Movie Trailers - December 1925

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1925

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Battleship Potemkin Trailer (1925)

24 December 1925

Battleship Potemkin is the classic silent masterpiece from director Sergej Eisenstein from 1925. The film is based on the true events of the Russian Revolution of 1905.

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ Trailer (1925)

30 December 1925

Ben-Hur is a wealthy Jew and boyhood friend of the powerful Roman Tribune, Messala. When an accident leads to Ben-Hur's arrest, Messala, who has become corrupt and arrogant, makes sure Ben-Hur and his family are jailed and separated.

Chess Fever Trailer (1925)

21 December 1925

With an international chess tournament in progress, a young man becomes completely obsessed with the game.

Lady Windermere's Fan Trailer (1925)

26 December 1925

Mrs Erlynne, the mother of Lady Windermere - her daughter does not know about her - wants to be introduced in society, so that she can marry Lord Augustus Lorton.

The Goose Woman Trailer (1925)

27 December 1925

A famous opera singer lost her voice when her son was born, and has drowned her sorrows in drink. When a murder is committed near her house, she invents a story in order to get herself back in front of the public again.

The Perfect Clown Trailer (1925)

14 December 1925

A clerk is given $10,000 to deposit at the bank, but the bank is closed for the night so he tries to get to the bank president's house with the money.

The Fighting Dude Trailer (1925)

05 December 1925

Lupino Lane (The Dude) and his younger brother, Wallace Lupino (The Rival) are at it once again. I love the introductory cards for some of the old comedy shorts.

Just Travelin' Trailer (1925)

22 December 1925

Jus' travlin', Bob and his sidekick run into the outlaw Jean Le Roque. A miner has found gold and Le Roque not only wants the gold but also the miner's daughter.

My Lady of Whims Trailer (1925)

09 December 1925

Aspiring author, Clara Bow (as Prudence "Prue" Severn) leaves her staid home for the wild life in New York's artistic Greenwich Village community.

His Wooden Wedding Trailer (1925)

19 December 1925

A few moments before Charley is going to marry, a friend, gives him an anonymous note, stating that the bride has a wooden leg.

Hogan's Alley Trailer (1925)

12 December 1925

Lefty O'Brien, a pugilist, becomes engaged to ex-tomboy Patsy Ryan against the wishes of her father, Michael.

The Ingmar Inheritance Trailer (1925)

26 December 1925

"The Ingmar Inheritance". The story of a group of farmers who choose to leave their homes and follow the preacher Helgum to the Holy Land.

The Plastic Age Trailer (1925)

14 December 1925

Hugh Carver is an athletic star and a freshman at Prescott College. He falls in love with Cynthia Day, a popular girl who loves to go to parties.

A Woman of the World Trailer (1925)

28 December 1925

A European countess, after being betrayed by her lover, goes to live in small town Middle America with her cousins and causes havoc among the rather puritanical community members.

Tumbleweeds Trailer (1925)

27 December 1925

It's 1889 and the Cherokee Strip is about to be opened to settlers. After cowboy Dan Carver helps move the Box K cattle off the strip he meets Molly Lassiter.

North Star Trailer (1925)

27 December 1925

During a wild party, Wilbur Gale hits another man and, incorrectly believing that he has killed him, flees to the Northwoods.

Der Rosenkavalier Trailer (1925)

09 December 1925

The story: While her husband is becoming famous in the war, the marshal of Werdenberg's wife consoles herself in the arms of the youngster Octavian and tries to arrange the love affairs of her cousin, the baron Ochs, by presenting him to young Sophie.

El abuelo Trailer (1925)

06 December 1925

The Splendid Crime Trailer (1925)

16 December 1925

The Splendid Crime is a lost 1926 crime drama directed by William C. deMille and starring Bebe Daniels.

Poil de Carotte Trailer (1925)

22 December 1925

A young boy is constantly mistreated by her mother because he is the prefered of the father.

The Cowboy Musketeer Trailer (1925)

13 December 1925

Womanhandled Trailer (1925)

27 December 1925

Bill Dana, a New York City playboy, can resist the flaming flapper and red-hot mamas along the Great White Way, so he decides to head out west to his uncle's ranch in Wind River, Texas.

Wolf Blood Trailer (1925)

16 December 1925

Dick Bannister is the new field boss of the Ford Logging Company, a Canadian logging-crew during a time when conflicts with the powerful Consolidated Lumber Company, a bitter rival company, have turned bloody, like a private war.

Les aventures de Robert Macaire Trailer (1925)

10 December 1925

Following a 19th-century play penned by Benjamin Antier, the figure of Robert Macaire, bandit and rogue, enjoyed popularity in several contexts.

A Kiss for Cinderella Trailer (1925)

22 December 1925

An adaption of a novel by Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie.

Fighting Courage Trailer (1925)

12 December 1925

Richard Kingsley, son of a financier, trying to aid Marjorie Crenshaw and her sister during a raid on a New York roadhouse, is arrested.

One Wild Ride Trailer (1925)

05 December 1925

The gang has a taxi, consisting of an old Model T with no engine, pushed by a horse. When the owner takes his horse back, they must rely on motorists to tow them to the top of the hill so they can coast down.

The Call of Courage Trailer (1925)

22 December 1925

A man falsely accused of murder is helped by a dog and horse.