Movie Trailers - December 1970

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1970

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The Aristocats Trailer (1970)

24 December 1970

When Madame Adelaide Bonfamille leaves her fortune to Duchess and her children -- Bonfamille's prize family of domesticated house cats -- the butler plots to steal the money and kidnaps the heirs, leaving them out on a country road.

They Call Me Trinity Trailer (1970)

22 December 1970

The simple story has the pair coming to the rescue of peace-loving Mormons when land-hungry Major Harriman sends his bullies to harass them into giving up their fertile valley.

Love Story Trailer (1970)

16 December 1970

Harvard Law student Oliver Barrett IV and music student Jennifer Cavilleri share a chemistry they cannot deny - and a love they cannot ignore.

Little Big Man Trailer (1970)

14 December 1970

Jack Crabb, looking back from extreme old age, tells of his life being raised by Indians and fighting with General Custer.

Companeros Trailer (1970)

18 December 1970

Arms dealer Yolaf Peterson aims to make a sale to guerilla Mongo, but the money is locked in a bank safe, the combination known only to Professor Xantos, a prisoner of the Americans.

Donkey Skin Trailer (1970)

20 December 1970

A fairy godmother helps a princess disguise herself so she won't have to marry her father.

Rio Lobo Trailer (1970)

18 December 1970

After the Civil War, Cord McNally searches for the traitor whose perfidy caused the defeat of McNally's unit and the loss of a close friend.

Sometimes a Great Notion Trailer (1970)

31 December 1970

Hank Stamper and his father, Henry, own and operate the family business by cutting and shipping logs in Oregon.

Absent-minded Trailer (1970)

09 December 1970

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis Trailer (1970)

04 December 1970

In late 1930s Ferrara, Italy, the Finzi-Continis are a leading family: wealthy, aristocratic, and urbane; they are also Jewish.

El Topo Trailer (1970)

18 December 1970

El Topo decides to confront warrior Masters on a trans-formative desert journey he begins with his 6 year old son, who must bury his childhood totems to become a man.

Gimme Shelter Trailer (1970)

06 December 1970

This documentary of the Rolling Stones' 1969 US tour has become a legendary, harrowing symbol of the tragic demise of the "Peace and Love" era.

Cold Sweat Trailer (1970)

18 December 1970

During the Korean War, Joe Moran, is convicted for striking a colonel. Imprisoned in Germany he encounters his former company commander Captain Ross, jailed for black marketeering.

The Wind's Fierce Trailer (1970)

04 December 1970

This western is set in Valencia, Spain at the end of the 19th century, and stars Terence Hill as a close-mouthed gunslinger.

No Place to Hide Trailer (1970)

22 December 1970

In New York in the late 60s, a politically motivated group of students plans bombings of company offices who do business with dictators in Middle American countries.

A Severed Head Trailer (1970)

01 December 1970

Antonia, the pampered wife of Martin Lynch-Gibbon, an upper class wine merchant, tells her husband that she is in love with their best friend, the psychiatrist Palmer Anderson.

Brewster McCloud Trailer (1970)

05 December 1970

Brewster is an owlish, intellectual boy who lives in a fallout shelter of the Houston Astrodome. He has a dream: to take flight within the confines of the stadium.

When Women Had Tails Trailer (1970)

16 December 1970

Cavemen Ulli (Giuliano Gemma), Kao (Lando Buzzanca), Grrr, Put, Zog, Maluo and Uto meet Filli (Senta Berger) with the light-brown tail.

Lieutenant Natassa Trailer (1970)

12 December 1970

The year is 1965. Natasa Arseni visits Dachau, the place where she was found by the Americans at the end of the World War II.

Run, Simon, Run Trailer (1970)

01 December 1970

A Papago Indian returns to his reservation after a prison term and searches for his brother's killer.

Green Signals Trailer (1970)

03 December 1970

Three boys are helping Soviet Intelligence to catch German spies during WWII.

The Deserter Trailer (1970)

04 December 1970

A young cavalry officer finds his woman tortured by the Apaches and blames the Army for not properly protecting the outpost, so becomes a deserter and an avenger, stalking and killing Indians without warning.

The Machine of Eden Trailer (1970)

31 December 1970

Short film from Stan Brakhage

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town Trailer (1970)

14 December 1970

A postman, S.D. Kluger, decides to answer some of the most common questions about Santa Claus, and tells us about a small baby named Kris who is raised by a family of elf toymakers named Kringle.

Cool it Carol Trailer (1970)

01 December 1970

A naive couple leave their small town for success in London's adult entertainment culture.

The Priest's Wife Trailer (1970)

22 December 1970

After discovering her boyfriend for the past four years is married, a distraught and depressed young woman turns to a Catholic priest for counseling -- and finds mutual attraction.

A Dopey Hacienda Trailer (1970)

06 December 1970

Toro and Pancho encounter a hungry cat who has a special taste for frogs.

Evil Spirits of Japan Trailer (1970)

26 December 1970

Murase is a bodyguard of yakuza group. Ochiai is a police officer who once was a student activist. When they meet, they are surprised how identical they look.

