Movie Trailers - December 1931

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1931

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

Dr. Jekyll faces horrible consequences when he lets his dark side run wild with a potion that changes him into the animalistic Mr.

The Ugly Duckling Trailer (1931)

17 December 1931

The film begins with a mother hen sitting on her eggs from which six baby chicks are born. Though initially overjoyed, her mood changes to disgust when the final egg hatches out a duckling.

Arrowsmith Trailer (1931)

26 December 1931

Based on Sinclair Lewis's novel "Arrowsmith". A medical researcher is sent to a plague outbreak, where he has to decide priorities for the use of a vaccine.

Safe in Hell Trailer (1931)

12 December 1931

After killing an ex-boyfriend in New Orleans, a prostitute flees to a Caribbean island. There the vicious local police chief sets his sights on her, unaware that she is a fugitive.

À Nous la Liberté Trailer (1931)

18 December 1931

One of the all-time comedy classics, René Clair’s À nous la liberté tells the story of Louis, an escaped convict who becomes a wealthy industrialist.

Mata Hari Trailer (1931)

26 December 1931

A semi-fictionalized account of the life of Mata Hari, an exotic dancer who was accused of spying for Germany during World War I.

Ladies of the Big House Trailer (1931)

26 December 1931

A woman (Sylvia Sidney) tries to save her husband (Gene Raymond) from the electric chair after both are sent to prison for a murder they didn't commit.

Beau Hunks Trailer (1931)

12 December 1931

Stan and Ollie join the French Foreign Legion after Ollie's sweetheart rejects him. The title Beau Hunks is both a reference to Beau Geste and a pun on the mild ethnic slur Bohunk (a portmanteau of "Bohemian" and "Hungarian.

Men Of Chance Trailer (1931)

27 December 1931

Horseracing drama about a gambler who falls for a fake countess.

The False Madonna Trailer (1931)

05 December 1931

A woman who is a member of a gang of con artists impersonates the mother of a wealthy blind man.

Méphisto Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

Emil and the Detectives Trailer (1931)

02 December 1931

When a suspicious man bribes Emil with chocolate in return for a bundle of cash, the young lad thinks of a plan to catch him.

Blonde Crazy Trailer (1931)

03 December 1931

Adventures of a cocky con man and his glamorous accomplice.

Mickey's Orphans Trailer (1931)

09 December 1931

At Christmastime, Mickey Mouse, Minnie and Pluto are beset by an enormous litter of bratty orphan cats.

A House Divided Trailer (1931)

05 December 1931

A New England fisherman's (Walter Huston) second wife (Helen Chandler) prefers his son (Kent Douglass).

Private Lives Trailer (1931)

12 December 1931

Elyot and Sibyl are being married in a big church ceremony. Amanda and Victor are being married by a French Justice of the Peace.

Night Beat Trailer (1931)

26 December 1931

A young couple finds themselves mixed up with mobsters planning to rob a warehouse.

Two-Gun Caballero Trailer (1931)

15 December 1931

A cowhand named Bob Blake visits with Sally Thompson and her kid-brother, Jimmy, on their hard-scrabble homestead adjoining the Steele Ranch where Bob works.

Manhattan Parade Trailer (1931)

24 December 1931

Director Lloyd Bacon's 1931 drama takes a different look at the Broadway arena by focusing on the owners of a theatrical costume shop.

The Captain from Köpenick Trailer (1931)

22 December 1931

Based on the true story of a cobbler who bought a second-hand captain's uniform, assumed command of a troop of guardsmen, declared the town of Köpenick under military law, arrested the mayor and confiscated the town treasury.

Her Majesty, Love Trailer (1931)

15 December 1931

The wealthy von Wellingens are shocked when the father of their son Fred's fiancée Lia juggles desserts at a formal dinner.

The Fisherman Trailer (1931)

07 December 1931

Oswald and his girlfriend start out on a fishing trip and end up on an island with all kinds of crazy stuff going on.

Philips-Radio Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

An industrial film which shows the operations inside the Philips Radio plant: In a mêlée of activity, glassblowers make delicate glass bulbs.

The Secret Witness Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

A wealthy, cheating husband is found murdered in his penthouse apartment. The police soon arrest a suspect, but the victim's downstairs neighbor believes the man is innocent and sets out to prove who really committed the murder.

Forgotten Women Trailer (1931)

01 December 1931

Acting on a tip from former stage actress Fern Madden, who is now working as a movie extra, Jimmy Burke, a Hollywood reporter, publishes an article revealing an independent film producer to have mob connections.

Monkeydoodle Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

Simon the Monk(ey) terrorizes a weird-looking dog, which plays the part of his slave - takes any order from the “master” and gets beaten from time to time.

Strictly Dishonorable Trailer (1931)

26 December 1931

A hopelessly silly young flibbertigibbet from Mississippi quarrels with her boorish New Jersey boyfriend at a New York City bar, is befriended by a dashing Italian opera singer, and accompanies the Lothario back to his apartment.

The Streets of Istanbul Trailer (1931)

02 December 1931

Directed by Muhsin Ertugrul and Ihsan Ipekçi.

The Clown Trailer (1931)

21 December 1931

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a clown in Pete's circus. He's also fired from the cannon. Pete wants gymnast Kitty to sign a contract, but Oswald warns her against it.

Musical Justice Trailer (1931)

25 December 1931

Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees, as judge and jury, try three musical misdemeanors; the last defendant is a live-action Betty Boop, who sings a duet with Rudy.

