.

The Long Day of the Massacre Trailer (1968)

29 August 1968

When sheriff Joe Williams (Martell) is unjustly accused of the murder of a young couple, which was in reality committed by the Mexican "La Muerte", Joe becomes a wanted man.

To Ingrid, My Love, Lisa Trailer (1968)

07 August 1968

Lisa (Gun Falck) is a Stockholm fashion designer who leaves the big city to rent a country home for the summer.

The Death of a Tale Trailer (1968)

26 August 1968

"The film was one of the most controversial films and makes positives and opposite comments around it.

Shameless Sex Trailer (1968)

01 August 1968

Pinku from 1968.

Walls Trailer (1968)

11 August 1968

The engineer Ambrus has been suspended in his job because he publicly called the attention of the customers to a construction mistake of some goods designed to be exported.

If There Weren't Any Blacks You'd Have to Invent Them Trailer (1968)

03 August 1968

Set in a cemetery, the film tells the story of a young man whom a blind man wrongly imagines to be black, and explores the nature of human prejudice.

Erotik auf der Schulbank Trailer (1968)

02 August 1968

A movie with three episodes directed by Hannes Dahlberg, Roger Fritz and Eckhart Schmidt.

Zuckerbrot und Peitsche Trailer (1968)

20 August 1968

Dressman turns bank robber to afford the lifestyle he wants

Cuatro hombres marcados Trailer (1968)

08 August 1968

Cowboy detective investigates two murders.

Shoot, Gringo... Shoot! Trailer (1968)

31 August 1968

Chad Stark is offered his life and a nice ammount of dollars if he is to bring back the runaway son of mexican land-owner Gutierrez .

Before God and Man Trailer (1968)

12 August 1968

Anika, the daughter of the Greek partisan refugee and the Hungarian medical student, Zoltán fall in passionate love.