Movie Trailers - December 1949

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1949

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Sands of Iwo Jima Trailer (1949)

14 December 1949

The relationship between Sergeant Stryker and a group of rebellious recruits is made difficult by the Sergeant's tough training tactics.

On the Town Trailer (1949)

08 December 1949

Three sailors on a day of shore leave in New York City look for fun and romance before their twenty-four hours are up.

Holiday Affair Trailer (1949)

24 December 1949

Just before Christmas, department store clerk Steve Mason meets big spending customer Connie Ennis, really a commercial spy.

Samson and Delilah Trailer (1949)

21 December 1949

The classic story of Samson and Delilah as told by Cecil B. DeMille.

The Reckless Moment Trailer (1949)

29 December 1949

After discovering the dead body of Bea Harper's lover, Bea's mother Lucia hides the body under the assumption that it was her daughter who killed the man.

Toy Tinkers Trailer (1949)

16 December 1949

When Donald Duck chops a Christmas tree, the inquisitive chipmunks Chip and Dale follow and see him decorate it with nuts and sweets.

Inspector General Trailer (1949)

31 December 1949

An illiterate stooge in a traveling medicine show wanders into a strange town and is picked up on a vagrancy charge.

The Man on the Eiffel Tower Trailer (1949)

12 December 1949

A down-and-out student is hired to kill a wealthy woman. When someone else is suspected of the crime, the student taunts police until they realize that they may have to wrong man.

Twelve O'Clock High Trailer (1949)

21 December 1949

In this story of the early days of daylight bombing raids over Germany, General Frank Savage must take command of a "hard luck" bomber group.

East Side, West Side Trailer (1949)

22 December 1949

A New Yorker's (James Mason) mistress (Ava Gardner) drives his wife (Barbara Stanwyck) to a war hero; then someone kills the mistress.

Undertow Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

Undertow stars Scott Brady as a gambler just out of wartime military service. No longer interested in wagers and speculations, Brady wants only to open up a mountain vacation lodge.

Malaya Trailer (1949)

27 December 1949

After living abroad for several years, journalist John Royer returns to the United States just after the U.

Rabbit Hood Trailer (1949)

24 December 1949

While unwittingly trespassing in the royal gardens in search of carrots, Bugs runs afoul of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who tries to apprehend him for poaching.

Boys in Brown Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

Jackie lives in poverty with his widowed mother. In a bid to escape poverty he gets involved in a robbery that sees him sentenced to three years in Borstal where he meets a tough crowd, tougher than anything on the outside.

And Baby Makes Three Trailer (1949)

02 December 1949

A recently divorced couple (Robert Young, Barbara Hale) see things differently after learning they are going to be parents.

Singoalla Trailer (1949)

13 December 1949

Set in medieval times about the cursed Moonshield family. The young knight Erland Moonshield fall in love with a gypsy enchantress, Singoalla, he meet in the forest.

A Dangerous Profession Trailer (1949)

10 December 1949

A cop-turned-bail bondsman gets involved in a murder investigation.

Rendezvous in July Trailer (1949)

06 December 1949

Broken Drum Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

When the future of his construction company falls into danger, a controlling father pushes his children into unsatisfying marraiges and careers in order to regain financial stability.

Keep an Eye on Amelia Trailer (1949)

16 December 1949

Young Amélie is currently enjoying life as the kept woman of her reasonably well off boyfriend Étienne.

Which Is Witch Trailer (1949)

02 December 1949

Dr. I.C. Spots is an African witch doctor about to prepare a potion which needs as one of its ingredient a rabbit.

The Huggetts Abroad Trailer (1949)

02 December 1949

Life is not going well for the Huggetts. Father has lost his job. Jimmy and his wife cannot get to South Africa where he has a new job.

The Pirates of Capri Trailer (1949)

25 December 1949

A group of men calling themselves 'The Pirates of Capri", headed by Captain Sirroco, who is really Count Amalfi, are trying to restore freedom to the people of Naples in 1779.

Stop, Look, and Listen Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

Oil Can Harry, most malevolent and evil of all the villainous cats, has pretty Pearl Pureheart, cutest mouse of them all, in his grasping clutches, and ties her to the railroad tracks.

The Lady Takes a Sailor Trailer (1949)

16 December 1949

Jennifer Smith heads a "Consumer Reports"-type company and her reputation for honesty is her greatest asset.

Pappa Bom Trailer (1949)

19 December 1949

Fabian Bom, auctionist in a small town, one day finds a baby boy in a small crib that is for sale at an auction.

Never Fear Trailer (1949)

29 December 1949

A dancer who has just gotten engaged to her partner and choreographer and is about to embark on a major career is devastated to learn that she has contracted polio.