Mickey's Helping Hand Trailer (1931)

18 December 1931

One of the few films in the series without Mickey Rooney. Costar Marvin Stephens ("Katrink'") stands in for Rooney.

Die Koffer des Herrn O.F. Trailer (1931)

02 December 1931

In the very oldfashioned town of Ostend suddenly 13 suitcases are delivered to the hotel, with a note, that O.

Bosko's Fox Hunt Trailer (1931)

12 December 1931

Bosko joins a wacky fox hunt. But if the hunt worries anyone, it isn't the fox.

Tout ça ne vaut pas l'amour Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

The Range Feud Trailer (1931)

01 December 1931

Clint Turner is arrested for the murder of his girlfriend Judy's father, a rival rancher who was an enemy of his own father.

Peach-O-Reno Trailer (1931)

25 December 1931

After a quarrell at their 25th wedding aniversery, Joe and Aggie Bruno decide to divorce each other, and both leave for Reno.

White Ecstasy Trailer (1931)

10 December 1931

Leni, a daring young girl, is visiting for the second time a ski-resort. The local ski-teachers agree to organize a "fox-hunt" for her.

A Private Scandal Trailer (1931)

30 December 1931

There is a sensational jewel robbery at the home of one of the leaders of the Boston Back Bay aristocracy, and a Count d'Alencourt is arrested on the basis of a long police record involving jewel thefts and later convicted.

Working Girls Trailer (1931)

12 December 1931

Two sisters from Indiana, the wide-eyed, innocent and beautiful Mae Thorpe, and her sister June, also beautiful but more streetwise, move into the Rolf House for Homeless Girls in New York.

Good Sport Trailer (1931)

12 December 1931

Marilyn Parker (Linda Watkins, a young unsophisticated wife, who while her husband, Rex Parker (Alan Dinehart), is in Europe on "business" but took his mistress, Peggy Burns (Greta Nissen), with him, sub-leases his former "love nest" and becomes friendly with the gold-digging blondes and their 'daddys' that Rex and Peggy formerly entertained.

Red-Headed Baby Trailer (1931)

26 December 1931

The old toymaker goes to sleep, and his toys immediately come to life and sing "Red-Headed Baby." A red-haired baby doll begins the song.

Hell on Earth Trailer (1931)

10 December 1931

Hell on Earth (German: Niemandsland) is a 1931 German film directed by Victor Trivas. The film is also known as No Man's Land in France.

Pour un soir..! Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

feature film

Men in Her Life Trailer (1931)

10 December 1931

A wealthy ex-bootlegger comes to the rescue of a formerly rich society girl after her gold-digging fiancé leaves her stranded when he finds out she's broke.

Dizzy Red Riding-Hood Trailer (1931)

12 December 1931

Betty Boop goes to Grandma's through the woods despite wolf warnings; but Bimbo follows and gives the old story a new twist.

Oh, My Operation Trailer (1931)

23 December 1931

George is taken to the hospital in mistake for an accident victim. After his needless operation, he meets Nurse Gracie, who adds insanity to injury.

Marriage with Limited Liability Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

Though "blessed" with a complex title, which translates as Marriage with Limited Liability, this German comedy was adapted from the more simply titled stage play Causa Kaiser.

Air Eagles Trailer (1931)

20 December 1931

Two former WWI aces from opposite sides, Bill Ramsey and Otto Shumann, in the best tradition of Eddie Rickenbacker and the Red Baron, barnstorm their way across the Poverty Row skies of middle-America while competing for daredevil honors and the favors of the lovely Eve.

The Lightning Warrior Trailer (1931)

01 December 1931

A Rin-Tin-Tin serial presented in 12 episodes. The mysterious Wolf Man is terrorizing settlers in a western town.

The Christmas Party Trailer (1931)

15 December 1931

Jackie wants to throw a Christmas party for his friends on his football team, but doesn't know how to go about it.

Marty the Monk Trailer (1931)

31 December 1931

Marty the Monk(ey) takes a trip the Parade Grounds where he performs a duet with his girlfriend Millie.

The Cuban Love Song Trailer (1931)

05 December 1931

A guilt-ridden U.S. Marine returns to Cuba to try to find his illegitimate child.

The Pocatello Kid Trailer (1931)

05 December 1931

Just after Pocatello's brother is killed, a wounded Pocatello arrives being chased by the Sheriff. Larkin switches the identity of the two brothers and then expects Pocatello to assume his brother's role in the outlaw gang.

The Law of the Tong Trailer (1931)

15 December 1931

A young girl working as a dance-hall hostess gets mixed up in a scheme that smuggles illegal Chinese aliens into the country.

The Struggle Trailer (1931)

10 December 1931

A young couple's marriage is jeopardized by the husband's descent into alcoholism.

Dragnet Patrol Trailer (1931)

14 December 1931

A sailor falls for a gangster's moll, leaves his wife and finds himself caught up in a life of crime.

The Love Race Trailer (1931)

01 December 1931

The Love Race is a delightful musical comedy film based around the fierce rivalry between two motor manufacturers – and the romance that develops between the daughter of one and the son of the other.

Pudr a benzin Trailer (1931)

28 December 1931

A Swiss Trick Trailer (1931)

18 December 1931

Tom and Jerry are aboard a train making its way up a mountain in the Swiss Alps. When their train breaks down, they're spotted by a very thin St.

X Marks the Spot Trailer (1931)

13 December 1931

The story begins in 1923 where after an accident, a newspaper reporter needs to raise $5,000 to pay for an operation, otherwise his young sister will be crippled for life.