Movie Trailers - December 1928

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1928

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We Faw Down Trailer (1928)

29 December 1928

Stan & Ollie attempt to fool their wives by sneaking out to a poker game, but instead get involved with two flirty ladies, one of whom is the girlfriend of a jealous boxer.

The Fall of the House of Usher Trailer (1928)

31 December 1928

In a decaying castle surrounded by a dank, mirrored lake live the morbidly nervous Roderick Usher and his sickly twin sister, Madeline.

The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle: Cannibal Land Trailer (1928)

15 December 1928

On his way inland, Dr. Dolittle and his animals encounter a nasty surprise. Natives capture them and hold them under lock and key.

L'argent Trailer (1928)

25 December 1928

Adapted from the novel L'Argent by Émile Zola, the film portrays the world of banking and the stock market in Paris in the 1920s.

A Knight in London Trailer (1928)

17 December 1928

A silent Anglo-German comedy starring Lilian Harvey.

In Old Arizona Trailer (1928)

25 December 1928

Army Sergeant Mickey Dunn sets out in pursuit of the Cisco Kid, a notorious if kind-hearted and charismatic bandit of the Old West.

The Shopworn Angel Trailer (1928)

29 December 1928

The Shopworn Angel is a 1928 part talking film from Paramount Pictures starring Nancy Carroll and Gary Cooper.

Dream of Love Trailer (1928)

01 December 1928

A duke has deposed Prince Mauritz's father, so Mauritz spends his time in affairs with a countess, the duke's wife and a gypsy girl Adrienne.

The Barker Trailer (1928)

09 December 1928

A successful carnival barker deals with the arrival of his eager son, who he'd hoped would stay far from the carnival world, his son's entanglement with a showgirl, and his own jealous mistress.

Habeas Corpus Trailer (1928)

01 December 1928

Loony scientist (Carle) hires Laurel and Hardy to raid the cemetery to keep him supplied with dead bodies for his experiments.

A Woman of Affairs Trailer (1928)

15 December 1928

Even when Diana, Neville and David played together as children, Diana knew that she loved Nevs. But Morton, Nevs' father, did not like any Merrick.

Femme belge Gabrielle Petit Trailer (1928)

22 December 1928

Patriotic film about the Belgian woman hero Gabrielle Petit - Madame Legrand - during the First World War in Belgium.

The Toy Shop Trailer (1928)

22 December 1928

Cinematographer Ray Rennahan utilized the two-strip Technicolor process for this film, but either surviving prints have faded or the color palette was limited in the first place, for generally we see only muddy reds, dim greens, and occasional splashes of blue.

Give and Take Trailer (1928)

23 December 1928

The owner of a fruit cannery is facing financial ruin as a result of a strike. Unbeknownst to him, his son is the person who is organizing it.

Two Timid Souls Trailer (1928)

04 December 1928

Garadoux has beaten his wife. His lawyer Fremissin is young and very shy, and therefore, not very efficient.

The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle: The Trip to Africa Trailer (1928)

15 December 1928

In a house on the coast, Doktor Dolittle lives with a monkey, a little dog, a pig, a crocodile, a duck and a parrot.

The Sideshow Trailer (1928)

11 December 1928

Melrose's circus is being threatened by his competitor, who's angry that Melrose has outmanuevered him in bookings; what he doesn't know is that the competitor has also planted a saboteur who creates accidents in hopes of reducing the value of the circus.

A Lady of Chance Trailer (1928)

01 December 1928

A con-woman working the Atlantic City hotels targets a visiting businessman from Alabama. Silent.

The Spanking Age Trailer (1928)

15 December 1928

Mary Ann Jackson and Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins are the children of a widowed inventor who are forced to endure the cruelties of their stepmother (Lyle Tayo) and stepsister.

The Red Dance Trailer (1928)

02 December 1928

Tasia (Dolores del Río), a beautiful dancer lower class of Russia, falls heir to the throne Prince, Grand Duke Eugene (Charles Farrell), but only admired from a distance.

