Movie Trailers - February 1933

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1933

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42nd Street Trailer (1933)

02 February 1933

A producer puts on what may be his last Broadway show, and at the last moment a chorus girl has to replace the star.

She Done Him Wrong Trailer (1933)

09 February 1933

New York singer and nightclub owner Lady Lou has more men friends than you can imagine. Unfortunately one of them is a vicious criminal who's escaped and is on the way to see "his" girl, not realising she hasn't exactly been faithful in his absence.

Ladies They Talk About Trailer (1933)

04 February 1933

A lady bank robber becomes the cell block boss after she's sent to prison.

Hallelujah I'm a Bum Trailer (1933)

03 February 1933

A New York tramp falls in love with the mayor's amnesiac girlfriend after rescuing her from a suicidt

Mystery of the Wax Museum Trailer (1933)

18 February 1933

Sculptor Ivan Igor struggles in vain to prevent his partner from burning his wax museum, and his "children".

Twice Two Trailer (1933)

25 February 1933

A year prior to the first scene, Stan married Ollie's sister (played by Ollie), and Ollie married Stan's sister (played by Stan) in a double wedding.

From Hell to Heaven Trailer (1933)

24 February 1933

The various residents and occupants of a resort hotel await the outcome of a horse race at a nearby track, as it will affect each of their lives in different ways.

Blondie Johnson Trailer (1933)

25 February 1933

When Blondie Johnson's mother dies in poverty, Blondie vows that she will never be poor again. Convinced that virtue doesn't pay, she travels to the city and immediately begins a con with the help of taxi driver Red Charley.

What! No Beer? Trailer (1933)

10 February 1933

When Prohibition ends, a barber tries to get in the liquor business only to come up against mobsters.

State Fair Trailer (1933)

10 February 1933

The Frake family attend the Iowa State Fair. Father Abel enters his Hampshire boar, Blue Boy, in the hog contents.

Sucker Money Trailer (1933)

28 February 1933

A phony spiritualist hypnotizes the daughter of a wealthy banker in a scheme to swindle the banker out of his money.

Woman of Tokyo Trailer (1933)

09 February 1933

Ryoichi and Chikako, brother and sister, live together. Chikako toils during the day and, at night, prostitutes herself to fund his college tuition.

Lucky Devils Trailer (1933)

03 February 1933

Two Hollywood stuntmen compete for the same pretty extra.

Is My Palm Read Trailer (1933)

16 February 1933

For customer Betty Boop, psychic reader Prof. Bimbo conjures up an adventure on a haunted tropical island in his crystal ball.

Clear All Wires! Trailer (1933)

24 February 1933

Buckley is an unethical reporter who manipulates the news for his own benefit as much as he reports it.

Ich und die Kaiserin Trailer (1933)

22 February 1933

A dashing marquis bends from his horse when he discovers a lost garter in the woods and falls. During his delirium he is serenaded by a little hairdresser.

Too Many Highballs Trailer (1933)

10 February 1933

Harold Hobbs doesn't much like that his lazy, sponging and unemployed brother-in-law Claude and his mother-in-law live with him and his wife, Hortense, especially as the in-laws seem to rule the roost ever since they moved in.

Broadway Bad Trailer (1933)

24 February 1933

Showgirl Joan Blondell, supported by her friend Ginger Rogers, fights for the custody of her son during a divorce hearing.

Każdemu wolno kochać Trailer (1933)

24 February 1933

Mickey's Pal Pluto Trailer (1933)

18 February 1933

Pluto rescues a bag of kittens from the river. He feels rejected, then, as Mickey ignores him and blames him for damage the kittens do.

The Crime of the Century Trailer (1933)

18 February 1933

A police reporter (Stuart Erwin) solves a robbery/murder stemming from a banker hypnotized by a doctor (Jean Hersholt).

Oliver Twist Trailer (1933)

28 February 1933

An orphan boy in 1830's London is abused in a workhouse, then falls into the clutches of a gang of thieves.