Woman of Fire Trailer (1970)

31 December 1970

A variation on Kim’s classic The Housemaid (1960). The lives of a composer and his wife, who live on a chicken farm, are thrown into turmoil when a femme fatale joins their household.

The Night the Animals Talked Trailer (1970)

09 December 1970

Common farm animals in the stable of Christ's birth begin to talk and communicate for the first time upon Mary and Joseph's arrival.

The Student Nurses Trailer (1970)

02 December 1970

Follows the lives of a group of young nurses in Los Angeles, including a nurse who joins a band of revolutionaries, and one who finds herself succumbing to drugs.

The Four Aces Trailer (1970)

24 December 1970

An adaptation of "Romeo and Juliette" where the children of two rival shopkeepers fall in love and try to reconcile their fathers.

Cristiana the Demonic Nun Trailer (1970)

20 December 1970

When it looks like the plane that Cristina is travelling on is about to crash, she makes a pledge to become a nun if her life is spared.

The Railway Children Trailer (1970)

21 December 1970

The Waterbury family are completely happy until mysterious men take their father away and they have to move up to Yorkshire without him.

There's a Girl in My Soup Trailer (1970)

15 December 1970

TV personality Robert Danvers, an exceedingly vain rotter, seduces young women daily, never staying long with one.

Eye of the Storm Trailer (1970)

22 December 1970

The very first documentary about Jane Elliott's educational experiment about discrimination, which was originally produced for ABC News, in which she conducts an unforgettable lesson with her third-grade class in Riceville, Iowa.

The Music Lovers Trailer (1970)

01 December 1970

Composer, conductor and teacher Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky struggles against his homosexual tendencies by marrying, but unfortunately he chooses a wonky, nymphomaniac girl whom he cannot satisfy.

Stückgut Trailer (1970)

31 December 1970

Basta guardarla Trailer (1970)

27 December 1970

The Great Santa Claus Switch Trailer (1970)

05 December 1970

On December 20, 1970, Jim Henson, Art Carney and Ed Sullivan came together for a special Christmas show.

Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming Trailer (1970)

24 December 1970

Wily roving gunslinger Sartana arrives in a small town and tries to find a hidden fortune of half a million dollars in gold and two million dollars in counterfeit money.

The Guardian Trailer (1970)

01 December 1970

A young a lazy man becomes a guardian of an old lady.

The Love Mates Trailer (1970)

18 December 1970

Queens Of Evil Trailer (1970)

11 December 1970

A young hippie kills a man, and seeks refuge at the lakeside house of three beautiful sisters, who seem to be hiding a dark secret.

Come Dancing Trailer (1970)

05 December 1970

Harvey Swings Trailer (1970)

01 December 1970

Our adventure begins with a couple heard arguing in voice-over in an erratically driven station wagon.

The Red Detachment of Women Trailer (1970)

03 December 1970

Adapted from the earlier film of the same title, The Red Detachment of Women is a Chinese ballet which premiered in 1964 and was one of the Eight Model Operas which dominated the national stage during the Cultural Revolution.

Un fil à la patte Trailer (1970)

26 December 1970

Rod Serling's Night Gallery Trailer (1970)

16 December 1970

Night Gallery - The Complete First Season (1970) - 3 DVD disk set - All 13 episodes from the 1970-71 season plus the original pilot movie from 1969 - In the pilot of the television series, Rod Serling introduces three separate paintings, each with its own story of uncanny vengeance against evil to tell.

Og så er der bal bagefter Trailer (1970)

18 December 1970

The Performance Will Be Followed by a Dance

Husbands Trailer (1970)

08 December 1970

A common friend's sudden death brings three men, married with children, to reconsider their lives and ultimately leave together.

The Wild Country Trailer (1970)

16 December 1970

Uprooted from their comfortable home in Pennsylvania, James and Kate Tanner, along with their sons, Virgil and Andy, journey to the wild country of 1890s Wyoming to become farmers.

The Singing Killer Trailer (1970)

22 December 1970

David Chiang stars as a nightclub vocalist whose former criminal friends blackmail him into working with them again.

A Man Called Apocalypse Joe Trailer (1970)

04 December 1970

Travelling actor and gunman Joe Clifford inherits a gold mine from his uncle. Returning to claim the mine, he finds town boss Berg, his uncle's murderer, controls it instead.

Auf und davon Trailer (1970)

12 December 1970

The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir Trailer (1970)

15 December 1970

Part One, "The Last Christmas Dinner," is about the relationship between an old man and an old woman, both homeless.

The Liar Trailer (1970)

18 December 1970

Johannes Vig lever et ensomt liv på Sandø. Han er skolelærer og da Sandø i øjeblikket er afskåret fra omverden pga.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Trailer (1970)

10 December 1970

Inspired by Albert Camus’s The Plague, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is perhaps Lung Kong’s grandest vision, and a testament to his uncompromising humanist convictions.

Serene Velocity Trailer (1970)

31 December 1970

Gehr's justifiably most famous work is a sublime meditation on camera movement and the inherently disorienting properties of institutional space.

Signals: A Space Adventure Trailer (1970)

17 December 1970

In the middle of the next century, a spaceship loses its bearings, and the commander of another space crew, seemingly on a routine check flight, decides to investigate.