Movie Trailers - December 1967

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1967

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The Graduate Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

Recent college graduate Benjamin Braddock is seduced by the wife of his father's business partner, Mrs.

Asterix the Gaul Trailer (1967)

20 December 1967

In the year 50 BC, Gaul is occupied by the Romans - nearly. But the small village of Asterix and his friends still resists the Roman legions with the aid of their druid's magic potion, which gives superhuman strength.

Playtime Trailer (1967)

16 December 1967

Jacques Tati’s gloriously choreographed, nearly wordless comedies about confusion in the age of technology reached their creative apex with Playtime, a lasting testament to a modern age tiptoeing on the edge of oblivion.

The Exchange Student Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

Monsieur Bosquier, the owner of a private school, is far from pleased when his eldest son, Philippe, fails his end of year exams.

Pride and Vengeance Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

A Spanish army officer, Don Jose (Nero), stationed in Seville, meets and begins a relationship with a mysterious gypsy, Carmen (Aumont).

Day of Anger Trailer (1967)

19 December 1967

Lee Van Cleef stars as Talby, a sadistic gunfighter who rides into town and takes on a young outcast as his apprentice.

Carry On Doctor Trailer (1967)

02 December 1967

Francis Bigger, a notorious charlatan who tours the country lecturing on the subject of mind over matter, slips off the platform in the middle of his performance and ends up in hospital under the care of Dr Tinkle.

Die Nibelungen, Teil 2: Kriemhilds Rache Trailer (1967)

16 December 1967

No overview found.

Doctor Dolittle Trailer (1967)

19 December 1967

Get ready for the wildest adventure of a lifetime in the most ambitious production ever brought to film.

The Heathens of Kummerow Trailer (1967)

20 December 1967

Kummerow, a village in North East Germany, around 1900: Mean-spirited miller Düker wants to drive cowherd Krischan out of the village.

Aladdin and His Magic Lamp Trailer (1967)

30 December 1967

A young boy finds a magic lantern that contains a genie, and when he frees the genie he's granted three wishes.

Magical Mystery Tour Trailer (1967)

25 December 1967

A typically Beatlesque film originally produced for television, this short film was intended to be an off-the-wall road movie with the Beatles and three dozen or so friends on a psychedelic bus.

The Firemen's Ball Trailer (1967)

15 December 1967

When a group of small-town firemen find out that their chief is retiring, they organize a party to end all parties.

Will Penny Trailer (1967)

19 December 1967

Will Penny, an aging cowpoke, takes a job on a ranch which requires him to ride the line of the property looking for trespassers or, worse, squatters.

Bedazzled Trailer (1967)

10 December 1967

Stanley is infatuated with Margaret, the statuesque waitress who works with him. He meets George Spiggott AKA the devil and sells his soul for 7 wishes, which Stanley uses to try and make Margaret his own first as an intellectual, then as a rock star, then as a wealthy industrialist.

The Assassin Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

Yu is a two-armed swordsman who is betrayed by a jealous rival, but initially seeks a life of simple pleasures until an accidental meeting with another patriot sets him back on the road to bloody, brutal vengeance.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Trailer (1967)

11 December 1967

Matt and Christina Drayton are a couple whose attitudes are challenged when their daughter brings home a fiancé who is black.

Weekend Trailer (1967)

29 December 1967

A supposedly idyllic weekend trip to the countryside turns into a never-ending nightmare of traffic jams, revolution, cannibalism and murder as French bourgeois society starts to collapse under the weight of its own consumer preoccupations.

In Cold Blood Trailer (1967)

14 December 1967

In Cold Blood is a 1967 film based on Truman Capote's book of the same name. Richard Brooks prepared the adaptation and directed the film.

Son of Godzilla Trailer (1967)

16 December 1967

The 8th Godzilla film is aimed at an even younger audience than its predecessors. In the South Seas, scientists conducting weather experiments encounter gigantic mantises and a giant spider that are attacking Godzilla's offspring.

The Ambushers Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

A U.S. government built flying saucer is launched into space on a top secret test flight, but is brought down by exiled ruler of an outlaw nation who uses a remote control device to cause the ship to land at his secret base in Mexico.

Valley of the Dolls Trailer (1967)

15 December 1967

Film version of Jacqueline Susann's best-selling novel chronicling the rise and fall of three young ladies in show business.

Skrallan, Ruskprick and Gurnard Trailer (1967)

02 December 1967

The children of Seacrow Island take a public ferry to visit a relative only to find that she has went to hospital.

Spider Baby Trailer (1967)

24 December 1967

The story follows a family of inbreeds that have been afflicted by a genetic disorder known as 'Merrye syndrome', named after the family in which the disorder developed.

Hugo and Josephine Trailer (1967)

16 December 1967

Josefin is a six year old girl who lives isolated in the countryside, where her father is a priest. She has no friends until she meets Hugo.

Diabolically Yours Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

Alain Delon stars as Pierre, an amnesiac recovering from a car accident. He can't remember any details about the accident or about his past life as a wealthy businessman based in the orient.

Far Laver Sovsen Trailer (1967)

26 December 1967

Coming soon

The White Bus Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

An unnamed young woman (Patricia Healey) who is bored working in a London office takes a train to Manchester and ends up inexplicably deciding to board a white tourist bus that is packed with an eclectic assortment of international eccentrics.

