Movie Trailers - December 1959

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1959

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Ballad of a Soldier Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

During World War II, 19 year old soldier Alyosha gets a medal as a reward for a heroic act at the front.

Journey to the Center of the Earth Trailer (1959)

16 December 1959

An Edinburgh professor and assorted colleagues follow an explorer's trail down an extinct Icelandic volcano to the earth's center.

Operation Petticoat Trailer (1959)

05 December 1959

A World War II submarine commander finds himself stuck with a decrepit sub, a con-man executive officer, and a group of army nurses.

Pickpocket Trailer (1959)

16 December 1959

Michel is released from jail after serving a sentence for thievery. His mother dies and he resorts to pickpocketing as a means of survival.

On the Beach Trailer (1959)

16 December 1959

In 1964, atomic war wipes out humanity in the northern hemisphere; one American submarine finds temporary safe haven in Australia, where life-as-usual covers growing despair.

Never So Few Trailer (1959)

07 December 1959

A U.S. military troop takes command of a band of Burmese guerillas during World War II.

The Cow and I Trailer (1959)

16 December 1959

In 1942, a French prisonner of war in Germany decide to escape to France using a cow hold by a lunge as a decoy.

Our Man in Havana Trailer (1959)

30 December 1959

Is a light hearted and satirical tale of political espionage and intrigue in pre-Castro Cuba.

Suddenly, Last Summer Trailer (1959)

22 December 1959

The only son of wealthy widow Violet Venable dies while on vacation with his cousin Catherine. What the girl saw was so horrible that she went insane; now Mrs.

Solomon and Sheba Trailer (1959)

25 December 1959

Shortly before his death in ancient Israel King David has a vision from God telling him that his younger son Solomon should succeed him as king.

Hannibal Trailer (1959)

21 December 1959

A Carthaginian general attempts to cross the Alps with an army of elephants in order to conquer Rome.

The Gazebo Trailer (1959)

16 December 1959

TV writer Elliott Nash buries a blackmailer under the new gazebo in his suburban backyard. But the nervous man can't let the body rest there.

The Princess with the Golden Star Trailer (1959)

18 December 1959

The Flying Fontaines Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

Director George Sherman's 1959 circus drama stars Michael Callan as a cocky aerialist causing romantic problems under the Big Top.

The Purple Gang Trailer (1959)

18 December 1959

The story of the infamous Purple Gang - a ring of bootleggers, hijackers and killers in 1920's Detroit.

Das Apostelspiel Trailer (1959)

24 December 1959

The Adventures of Buratino Trailer (1959)

31 December 1959

A wooden boy Buratino tries to find his place in life. He befriends toys from a toy theater owned by evil Karabas-Barabas, gets tricked by Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat and finally discovers the mystery of a golden key given to him by kind Tortila the Tortoise.

Paw Trailer (1959)

18 December 1959

In this youthful adventure, a young orphan is sent to live in a Danish village where he is cast out because his mother was a West Indian.

Fever Mounts at El Pao Trailer (1959)

05 December 1959

Aroused citizens assassinate an unpopular Caribbean despot, then two men vie for his gorgeous widow Ines.

The Stranglers of Bombay Trailer (1959)

04 December 1959

India 1826. The cult of Thugee was sweeping the sub-continent. Worshippers of the goddess Kali demonstrated their devotion by the mutilation and mass murder of thousands of victims.

Come Dance with Me! Trailer (1959)

28 December 1959

Handsome dentist Herve Dandieu, temporarily separated from his new, delectable wife Virginie by a lovers' tiff, is picked up by sexy dance teacher Anita Flores.

Enchanted Princess Trailer (1959)

27 December 1959

Once upon a time, Okuro(Ayako Wakao), a young female racoon, lived poorly with her drunken father. One day after they'd disguised themselves as parasols, they were wrongly brought to the Racoon Palace, where the young racoon princess (also Ayako Wakao) made a mess around her arranged marriage with the beautiful racoon prince (Raizô Ichikawa).

Fiasco in Milan Trailer (1959)

19 December 1959

The usual gang of robbers in engaged by a thief from Milan to steal a suitcase full of money, but troubles will menace the success of the operation.

Green Harvest Trailer (1959)

02 December 1959

In 1943, a group of high school students decide to take action against the Nazi occupying forces. Showing courage and imagination, they manage to blow up the Kommandantur and to release hostages.

Battle in Outer Space Trailer (1959)

26 December 1959

The nations of the Earth unite in a common cause to fight off an invader from outer space.

The Story on Page One Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

An adulterous couple is accused of murder after the woman's husband is shot and killed during a scuffle.

Father of Four: On Bornholm Trailer (1959)

26 December 1959

The popular Danish family are vacationing on the island of Bornholm. Unfortunately, they have not been able to get hotel rooms, but Tiny Per, always resourceful, have come up with the idea that they must sleep in a tent.

