Movie Trailers - December 1935

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1935

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Captain Blood Trailer (1935)

19 December 1935

Errol Flynn leads a group of slaves to freedom and piracy.

Broken Toys Trailer (1935)

14 December 1935

A sailor doll, thrown into a toy dump, rallies the demoralized dolls that were already there.

A Tale of Two Cities Trailer (1935)

25 December 1935

The exciting story of Dr. Manette, who escapes the horrors of the infamous Bastille prison in Paris. The action switches between London and Paris on the eve of the revolution where we witness 'the best of times and the worst of times' - love, hope, the uncaring French Aristocrats and the terror of a revolutionary citizen's army intent on exacting revenge.

Sylvia Scarlett Trailer (1935)

11 December 1935

Sylvia Scarlett and her father, Henry, flee France one step ahead of the police. Henry, while employed as a bookkeeper for a lace factory, was discovered to be an embezzler.

Whipsaw Trailer (1935)

18 December 1935

Vivian, Ed and Harry steal jewels in Paris. In New York government agent McBride accompanies Vivian riding across the country with the loot.

Dangerous Trailer (1935)

25 December 1935

Dan Bellows finds former stage star Joyce Heath a penniless drunk and takes her to his Connecticut home for rehabilitation.

Day of Freedom - Our Armed Forces Trailer (1935)

30 December 1935

Filming of the performance show the Deutsche Wehrmacht (German Army) made during the Reichsparteitag of the NSDAP in Nurnberg 1935.

La Fiesta de Santa Barbara Trailer (1935)

07 December 1935

Hollywood stars participate in a Mexican-themed revue and festival in Santa Barbara. Andy Devine, the "World's Greatest Matador", engages in a bullfight with a dubious bovine supplied by Señor Keaton, and musical numbers are provided by Joe Morrison and the Garland Sisters.

Another Face Trailer (1935)

20 December 1935

The surgeon who did the job was dead. Only the nurse knew what this gangster looked like in his new face.

Koenigsmark Trailer (1935)

04 December 1935

Koenigsmark is a 1935 British-French drama film directed by Maurice Tourneur and starring Elissa Landi, John Lodge and Pierre Fresnay.

Skull and Crown Trailer (1935)

16 December 1935

Rin-Tin-Tin brings the killer of his mistress to justice.

Just My Luck Trailer (1935)

30 December 1935

Homer Crow, fired from his laboratory job at the Dunn-Wright Rubber Company, is sure that his formula for an indestructible rubber, called Durex, will be a success.

Broadway Hostess Trailer (1935)

07 December 1935

Melodrama about the professional and romantic problems of an aspiring singer.

Magnificent Obsession Trailer (1935)

30 December 1935

A playboy tries to redeem himself after his careless behavior causes a great man's death.

Hitch Hike Lady Trailer (1935)

28 December 1935

Brit Amelia Blake (Alison Skipworth) travels to America to join her son Alfred. Fate forces her to hitchhike to California, a perilous journey that she shares with kind young Judy Martin (Mae Clarke).

Fair of the Dove Trailer (1935)

23 December 1935

A young printer's relationship with his girlfriend is in trouble after she accepts another suitor's invitation to the fair.

Top Flat Trailer (1935)

21 December 1935

When Patsy criticises Thelma's poetry, she ups and leaves for a better standard of living.

Foolish Hearts Trailer (1935)

27 December 1935

A little entry from the RKO shorts department serving also as an audition-type (stick 'em in one of these and see if they appeal to a real audience, and make a buck or two at the same time)film for studio contractees and budding starlets.

The Courageous Avenger Trailer (1935)

12 December 1935

Lucrèce Borgia Trailer (1935)

20 December 1935

Lawless Riders Trailer (1935)

06 December 1935

Edith overhears Bart's plan to rob the bank so she informs Ken. But she is also overheard and when Ken goes to investigate, Bart's Henchman Prod frames him for the robbery.

If You Could Only Cook Trailer (1935)

30 December 1935

An auto engineer (Herbert Marshall) and a professor's daughter (Jean Arthur) pose as married servants in a mobster's (Leo Carrillo) mansion.

Cigalon Trailer (1935)

11 December 1935

Cigalon (Alexandre Arnaudy) manages a restaurant in a small town in Provence. A chef with a high opinion of his past culinary achievements, he makes no effort to attract customers and is rude to those who venture into his establishment expecting to be fed.

We're Only Human Trailer (1935)

27 December 1935

A cop, who plays by his own rules, brings down a notorious gangster.

Heir to Trouble Trailer (1935)

17 December 1935

Ken Armstrong (Ken Maynard) finds himself a mine owner and a daddy simultaneously when a friend dies and wills him his mine and his baby.

The Student of Prague Trailer (1935)

10 December 1935

Prague in the 1860s: Balduin is a popular, handsome student, the best fencer in town, in amicable rivalry with his friend Dahl for the affections of Lydia, the innkeeper's niece.

The Girl in the Rumor Trailer (1935)

22 December 1935

A story of two sisters, the older being more traditional, the younger a "moga" ("modern girl"). Their widowed father runs the family sake shop -- but is running into financial trouble (causing him to make some bad decisions).

Bulldog Courage Trailer (1935)

29 December 1935

A miner who was swindled out of his mine by a banker turns to robbing stagecoaches. Several years after he is tracked down and killed, his son comes to town to tangle with the banker.