Poor Cow Trailer (1967)

05 December 1967

The first of several social realism films by Ken Loach, this had less impact than those made as TV plays.

Zatôichi Challenged Trailer (1967)

30 December 1967

Ichi is staying at an inn when a woman dies. Her dying wish is that Ichi take her son to his father, an artist living in a nearby town.

Operation San Pietro Trailer (1967)

29 December 1967

Small time crook Napoleone falls into an unlikely gang made up of a gangster, called The Baron, and his two cohorts, Agonia and The Captain, where Napoleone takes them to Rome where they shack up with a shady used car dealer caled Il Cajella to help finance their new life of crime by planing to rob a statue from the Vatican.

The Last Challenge Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

An upstart outlaw (Chad Everett) baits a legendary gunslinger (Glenn Ford), now a marshal in love with a saloonkeeper (Angie Dickinson).

Banning Trailer (1967)

13 December 1967

A playboy golf pro down is on his luck. Kicked off the circuit for alleged cheating he is forced to hustle for a living.

Cricket on the Hearth Trailer (1967)

18 December 1967

A delightful, animated musical version of Charles Dickens' classic tale. A Cricket on the Hearth, tells the story of a poor toymaker and his daughter whom a helpful Cricket named Crocket befriends on Christmas morning.

A koppányi aga testamentuma Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

Professionals for a Massacre Trailer (1967)

07 December 1967

Major Lloyd, having stolen the cargo of gold needed to purchase weapons, is heading towards the Mexican border.

Don't Wait, Django… Shoot! Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

Django returns home to find out that his father has been killed, by local bandits, in a business deal gone wrong .

Eleven Samurai Trailer (1967)

16 December 1967

The lord of the Oshi fief is killed by his trespassing neighbour, the cruel and despotic Nariatsu, son of the former Shogun.

La feldmarescialla Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

Netsilik Eskimos, IX: Stalking Seal on the Spring Ice Trailer (1967)

23 December 1967

The family is on the shore of Pelly Bay in May-June. A seal basks beside its hole under a warming sun.

Mig og min lillebror Trailer (1967)

15 December 1967

Netsilik Eskimos, II: At the Caribou Crossing Place Trailer (1967)

23 December 1967

The time is early autumn. The woman wakes and dresses the boy. He practices with his sling while she spreads a caribou skin to dry.

I'll Never Forget What's'isname Trailer (1967)

18 December 1967

Advertising golden boy Andrew Quint is fed up with his fabulously successful life. In very dramatic fashion, he quits his job to return to writing for a small literary magazine.

Amor en el aire Trailer (1967)

25 December 1967

An Argentine travels to Spain to begin his studies. During the flight, he causes so much troubles to a flight attendant that she is fired.

When I Am Dead and Gone Trailer (1967)

27 December 1967

The story about Jimmy the Dingy, a young vagabond who works as a seasonal worker. Having been sacked from the job, his dreams are to become a singer.

Netsilik Eskimos, VII: Fishing at the Stone Weir Trailer (1967)

23 December 1967

Full summer, and the tundra is bare; skin tents are up and it is time to attend to the fishing as the fish move upstream.

Aankhen Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

A spy movie starring Mala Sinha, Dharmendra, Mehmood, Lalita Pawar, Jeevan and Madan Puri

Risky Business Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

A teenage girl accuses her primary schoolteacher, Jean Doucet (Jacques Brel), of trying to rape her. The police and the mayor investigate, but Doucet denies the charges.

The Ashlad and the Hungry Troll Trailer (1967)

30 December 1967

Two A Penny Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

Set in London's Swiinging Sixties, Cliff Richard plays Jamie Hopkins, an art student whose desperate need for money leads him to dabble in the underworld of drug dealing.

Fifteen Scaffolds for the Killer Trailer (1967)

15 December 1967

Unjustly accused of the murder of three women, the members of two rival gangs are joined to survive to the hunting that the whole town is making.

Killing in Istanbul Trailer (1967)

25 December 1967

Kilink visits Istanbul to grab a destructive formula which is in the hands of an once-collaborate scientist, Professor Houloussi.

Half a Sixpence Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

The joyous screen version of the Broadway and London musical hit. "If I had the money, I'd buy me a banjo!" says struggling sales clerk Arthur Kipps (Tommy Steele).

Spring on the Oder Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

A war drama set in Germany at the end od WWII.

Kill a Dragon Trailer (1967)

06 December 1967

Chinese villagers hire a mercenary and his team of karate experts to help rid them of a gangster and his henchman who are threatening their island.

Catalina Caper Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

A group of swingin' teens take time out from having fun in the sun to try to foil a group of crooks searching for a stolen scroll.

Dante's Inferno Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

A movie about jealousy, and the complex and painful relationship between Rossetti and his sickly wife, Elizabeth.

Report Trailer (1967)

27 December 1967

Bruce Conner’s most celebrated film for a reason: it takes historical moments that were replayed over and over on television—chilling repetition of Kennedy assassination coverage—and repurposes them into a meditation on how the media tries to exert authority and apply a sense of order to the anarchic.

Fathom Trailer (1967)

13 December 1967

While touring abroad in Europe, beautiful American skydiver Fathom Harvill gets wrapped up in international intrigue when Scottish spy Douglas Campbell recruits her to help him on a secret mission.

The President's Analyst Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

At first, Dr. Sidney Schaefer feels honored and thrilled to be offered the job of the President's Analyst.