Li'l Abner Trailer (1959)

11 December 1959

A comedy musical based on the comic strip charcters created by Al Capp. When residents of Dogpatch, USA are notified by the government that they must evacuate because of atomic bomb testing, they try to persuade the government that their town is worth saving.

Tommy the Toreador Trailer (1959)

21 December 1959

Tommy is a happy sailor, travelling the world, singing his favourite songs. When he visits Spain, he gets mistaken for a famous bullfighter.

Leda Trailer (1959)

04 December 1959

Leda, the flirt of Monsieur Marcoux is murdered. His wife and the police think, that the murderer was the milk-man, the friend of the maid, but Marcoux' daughter's fiance Lazo, who is aware of the corrupt situation in that family doesn't agree with them.

When Angels Fall Trailer (1959)

31 December 1959

The twenty-one-minute-film is set in a men's public rest room and recounts the day to day existence of an elderly woman who serves as an attendant in the lavatory.

Jungle Cat Trailer (1959)

16 December 1959

This final True-Life Adventure would also appear to be one of the best, as we go into the South American jungle to observe the jaguar.

The Living Coffin Trailer (1959)

03 December 1959

A cowboy and his sidekick meet a ranching family that is haunted by spirits and vampires.

1001 Arabian Nights Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

Mr. Magoo's take on 1001 Arabian Nights.

Magic Boy Trailer (1959)

25 December 1959

A young Japanese boy climbs a mountain in search of a magic wizard. The youth finds the wizard, and is tutored by him.

Cuban Rebel Girls Trailer (1959)

25 December 1959

Errol Flynn, playing himself as a war correspondent, helps Fidel Castro overthrow Cuban dictator Batista.

Gangster Story Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

Actor Walter Matthau directed his first and only feature film with the black-and-white crime drama Gangster Story.

Vi er allesammen tossede Trailer (1959)

18 December 1959

After a gruesome meeting with the tax authorities Alex Alexander takes a drive in the countryside to calm down.

Sängkammartjuven Trailer (1959)

25 December 1959

Rich socialite must deny persistent rumours that she has an affair with a poor author.

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

Ray Lawler's hit play inspired this poignant drama about the need to accept middle age despite the longing for youthful passion.

Mysteries of the Deep Trailer (1959)

16 December 1959

Follows creatures in the ocean

Thaai Magalukku Kattiya Thaali Trailer (1959)

30 December 1959

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

A Touch of Larceny Trailer (1959)

11 December 1959

After falling in love with an American woman, Virginia Killain, who is engaged to another man, British Naval Commander Max Easton, hatches a plan that will get him enough money to support Virginia in the lifestyle she is accustomed to.

Cafe Pod Minogą Trailer (1959)

23 December 1959

Incident on Route 2 Trailer (1959)

31 December 1959

Safety film about a bus accident.

Devil's Bait Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

Baker Keen helps police sergeant Jackson search for a loaf of bread baked in a poisoned container in a strictly routine suspense drama.

Take a Giant Step Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

This pioneering film in the history of African-American cinema, released two years before "A Raisin In The Sun", is the coming-of-age story of a black high-school student living in a middle-class white neighborhood in the late '50s.

El gafe Trailer (1959)

07 December 1959

Prickly Mouthed Geisha Trailer (1959)

06 December 1959

In this one Hibari Misora plays a modern day geisha who has a reputation among the clientele for not liking men very much and refusing to provide any of the “extras” they so want to get from the women in this profession.

La mujer y la bestia Trailer (1959)

26 December 1959

Dedicated, saintly nurse has a twin sister who is a Bad Girl.

Dom Trailer (1959)

31 December 1959

An experimental short film by Walerian Borowczyk and Jan Lenica.

Mouse Trapped Trailer (1959)

08 December 1959

Hickory and Dickory, the two mice, overhear a news report that all black cats will be exterminated because it is Friday the 13th.

The Rookie Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

A manic young radio network employee enlists in the army at the end of WWII and finds himself the only new recruit at basic training camp.

Quanto sei bella Roma Trailer (1959)

17 December 1959

Claudio and Maurizio, two young and reckless taxi drivers in a Roman gas station meet two American tourists, daughters of a Spanish man that has oil wells in America.

Blood and Steel Trailer (1959)

04 December 1959

Native girl helps US Seabees free her villagers from Japanese troops.

Brainless John Trailer (1959)

31 December 1959

A man believes all the advertising he hears.

Science Friction Trailer (1959)

31 December 1959

This film uses stop motion animation of still photographs to convey images of politics and science in the nuclear era.

Prepotenti più di prima Trailer (1959)

30 December 1959

Blessings of the Land Trailer (1959)

15 December 1959

A young married couple, Maria and Jose (Rosa Rosal and Tony Santos) start life together creating a lanzones orchard in the countryside.

Hubertusjagd Trailer (1959)

22 December 1959