The Black Pearl Trailer (1928)

18 December 1928

A pearl stolen from an Indian idol results in nothing but trouble for its owner. After he receives death threats by note pinned to a dagger, he decides to gather his relatives in his old mansion for a reading of his will.

The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle: The Lion's Den Trailer (1928)

15 December 1928

Dr. Dolittle has arrived in the land of monkeys, where gorillas, orangutans, baboons and spiders await medical attention.

Ohé! Les valises Trailer (1928)

30 December 1928

Jean Gabin's first film.

Mickey's Big Game Hunt Trailer (1928)

22 December 1928

Mickey and the gang go game hunting, and come across a live lion. No, seriously, we see eight year old Rooney share a scene with a real lion.

Be My King Trailer (1928)

09 December 1928

Comedy star Lupino Lane is shipwrecked on a desert island.

Hot or Cold Trailer (1928)

01 December 1928

Al St. John starring in "Hot or Cold (1928)", a Mermaid Comedies.

Les croix de l'Yser Trailer (1928)

22 December 1928

A mother loses both of her children to the violence of war. Patriotic drama directed by Schoukens, in memory of the Armistice of 1918.

The Ladies' Man Trailer (1928)

28 December 1928

No overview found.

Daphnia Trailer (1928)

31 December 1928

Titles in French and English help us know what we're seeing. In all waters, daphnia abound. They are crustaceans about 2 ml long, with one eye that turns in all directions.

Honeymoon Trailer (1928)

29 December 1928

The Pace That Kills Trailer (1928)

01 December 1928

Young farmboy leaves for the big city to get a job and find his sister; both of them get involved with drug dealers and become opium/cocaine addicts.

Les lions Trailer (1928)

31 December 1928

Jean Gabin's second film.

The Phantom City Trailer (1928)

27 December 1928

A weird letter tells our heroes to go to a ghost town which has an abandoned mine. There they contend with bad guys looking for hidden gold.

Ko-Ko's Courtship Trailer (1928)

29 December 1928

Koko the Clown and Fitz the dog escape into the live-action world.

Sea Urchins Trailer (1928)

31 December 1928

A close-up look at sand urchins and rock urchins. At the seashore, a man digs up a sand urchin. We look closely.

Brotherly Love Trailer (1928)

23 December 1928

Stolen Love Trailer (1928)

02 December 1928

Silent film romance...

Camera Interviews: Will Hay Trailer (1928)

15 December 1928

Will Hay – the schoolmaster laughter-maker at the recent Command Performance. When the cat's away the mice will play.

Springtime in Palestine Trailer (1928)

08 December 1928

A documentary film of the Palestine. Showing the construction of modern infrastructure and life in the cities, depicts scenes from the holidays and work in the villages.

Legacy of a Hollywood Extra Trailer (1928)

31 December 1928

Short follow-up to The Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra

Yaji and Kita: The Battle of Toba Fushimi Trailer (1928)

29 December 1928

Yaji and Kita: The Battle of Toba Fushimi is a 1928 Japanese film directed by Tomiyasu Ikeda.[1] This comedy film showcases the acting talent of Denjirō Ōkōchi and acts as a complementary film to Yaji and Kita: Yasuda's Rescue, which is part of the Yaji and Kita series.

The Spieler Trailer (1928)

20 December 1928

After being released from jail, two con artists take their grift to a carnival.

Feed 'em and Weep Trailer (1928)

08 December 1928

Anita and Marion take a temporary job as waitresses in Max's diner, next to a train station. When the train stops off, pandemonium erupts when the passengers fill the diner and all want meals immediately.

The Lady of the Lake Trailer (1928)

08 December 1928

In 15th century Scotland, a woman of an outlaw clan tries to rescue both her father and her lover when they're captured by the king's men.

Homesick Trailer (1928)

16 December 1928

Babe, a lonely servant girl in California, puts a "husband wanted" ad in the newspaper...