Movie Trailers - August 1969

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1969

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Man & Wife: An Educational Film for Married Adults Trailer (1969)

07 August 1969

One of the first hardcore features to receive widespread distribution, Man and Wife was also the genre's first blockbuster.

Take the Money and Run Trailer (1969)

18 August 1969

The life and times of Virgil Starkwell, inept bank robber.

Freedom to Love Trailer (1969)

29 August 1969

It is a sex education film of sorts dedicated to all forms of human sexuality.

The Rain People Trailer (1969)

27 August 1969

Having discovered that she is pregnant, Natalie Ravenna (Shirley Knight), a Long Island housewife panics and leaves home to see if she might just possibly have made something different out of herself; if she can manage to unshackle her grocery list worth of responsibilities that add up to a life with a husband she loves.

What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? Trailer (1969)

20 August 1969

As Aunt Alice, Ruth Gordon applies for the job of housekeeper in the Tucson, Arizona home of widow Claire Marrable in order to find out what happened to a missing widowed friend, Edna Tilsney.

Bronco Bullfrog Trailer (1969)

01 August 1969

Bronco Bullfrog is a 1969 British black and white film directed by Barney Platts-Mills and stars Del Walker and Anne Gooding.

The Gypsy Moths Trailer (1969)

29 August 1969

Three skydivers and their travelling thrill show barnstorm through a small midwestern town one Fourth of July weekend.

Grimm's Fairy Tales for Adults Trailer (1969)

28 August 1969

Thank You All Very Much Trailer (1969)

19 August 1969

Rosamund Stacey (Sandy Dennis), a young 'bookish' girl in London society, spends her days studying for a doctorate in the British Museum and her nights avoiding the sexual attention of the men in her life.

Medium Cool Trailer (1969)

27 August 1969

John Cassellis is the toughtest TV-news-reporter around. He becomes an expert in reporting about violence in the ghetto and racial tensions.

Raw Courage Trailer (1969)

13 August 1969

After the Ming Emperor is overthrown and his infant son put in the care of the Black Dragon Society, a traitorous martial arts clan attacks the society and forces two inexperienced swordsmen to flee with the infant and begin a dangerous journey in search of allies.

The Shield and the Sword Trailer (1969)

19 August 1969

Soviet spy film , based on a novel by Vadim Kozhevnikov, who was Secretary of the Soviet Writers' Union.

Isabella, Duchess of the Devils Trailer (1969)

30 August 1969

An Alsacian Baron massacres the family of a French Duke, and takes his lands and his title. Isabella, the Duke's baby child, escapes the massacre, is raised by gypsies, and comes back twenty years later to exact revenge.

The Cycle Savages Trailer (1969)

22 August 1969

The leader of a biker gang takes exception to an artist sketching them, so he makes plans to crush the artist's hands.

Number One Trailer (1969)

21 August 1969

A former football hero cannot accept his career is over. He loses himself in alcohol and women.

La legione dei dannati Trailer (1969)

11 August 1969

Alice's Restaurant Trailer (1969)

20 August 1969

Alice's Restaurant is a 1969 movie adapted from a song by Arlo Guthrie. The song is Arlo Guthrie's most famous work, a talking blues based on a true story that began on Thanksgiving Day 1965.

The Insatiables Trailer (1969)

14 August 1969

We follow the Journal reporter Paulo whose close friend mysteriously been taken out of the way and it's now up to Paulo to figure out who the culprits are.

Venus in Furs Trailer (1969)

19 August 1969

A couple who get involved in an underground scene of kinky sex and sadism have a surprise coming to them.

A Gentle Woman Trailer (1969)

27 August 1969

When his young wife commits suicide, leaving no explanation for her act, an introspective pawnbroker looks back on their life together and tries to understand why she had to kill herself.

Some Like it Sexy Trailer (1969)

01 August 1969

A young man fantasizes about fornicating with several women.

Baby Vickie Trailer (1969)

13 August 1969

After Vickie was raped, she left her parents and her husband and throws herself into various sexual adventures.

Walk a Crooked Path Trailer (1969)

31 August 1969

Set in an exclusive boy's school, about a man who plans to kill off his wealthy teacher wife by encouraging her to drink and pushing her into suicide.

One on Top of the Other Trailer (1969)

15 August 1969

The wife of a doctor (Jean Sorel) is murdered. He had a mistress a long ago, since his wife (Marisa Mell) always begged herself out of engagements because she is a asthmatic.

Great Battle of the Japan Sea Trailer (1969)

01 August 1969

Japan and Russia clash in what comes to be known as the Russo-Japanese War. An attempt by the Japanese fleet and army to take Port Arthur fails, and a Russian fleet bears down on the Sea of Japan.

The Love God? Trailer (1969)

01 August 1969

Abner Peacock's (Knotts) beloved bird-watcher's magazine, "The Peacock," is in financial crisis. Desperate to stay afloat, Abner takes on new partners who have an agenda of the own: to publish a sexy gentleman's magazine.

Gangster's Law Trailer (1969)

08 August 1969

A con man pulls a double-cross on a gang of vicious bank robbers.

A Bullet for Sandoval Trailer (1969)

19 August 1969

After his girlfriend dies in childbirth, Confederate deserter John Warner (George Hilton) travels to Mexico, where the woman's father, Don Pedro Sandoval (Ernest Borgnine), grudgingly hands over his child.

Hey, Cinderella! Trailer (1969)

07 August 1969

Hey Cinderella! is a one-hour Jim Henson special which tells a cracked version of the classic fairy tale, " Cinderella".

De Sade Trailer (1969)

27 August 1969

The 18th-century French marquis (Keir Dullea) recalls his sadomasochistic experiments and goes to jail for lewd behavior.

