Movie Trailers - December 1933

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1933

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Sons of the Desert Trailer (1933)

29 December 1933

Stan and Ollie deceive their wives into thinking they are taking a medicinal cruise when they are really going to a convention.

The Sin of Nora Moran Trailer (1933)

13 December 1933

Nora Moran, a young woman with a difficult and tragic past, is sentenced to die for a murder that she did not commit.

Design for Living Trailer (1933)

29 December 1933

Two Americans sharing a flat in Paris, playwright Tom Chambers and painter George Curtis, fall for free-spirited Gilda Farrell.

The Son of Kong Trailer (1933)

22 December 1933

Beleaguered adventurer Carl Denham returns to the island where he found King Kong.

Queen Christina Trailer (1933)

26 December 1933

Queen Christina of Sweden is a popular monarch who is loyal to her country. However, when she falls in love with a Spanish envoy, she must choose between the throne and the man she loves.

The Tunnel Trailer (1933)

15 December 1933

An engineer is hired to plan and oversee the construction of a undersea tunnel between Europe and the US.

Sagebrush Trail Trailer (1933)

15 December 1933

Imprisoned for a murder he did not commit, John Brant escapes and ends up out west where, after giving the local lawmen the slip, he joins up with an outlaw gang.

Victory of the Faith Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

Der Sieg des Glaubens (English: Victory of Faith) (1933) is the first documentary film directed by Leni Riefenstahl, who was hired despite opposition from Nazi officials that resented employing a woman — and a non-Party member too.

The Night Before Christmas Trailer (1933)

09 December 1933

A narrator sings the opening stanzas of the classic poem while we see the house at rest. Santa lands on the roof, comes down the chimney, and opens his bag.

Land Without Bread Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

Las Hurdes – Tierra Sin Pan / Land Without Bread / Unpromised Land is a surrealist documentary filmed in Spain in 1932.

Flying Down to Rio Trailer (1933)

29 December 1933

A dance-band leader finds love and success in Brazil. The first Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers movie.

Smoky Trailer (1933)

08 December 1933

Rodeo star forms a strong bond with the noble horse he took from the wilds and trained. Unfortunately, they end up on different life paths and are separated.

Lady Killer Trailer (1933)

09 December 1933

An ex-gangster tries to resist his old cohorts' criminal activities after he accidentally becomes a movie star.

Alice in Wonderland Trailer (1933)

22 December 1933

On a boring winter afternoon, Alice dreams, that she's visiting the land behind the mirror. This turns out to be a surrealistic nightmare, with all sorts of strange things happening to her, like changing her size or playing croquet with flamingos.

Gallant Lady Trailer (1933)

07 December 1933

Unwed mother gives up baby for adoption and hopes to get it back when the adoptive mother dies.

Convention City Trailer (1933)

14 December 1933

Extra-marital fun and games at a convention of the Honeywell Rubber Company in Atlantic City.

Ugokie kori no tatehiki Trailer (1933)

31 December 1933

A farmer walking in the woods is frightened away by a shapeshifting fox, who then disguises himself as a samurai and makes his way to a temple, haunted by a young shapeshifting tanuki whose various attempts to frighten the fox/samurai away fail.

High and Low Trailer (1933)

08 December 1933

Parking Space Trailer (1933)

18 December 1933

Disaster ensues when Oswald neglects his day care center. I won't spoil the experience for you; just let this document of one-sided American "history" wash over you like a cool fungus.

The Mystery Squadron Trailer (1933)

21 December 1933

Hank Davis, foreman on a huge dam project, enlists the aid of his two flyer friends when a sinister figure known as The Black Ace leads his Mystery Squadron of masked pilots in an attempt to destroy the dam.

Murder on the Campus Trailer (1933)

26 December 1933

A popular young student finds herself accused of a series of murders that have occurred on the college campus.

Så til søs Trailer (1933)

26 December 1933

Tre enfoldige fisker-brødre nyder livet. De får hjælp af den unge pige Sus, der styrer hus og hjælper til på fiskekutteren.

The Hayseeds Trailer (1933)

08 December 1933

Wealthy Mary Townleigh gets lost in the bush and hurts her ankle, but is rescued and stays with the Hayseed family.

Racoczy-Marsch Trailer (1933)

15 December 1933

Nieuwe gronden Trailer (1933)

14 December 1933

The film is a documentary portraying a struggle as man tries to subdue nature. To prevent flooding and for purposes of land reclamation, the people of the Netherlands struggle and succeed in building a breaker, thereby eliminating the wild inland body of water once known as the Zuider Zee (now called Ijsselmeer).

He Couldn't Take It Trailer (1933)

15 December 1933

Jimmy Kelly, who can't hold on to a job because of his hot temper, finds his calling as a process server.

King for a Night Trailer (1933)

09 December 1933

A prizefighter is convicted of a murder that was actually committed by his sister.

Kadetten Trailer (1933)

25 December 1933

Counsellor at Law Trailer (1933)

25 December 1933

Successful attorney has his Jewish heritage and poverty-stricken background brought home to him when he learns his wife has been unfaithful.

