Movie Trailers - December 1929

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1929

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Angora Love Trailer (1929)

14 December 1929

Stanley and Oliver are adopted by a runaway goat, whose noise and aroma in turn get the goat of their suspicious landlord.

Their Own Desire Trailer (1929)

27 December 1929

Lally is a rich girl whose Father who writes books and plays Polo. After 23 years of marriage, Father decides to divorce Harriet, his wife, and marry Mrs.

The Merry Dwarfs Trailer (1929)

16 December 1929

A village of dwarfs dance and play through their day. A blacksmith shoes a centipede, a street-cleaner sweeps, a marching-band strikes up and the townsmen roll out beer barrels.

Hell's Heroes Trailer (1929)

27 December 1929

Three bank robbers on the run happen across a woman about to give birth in an abandoned covered wagon.

The Show of Shows Trailer (1929)

28 December 1929

It's 1929. The studio gave the cinema its voice gave offered the audiences a chance to see their favorite actors and actresses from the silent screen era to see and for the first time can be heard in a gaudy, grandiose music comedy revue.

Rain Trailer (1929)

14 December 1929

Rain falls on a Dutch city.

The Haunted House Trailer (1929)

02 December 1929

Mickey seeks shelter from a storm in a house that turns out to be haunted.The skeletons command him to play the organ; they dance and play along.

Pointed Heels Trailer (1929)

20 December 1929

Fay Wray plays a beautiful showgirl who falls for a rich Park Avenue guy played by Phillips Holmes. William Powell is a producer in love with Miss Wray, but he won't use his influences to take any advantages.

The Kingdom of Rye Trailer (1929)

26 December 1929

Based on a Finnish poem, The Kingdom of Rye is a gorgeous romantic drama set in rural northern Sweden during the harvest.

Sally Trailer (1929)

23 December 1929

Sally is an orphan who was named by the telephone exchange where she was abandoned as a baby. In the orphanage, she discovered the joy of dancing.

Moan & Groan, Inc. Trailer (1929)

07 December 1929

The gang ignores the warning of a local cop and goes exploring in a haunted house.

Dance Hall Trailer (1929)

13 December 1929

A dance trophy winning young couple is temporarily split up when a playboy aviator leads the girl to believe he's in love with her.

Glorifying the American Girl Trailer (1929)

07 December 1929

The plot involves a young woman (Mary Eaton) who wants to be in the Follies, but in the meantime is making ends meet by working at a department store's sheet music department, where she sings the latest hits.

Hot for Paris Trailer (1929)

22 December 1929

A romantic adventure musical film directed by Raoul Walsh....The film is believed to be lost.

The Singing Brakeman Trailer (1929)

30 December 1929

Country singing star Jimmie Rodgers sings three songs in this short: "Waiting for a Train", "Daddy and Home", and "T for Texas", all his own compositions.

Mexicali Rose Trailer (1929)

26 December 1929

Hardy is a gambling saloon owner on the Mexican border who falls in love with boy-crazy Stanwyck.

The Marriage Playground Trailer (1929)

12 December 1929

A delightful pre-code cocktail recipe. Take three couples (add gin and tonic), their several divorces and the seven children/stepchildren of their intermarriages and blend thoroughly, and you have a mixture a too-young-to-believe Frederic March will try to straighten out.

Tusalava Trailer (1929)

01 December 1929

With the screen split asymmetrically, one part in positive, the other negative, the film documents the evolution of simple celled organic forms into chains of cells then more complex images from tribal cultures and contemporary modernist concepts.

West Virginia, the State Beautiful Trailer (1929)

21 December 1929

A travelogue showing the beauty of the state of West Virginia in 1929.

The Talk of Hollywood Trailer (1929)

10 December 1929

Schlock-movie producer J. Pierpont Ginsburg, after declaring, in a Yiddish accent, that "talking pictures are in their infantry," decides to put all of his savings into a big-budgeted musical, starring the sensation of Paris (with a bad French accent), Adore Renee, and a swishy leading man, Reginald Whitlock.

Black and Tan Trailer (1929)

08 December 1929

Short film featuring Duke Ellington and His Orchestra.

His First Command Trailer (1929)

28 December 1929

A playboy is in love with a woman and enters the army thinking it will improve his chances with her.

Seven Keys To Baldpate Trailer (1929)

25 December 1929

Based on a play by George M. Cohan, director Reginald Barker's 1929 mystery stars Richard Dix as a writer who rents what he believes is a deserted lodge in order to complete his novel.

New York Nights Trailer (1929)

28 December 1929

Show girl Jill Deverne is married to song writer Fred Deverne, and everyone is involved in the Broadway night life and endless parties.