The Lone Wolf Returns Trailer (1935)

31 December 1935

Once a jewel thief always a jewel thief? Yes and no. Yes if you consider the fact that Michael Lanyard also known as the Lone Wolf once retired from the "trade" but relapses back into his old habits when he is tempted by the emerald pendant of beautiful socialite Marcia Stewart.

Man of Iron Trailer (1935)

21 December 1935

A construction company foreman's life changes--not necessarily for the better--when he is promoted to an executive position.

Audioscopiks Trailer (1935)

25 December 1935

After the audience is instructed how to use the 3-D glasses they received, demonstrations of three-dimensional films are presented.

Molly Moo-Cow and Rip Van Winkle Trailer (1935)

26 December 1935

Despite the warnings from her conscience, Molly drinks the same brew that got poor Rip Van Winkle drunk and made him sleep for 20 years.

Hit and Run Driver Trailer (1935)

28 December 1935

A man runs over a young couple on a deserted road, then leaves the scene and tries to cover up the incident.

The Shadow of Silk Lennox Trailer (1935)

11 December 1935

A crooked nightclub owner, pretending to go straight, is forced to kill a henchman when the latter tries to run off with the gang's latest haul.

Seven Keys To Baldpate Trailer (1935)

13 December 1935

A writer, looking for some peace and quiet in order to finish a novel, takes a room at the Baldpate Inn.

Swifty Trailer (1935)

12 December 1935

The Bon Bon Parade Trailer (1935)

05 December 1935

A boy, attracted by the same confectionery display that attracts a fly, goes inside and starts eating.

Fruit in the Neighbor's Garden Trailer (1935)

20 December 1935

no overview

Ouanga Trailer (1935)

03 December 1935

In Haiti, a black female plantation owner enacts a voodoo curse, and revives zombies for revenge on a white male neighbor, who has chosen a white woman over her for marriage.

Ye Olde Toy Shop Trailer (1935)

12 December 1935

When the old toymaker goes home, the toys in his shop come to life. Tin soldiers, a jack-in-the-box and wind-up dolls dance and cavort.

Last of the Pagans Trailer (1935)

20 December 1935

Two South Sea Islanders fall in love, followed by a hurricane.

The Mayflower Trailer (1935)

27 December 1935

A Terrytoons cartoon released 27 December 1935.

The Sagebrush Troubadour Trailer (1935)

02 December 1935

Before he was murdered Grandpa Martin found a gold mine. He failed to record it and now everyone is looking for Martin's old horse that can lead them to it.

The Great Impersonation Trailer (1935)

08 December 1935

The second of the three film versions of the E. Phillips Oppenheim espionage thriller set largely in an old dark house where a tremulous wife wonders if her husband is really his double, a dastardly German spy.

Gaspard de Besse Trailer (1935)

18 December 1935

Baccara Trailer (1935)

27 December 1935

A rich banker is actually a crook. His mistress, an alien, wants to become French and the only way is to marry a Frenchman.

Der höhere Befehl Trailer (1935)

30 December 1935

Trigger Tom Trailer (1935)

14 December 1935

Tom Hilton and Stub Macey are heading to the Jergenson ranch to buy his cattle. But Jeckyl and Sheriff Slater control the cattle market forcing the ranchers to buy at their price and they intend to keep the newcomers out.

Hot Paprika Trailer (1935)

12 December 1935

A former bank clerk who believes he has three months to live goes to the island of Paprika and gets involved in a revolution.

Too Tough To Kill Trailer (1935)

20 December 1935

A no-nonsense engineer (Victor Jory) is hired to oversee construction of the Whitney Tunnel, a project that has been plagued by a series of mysterious--and often fatal--accidents.

L'atelier du Val de Grâce Trailer (1935)

29 December 1935

Home movie from Man Ray with a view of his home/gallery

King of the Damned Trailer (1935)

31 December 1935

Revolt on a prison island is a parable of workers revolution. A cruel and repressive penal colony is the setting for a prison revolt with a special twist.

The Ghost Goes West Trailer (1935)

17 December 1935

An American businessman's family convinces him to buy a Scottish castle and disassemble it to ship it to America brick by brick, where it will be put it back together.

Show Them No Mercy! Trailer (1935)

06 December 1935

The title refers to the government's plan at the time for putting an end to a lucrative racket, kidnapping.

Kind Lady Trailer (1935)

06 December 1935

Mary Herries is a rich woman with a habit of contributing to those less fortunate than her.

Carnival in Flanders Trailer (1935)

03 December 1935

In 1616, when Flanders is under Spanish occupation, the town of Boom, in the midst of preparations for its carnival, learns that a Spanish duke with his army is on the way to spend the night there.

The Bride Comes Home Trailer (1935)

25 December 1935

A penniless socialite is hired by two young men as a front in their plan to start a magazine. Soon, however, they find themselves more interested in her than in their publishing venture.

The Law of 45's Trailer (1935)

01 December 1935

Lawyer Rontel has made Geologist Sheffield his prisoner and by power of attorney is using his money to buy the ranches of those driven off by his hired men.

Forced Landing Trailer (1935)

02 December 1935

In this high-flying mystery set aboard a cross-country flight to New York, some of the passengers are kidnappers who are trying to locate a hidden cache of loot.

Ah, Wilderness! Trailer (1935)

06 December 1935

A teen (Eric Linden) comes of age with the help of his uncle (Wallace Beery) in circa-1900 New England.