Tennis Chumps Trailer (1949)

10 December 1949

Tom's playing tennis, and Jerry is carrying his equipment for him. However, Tom's opponent, a cigar-smoking cat, is much better than Tom and is soon (literally) beating him soundly.

Bear Feat Trailer (1949)

10 December 1949

The three bears try to train to become vaudeville stars, but things do not go well for Pa Bear.

The Hasty Heart Trailer (1949)

02 December 1949

It's 1945, Burma, the day the war is over! For many this means they've survived and will be going home.

La Oveja Negra Trailer (1949)

24 December 1949

No overview found.

The Threat Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

An escaped con kidnaps the people he thinks put him behind bars.

Sons of New Mexico Trailer (1949)

20 December 1949

A Ham in a Role Trailer (1949)

13 December 1949

A dog decides to quit the slapstick comedy of cartoons and go to his country home to concentrate on Shakespeare, but two troublesome yet polite gophers foil his grand plans.

Red Desert Trailer (1949)

17 December 1949

A Government agent is sent to track an outlaw who has stolen gold boulion. The chase leads into a desolate desert region where the agent is forced to utilize his survival skills.

The Adventures of Sir Galahad Trailer (1949)

22 December 1949

Sir Galahad, a knight of the Round Table, searches for the legendary sword of Excalibur.

Comic Book Land Trailer (1949)

22 December 1949

Gandy Goose/Sourpuss cartoon that has the Goose and Cat dreaming of being inside of a comic book with some musical entertainment that reuses a female dancing mouse from another Terrytoon short.

Rathan Kumar Trailer (1949)

14 December 1949

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Totò le Mokò Trailer (1949)

20 December 1949

Monsignor Trailer (1949)

16 December 1949

Louis Mennechain is a modest locksmith. So imagine his amazement when Professor Piétrefond approaches him and tells him he recognizes in him a descendant of the kings of France, more precisely of Louis XVII (the king who never reigned).

Gategutter Trailer (1949)

26 December 1949

The movie takes place on Oslo's east side sometime during the twenties. It depicts the workers' environment by traditional elements like unemployment, strike, poverty, alcoholism, absent fathers, wise and tired mothers, the dream of a better life and the friendship between the boys in the street.

L'imperatore di Capri Trailer (1949)

16 December 1949

El santuario no se rinde Trailer (1949)

19 December 1949

Maria Fuenterreal remembers the days of resistance in the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza. There she met Aracil, a man of extremist ideas who saved her from the enemy troops, and then Captain Cortes, who died in the final battle with most of the defenders.

Dancing in the Dark Trailer (1949)

02 December 1949

Conceited actor Emery Slade, on a mission to recruit a Broadway star for Fox, picks unknown Julie Clarke instead.

Anna Szabó Trailer (1949)

02 December 1949

A female worker in Socialist Hungary gains the acceptance of her male colleagues.

The Counterfeit Cat Trailer (1949)

04 December 1949

A cat steals the headpiece of a dog to deceive the bulldog Spike and get a chance to eat the canary Spike is guarding.

Squadron of Doom Trailer (1949)

15 December 1949

No overview yet.

Un hombre va por el camino Trailer (1949)

30 December 1949

Cowboy and the Prizefighter Trailer (1949)

14 December 1949

Red Ryder (Jim Bannon) KO's a fight racket with sidekick Little Beaver (Little Brown Jug) and a new friend.

A Chance to Live Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

1949 documentary short that won an Oscar in a tie with "So Much For So Little"

The Christmas Carol Trailer (1949)

25 December 1949

A Christmas Carol was a 1949 low-budget, black and white television special narrated by Vincent Price.

Bomba On Panther Island Trailer (1949)

18 December 1949

The second of the eleven films in the "Bomba, The Jungle Boy" series.

Der Posaunist Trailer (1949)

23 December 1949

Der blaue Strohhut Trailer (1949)

22 December 1949

Una gallega en México Trailer (1949)

31 December 1949

The Galician Candida has a bakery in front of the butcher Robustito, who constantly berates although children of both Aurora and Rodolfo are in love.

Souls of Sin Trailer (1949)

31 December 1949

Unsuccessful gambler 'Dollar Bill' Burton lives in a crummy New York basement room with old friend Bob and a new roommate, friendly blues singer 'Alabama' Lee.

Valse brillante Trailer (1949)

02 December 1949

A prima donna hires a man to pretend to be her lover so as to protect her from an unwelcome suitor. Unbeknownst to her, he is a tenor in disguise.

Maya Trailer (1949)

09 December 1949

The Spider and the Fly Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

"The Spider and the Fly is set in Paris during the cloud-cuckoo days before WW I. The storyline intertwines the destinies of three people.

Una canción a la vírgen Trailer (1949)

08 December 1949

Showbiz family is stressed when wife gets sick and husband starts paying attention to costar.