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

An toy version of Betty Boop drops in on a small toy shop. The other toys come to life and crown her their queen.

The House on 56th Street Trailer (1933)

02 December 1933

A beautiful chorine marries a handsome rich socialite, but her idyllic life ends when she visits a dying old beau and is charged when he commits suicide.

The Constant Nymph Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

Second of three versions of Margaret Kennedy’s novel about a sickly, sensitive Belgian schoolgirl, Tessa (Victoria Hopper), in love with world-famous composer Lewis Dodd (Brian Aherne), who marries her wealthy cousin Florence (Leonora Corbett).

Plane Crazy Trailer (1933)

23 December 1933

Should Ladies Behave Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

A middle-aged houseguest causes romantic turmoil when he falls in love with his host's teenage daughter.

Fuchs auf der Hetzjagd Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

Coming soon

Going Hollywood Trailer (1933)

22 December 1933

The film tells the story of Sylvia (Marion Davies), a French teacher at an all-girl school, who wants to find love.

The Pointing Finger Trailer (1933)

26 December 1933

A man plots to murder his half-brother so he claim his earldom and an inheritance.

Københavnere Trailer (1933)

30 December 1933

Crime on the Hill Trailer (1933)

27 December 1933

In this murder mystery, Vicar Casson looks into the poisoning of a wealthy man. He soon finds that the man they convicted, the fiance of the rich man's niece, was innocent.

Hollywood on Parade No. B-5 Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

Comedian Lloyd Hamilton escorts a group of beauty contest winners to various Hollywood night spots.

Above the Clouds Trailer (1933)

13 December 1933

Robert Armstrong stars as Scoop Adams, an ace newsreel cameraman whose love affair with the bottle all but destroys him professionally.

Girl Without a Room Trailer (1933)

08 December 1933

In this comedy, a Tennessee art school student wins a scholarship to paint in Paris. He is thrilled until he arrives and discovers that his style is hopelessly passe and is considered trashy.

Davy Jones' Locker Trailer (1933)

09 December 1933

Willie Whooper, the little boy with the big imagination, describes a day when he went fishing with his girl and unintentionally hooked King Neptune.

Galloping Fanny Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

Cubby The Bear is a jockey and prepares to race....

Lot in Sodom Trailer (1933)

25 December 1933

Lot in Sodom is a sensual depiction of the Sodom and Gomorrah story filled with sinewy and semi-clad bodies, delirious bacchanals devoted to physical pleasure, and a searing, cataclysmic finale depicting the fall of a city devoted to sins of the flesh.

Das Lied vom Glück Trailer (1933)

05 December 1933

Hans Westmar Trailer (1933)

12 December 1933

This Nazi propaganda film purports to show the story of a Nazi Storm Trooper named Horst Wessel--here called "Hans Westmar"--who took part in street brawls and assassinations in Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s against Communists and other opponents of the Nazis, and was killed by Communists not long before this film came out.

If I Were Free Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

A recently divorced interior decorator (Irene Dunne) falls in love with a married barrister (Clive Brook).

By Candlelight Trailer (1933)

18 December 1933

A beautiful woman mistakes a Prince's butler for the Prince.

Wild Elephinks Trailer (1933)

28 December 1933

Popeye and Olive, marooned on a raft, land on what apparently is Africa, and are immediately battling elephants and gorillas.

I Am Suzanne! Trailer (1933)

25 December 1933

A dancer falls in love with a puppeteer, much to the consternation of her manipulative manager. The puppeteer himself seems more interested in his puppets than in romance with her.

Viktor und Viktoria Trailer (1933)

27 December 1933

A woman poses as a man in real life who poses as a woman on stage.

Mr. Skitch Trailer (1933)

22 December 1933

After losing their Missouri home during the Great Depression, the Skitch family pulls up stakes and heads west to California to begin life anew.

Der Jäger aus Kurpfalz Trailer (1933)

20 December 1933

The House of Trent Trailer (1933)

01 December 1933

It follows a doctor who faces both a scandal and a moral dilemma when a patient of his dies while he is making love to a press magnate's daughter.

The Women in His Life Trailer (1933)

08 December 1933

Although immensely successful as a criminal lawyer, Kent "Barry" Barringer womanizes, drinks heavily and is unable to feel love for anyone because, even after ten years, he is still bitter about his ex-wife's desertion.

Goofy Movies Number One Trailer (1933)

23 December 1933

The first part of this short is a "Metrophony" newsreel. It contains actual newsreel footage with humorous commentary (e.

Flüchtlinge Trailer (1933)

07 December 1933

Propaganda film detailing the plight of ethnic Germans, known as "Volga Germans", in the Soviet province of Manchuria.

Please Trailer (1933)

16 December 1933

Two dueling suitors vie for the heart of the town’s beautiful music teacher. Features Songs: “Please”, “You’re Getting To be A Habit With Me” and “I Don’t Stand A Ghost of a Chance”.

Let's Fall in Love Trailer (1933)

26 December 1933

A carnival girl pretends to be Swedish in order to win a movie role.