Sunnyside Up Trailer (1929)

25 December 1929

Molly and Bee, sweet young 'working girls,' live in a cheap room over a New York grocery store. Molly's idol, wealthy Jack Cromwell, lives in a Long Island mansion but is markedly less happy, since his fiancée Jane won't discourage her other admirers.

The Plasterers Trailer (1929)

28 December 1929

A bizarre comedy short in which knockabout comics Charles O'Donnell and Jack Blair show up to repair a woman's house, but spend more time wrecking things and doing pratfalls.

After the Fog Trailer (1929)

15 December 1929

Millionaire Joshua Barker insists that his daughter, Faith, must marry Phil Langhorne, a man that neither likes, and Faith is in love with and eager to marry her childhood sweetheart, John Temple.

The Lost Zeppelin Trailer (1929)

19 December 1929

Explorers to the South Pole in an airship Zeppelin crash in the frozen Antarctic and must struggle for survival in the land of eternal snow and ice.

Dynamite Trailer (1929)

13 December 1929

Wealthy Cynthia is in love with not-so-wealthy Roger, who is married to Marcia. The threesome is terribly modern about the situation, and Marcia will gladly divorce Roger if Cynthia agrees to a financial settlement.

H2O Trailer (1929)

31 December 1929

H2O (1929) is a short silent film by photographer Ralph Steiner. It is a cinematic tone poem showing water in its many forms - concentrating on patterns of movement, shading and texture.

Navy Blues Trailer (1929)

20 December 1929

On shore leave, a young sailor meets and falls in love with a pretty young blonde. He goes home with her to meet her parents, but they don't approve of him at all.

Devil-May-Care Trailer (1929)

27 December 1929

A follower (Ramon Navarro) of Napoleon escapes the firing squad, flees to a woman's (Dorothy Jordan) bedroom and winds up butler.

Halfway to Heaven Trailer (1929)

14 December 1929

Odd little circus film about trapeze artists and obsessive love.

The Vagabond Lover Trailer (1929)

01 December 1929

A zany musical about an amateur musician in search of work who impersonates a big band leader.

It's a Great Life Trailer (1929)

06 December 1929

Casey and Babe are sisters who work in a department store and each year the store puts on a show. As expected, things are going wrong with every act until Casey comes out to help Babe with her song.

Der Sonderling Trailer (1929)

27 December 1929

This was Karl Valentin's first feature-length movie, as well as his last silent movie.

Mother Krause's Journey to Happiness Trailer (1929)

30 December 1929

Mutter Krause, her daughter Erna and her son Paul live in a tenement in the poorer section of Berlin's Wedding district.

Splinters Trailer (1929)

23 December 1929

Splinters tells of the origins of the 1915 musical comedy revue of the same name, founded by British soldiers fighting on the Western Front in France.

I've Got Rings on My Fingers Trailer (1929)

06 December 1929

In this one, a traffic cop is up in the sky on a platform guiding various planes and birds on their way.

Blue Express Trailer (1929)

19 December 1929

Directed by Ilya Trauberg, and written by Leonid Iyerikhonov, Ilya Trauberg, and Sergei Tretyakov, «Goluboy ekspress» is a Drama film, released in the USA on March 08 of 1930 .

A Close Call Trailer (1929)

21 December 1929

The short starts with a mouse playing some bell-like tulips like musical bells....

Night Club Trailer (1929)

07 December 1929

A Van Beuren cartoon set in a night club with cabaret musical numbers and a drunken brawl.

Sweat Trailer (1929)

31 December 1929

Sweat (1929) is a slapstick riff on tendency-film themes, as a bored young millionaire has his clothes stolen by a tramp; dressed in the tramp’s clothes, he has to accept work as a labourer.

Finders Keepers Trailer (1929)

27 December 1929

This Vitaphone one-reel short, written by the author of "Show-Off", George Kelly

Tarzan the Tiger Trailer (1929)

08 December 1929

After Tarzan's estate is destroyed by Arabs Jane is sold into slavery by a man posing as a friendly scientist.

Tiger Rose Trailer (1929)

21 December 1929

A mountie pursues a man wanted for murder.

Farm Relief Trailer (1929)

05 December 1929

An impromptu speakeasy sets up on Krazy's farm, and in no time, all the animals are drunk, and Krazy himself is so soused that he attempts to milk (an apparently male) donkey.

Jüri Rumm Trailer (1929)

12 December 1929

Jüri Rumm (1929), a story about a legendary horse thief and local Robin Hood.

South Sea Rose Trailer (1929)

09 December 1929

A French girl raised in the south seas is brought to prim and proper New England by her New England born and bred sea captain husband.