Tenchu! Trailer (1969)

09 August 1969

A ronin desperately seeks a way out of financial straits; he allies with the Tosa clan under the ruthless leader Takechi, who quickly takes advantage.

The Daisy Chain Trailer (1969)

28 August 1969

A secret club of airline stewardesses organise themselves to service the sexual needs of wealthy businessmen and also some of the other aircrew.

Traumnovelle Trailer (1969)

31 August 1969

Based on the book "Traumnovelle" ("Rhapsody: A Dream Novel") by Arthur Schnitzler.

The Smashing Bird I Used to Know Trailer (1969)

25 August 1969

A gold digging man seduces a widow for her money, and also makes a pass at her teenage Daughter, thee

L'etreinte Trailer (1969)

27 August 1969

The girl is very fascinating and unaware. The great tentacled city will give her unpredictable surprises and she won't be afraid to taste them day by day.

The Laughing Woman Trailer (1969)

24 August 1969

Beautiful PR woman Maria finds herself trapped in the home of the sinister and troubled Dr Sayer, where she is subjected to a series of increasingly bizarre, terrifying and degradating sex games.

The Exquisite Cadaver Trailer (1969)

25 August 1969

A publisher of novels begins to receive packets containing macabre: members of a female corpse. The appearance of a mysterious woman who seems related packages will lead to a situation of dramatic denouement.

Slasti Otce vlasti Trailer (1969)

08 August 1969

The young Prince Charles (Jaromír Hanzlík), the future King of his country Charles IV, is being educated at the French court in the company of his fiancée Blanche (Daniela Kolárová).

One Chance in One Thousand Trailer (1969)

22 August 1969

The film takes place in Crimea during the German occupation in WWII and revolves around a group of Russian soldiers who employ unusual tactics to steal classified documents from their enemies.

Love and Crime Trailer (1969)

27 August 1969

Discover 4 famous japanese murderers: Takahashi Oden, the last woman beheaded in Japan, Sada Abe, a crazy lover, Kunihiko Kodaira, a rapist-killer and finally, the Toyokaku case, a woman who did everything to own a hotel!

Un adulterio decente Trailer (1969)

25 August 1969

Federico is having an affair with Fernanda, which he believes widow, when in fact she is married. When the trick is discovered, a doctor appears very opportunely saying that infidelity is a disease caused by bacteria and has no cure.

God Will Forgive My Pistol Trailer (1969)

07 August 1969

Johnny Texas is asked to inquire about the death of Prescott, a rich landowner accused of having robbed a postal wagon.

The Falling Man Trailer (1969)

07 August 1969

Henry Silva is the police inspector Sterling who is devastated when a gang of robbers kill his son. He then becomes accused of having killed a police informer and is kicked out of the police department.

Angel, Angel, Down We Go Trailer (1969)

19 August 1969

The overweight debutante daughter of the world's wealthiest couple falls in with a gang of tripped out, skydiving pseudo-reactionary pop stars, who take their beliefs of the American ideal to profoundly impossible heights.

Busybody Trailer (1969)

25 August 1969

I en større kontorbygning begås et mystisk mord, hvorefter liget ovenikøbet forsvinder. Lily Hansen, husets nævenyttige og snakkesalige rengøringskone er med sin indblanding ved at drive kriminalkommissæren, der skal opklare sagen, til vanvid.

Wild Wheels Trailer (1969)

01 August 1969

A group of surfers use dune buggies to protect their beach from a gang of invading bikers.

A Stranger in Paso Bravo Trailer (1969)

04 August 1969

After spending many years in prison, Gary returns to Paso Bravo, where thugs burned his ranch killing his wife and daughter.

Twenty Thousand Dollars for Seven Trailer (1969)

07 August 1969

Fred Leinster, an alcoholic ex-sheriff, is paid to collect a ransom for the kidnapping of a young boy.

Violence in the Sun Trailer (1969)

29 August 1969

A quirky, but happily in love young Italian couple fall in with an older, but distinctly reserved Swedish couple whilst on vacation on islands off the coast of Southern Italy.

Staircase Trailer (1969)

20 August 1969

The film is about an aging gay couple who own a barber shop in the East End of London. One of them is a part-time actor about to go on trial for propositioning a police officer.

A Candidate for a Killing Trailer (1969)

22 August 1969

A traveler becomes a target for various crime syndicates when it turns out he's a dead ringer for a wanted mercenary.

Bohemians Trailer (1969)

10 August 1969

Paris 1900. Sharing a house in the Bohemian District are Roberto, a fledgling Musician, who is composing an Opera with his friend the poet Victor Duval; and the beautiful Cossette, daughter of a retired tenor, who goes up and down the stairs, taking advantage of Roberto's music to train her voice.

The Olympics in Mexico Trailer (1969)

29 August 1969

Documentary about the XIX Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968

Tora-san, Our Lovable Tramp Trailer (1969)

27 August 1969

Tora-San, an itinerant peddler who is thrown out of his father's house twenty years before but reconnects with his aunt, uncle and sister Sakura.

The Learning Tree Trailer (1969)

06 August 1969

The story, set in Kansas during the 1920's, covers less than a year in the life of a black teenager, and documents the veritable deluge of events which force him into sudden manhood.

Seven Days Somewhere Else Trailer (1969)

29 August 1969

A young composer is suffocating in his social and family life. He dreams of leaving and starting his life over somewhere else.

Impostors Trailer (1969)

12 August 1969

This grotesque historical film is a caricature of the narrow-minded and careerist oligarchs of the 20s.

Gnade für Timothy Evans Trailer (1969)

19 August 1969

Máscara da Traição Trailer (1969)

29 August 1969

Couple of lovers want to steal the income of a popular soccer game, at Maracanã Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro.

The Electric Chair Trailer (1969)

23 August 1969

Prohibition-era thriller.