Movie Trailers - February 1921

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1921

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The Haunted House Trailer (1921)

21 February 1921

Buster Keaton is a bank teller who becomes involved with a hold-up, counterfeiters, and a theatrical troupe posing as spooks in a haunted house.

High & Dry Trailer (1921)

12 February 1921

Jimmie Adams and Sid Smith comedy produced by Jack White and distributed by Educational.

Hamlet Trailer (1921)

08 February 1921

Danish silent movie-star Asta Nielsen formed her own production company to make this film, in which new elements are combined with features (and a few lines) familiar from Shakespeare's version of the legend.

Holy Smoke Trailer (1921)

27 February 1921

Jimmie Adams comedy produced by Educational.

Four Around a Woman Trailer (1921)

03 February 1921

The merchant Yquem buys his dear wife a beautiful jewel with matching earnings in a place where the city's underworld trades in fake and stolen jewelry.

A Small Town Idol Trailer (1921)

12 February 1921

Sam, a young man in a small town, is accused of being a thief. Unable to prove his innocence--and not knowing that he's being framed by a local villain to keep him away from pretty young Mary, the town beauty whom the villain wants for himself--he leaves town and goes to Hollywood to become an actor.

Desire Trailer (1921)

01 February 1921

Before plumbing the depths of horror and despair with such films as Faust and The Last Laugh, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau tested the waters with this moody drama of a storm-bound manor and the grim mystery that lurks within.

Jiraiya the Hero Trailer (1921)

01 February 1921

Jiraiya is some sort of super-ninja with superpowers. He can fly, he can avoid detection by turning himself into a toad, and he has some sort of ability to vanish.

White Oak Trailer (1921)

01 February 1921

Gambler Oak Miller seeks revenge on the man who misused his sister Rose, who is ill and under the care of the woman Oak loves, Barbara.

Johan Trailer (1921)

28 February 1921

On a farm in up-country Sweden, an enigmatic stranger comes to a conservative peasant community and seduces a farmer's wife.

The Old Swimmin' Hole Trailer (1921)

26 February 1921

The normal life of a young farm boy as he goes to school and as he relaxes in the country is depicted.

Chumming with Chipmunks Trailer (1921)

12 February 1921

A short documentary showing the life of chipmunks.

Häiden vietto Karjalan runomailla Trailer (1921)

27 February 1921

"Häiden Vietto Karjalan Runomailla" ( Karelian Wedding In The Land Of The Kalevala ) is an early and valuable documentary ( more exactly, a recreation ), an ethnological Finnish silent film about a traditional Karelian wedding.

Ducks and Drakes Trailer (1921)

01 February 1921

A silent comedy film.

Seven Years Bad Luck Trailer (1921)

06 February 1921

After breaking a mirror in his home, superstitious Max tries to avoid situations which could bring bad luck but in doing so, causes himself the worst luck imaginable.

Princess Bebè Trailer (1921)

01 February 1921

In the kingdom of Culrandia (a country that must border Ruritania) King Ottocar must give his daughter’s hand in marriage to the prince of another country.