Employees' Entrance Trailer (1933)

11 February 1933

Kurt Anderson is the tyrannical manager of a New York department store in financial straits. He thinks nothing of firing an employee of more than 20 years or of toying with the affections of every woman he meets.

Der Choral von Leuthen Trailer (1933)

02 February 1933

The story of the rise to power of King Frederick II (aka "Frederick the Great") of Prussia of his military campaigns to make Prussia a major power in Europe.

Men Must Fight Trailer (1933)

17 February 1933

Prophetic tale of a mother in 1940 trying to keep her son out of war.

The Woman Accused Trailer (1933)

17 February 1933

Jeffrey and Glenda are two lovers about to embark on a three-day cruise to nowhere. Their plan is to be married on board by the ship's captain.

Der große Bluff Trailer (1933)

02 February 1933

The Shriek Trailer (1933)

27 February 1933

Oswald the Rabbit comes to the rescue when a peg-legged sheik abducts his girlfriend and brings her to a mysterious pyramid filled with walking skeletons, animate hieroglyphics and other strange sights.

The Iron Master Trailer (1933)

04 February 1933

The wealthy owner of an iron foundry dies, and his greedy heirs are outraged when they find out that he left his entire estate not to them but to the foreman of his foundry.

Forgotten Trailer (1933)

14 February 1933

Papa Strauss, a widower, is being shifted around from one married-son's home to the other, and is unwelcome at all because his daughter-in-laws' object to his smelly pipe smoking.

The Dancing Girl of Izu Trailer (1933)

01 February 1933

"The Dancing Girl of Izu" tells of the story between a young male student who is touring the Izu Peninsula and a family of traveling dancers he meets there, including their youngest girl.

Panicky Pup Trailer (1933)

23 February 1933

Barnyard dog gets spooked by his imagination.

Spring Shower Trailer (1933)

17 February 1933

Fejos’s Spring Shower is one of the key Hungarian films of the 1930s and 1940s to explore the miserable lives led by maidservants.

Buzzin' Around Trailer (1933)

03 February 1933

Fatty invents a liquid with flubber-like properties which makes objects resilient and unbreakable. Unfortunately, in his rush to get out of the house to demonstrate his invention, he unknowingly grabs a jar of moonshine instead of the jar which holds his wonder liquid.

The Magic Mummy Trailer (1933)

06 February 1933

Tom and Jerry are police officers, driving around in their car and enjoying listening to some music on their police radio, when they hear a bulletin announcing another theft of a mummy from the local museum.

Topaze Trailer (1933)

23 February 1933

An honest and naive schoolteacher gets a lesson in how the world works outside the classroom, when a rich Baron and his mistress use the teacher's name and outstanding reputation in a crooked business scheme.

The Sea Calls Trailer (1933)

23 February 1933

The Baltic captain Terje Wiggen works as a pilot on the island of Muhu. When the mate of the ship “Carola” calls in sick, he jumps at the chance of reviving his life as a sailor.

F.P.1 Doesn't Answer Trailer (1933)

24 February 1933

French-language version of F.P.1 antwortet nicht (1932). This film is presumed lost.

Glad Rags to Riches Trailer (1933)

04 February 1933

A girl has to decide who to marry: a poor country boy or a rich nightclub owner.

Art in the Raw Trailer (1933)

23 February 1933

Aspiring artist Edgar, with family in tow, relocates to Greenwich Village - according to his wife, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law the right environment for him to be inspired.

Fallen Arches Trailer (1933)

04 February 1933

Told to "hike" out to his company's West Coast headquarters, Charley does exactly that.

Treason Trailer (1933)

10 February 1933

Die blonde Christl Trailer (1933)

10 February 1933

No overview found.

The Secret of Madame Blanche Trailer (1933)

03 February 1933

Irene Dunne stars as a musical hall entertainer who is impregnated by a wealthy young man (Phillips Holmes).

The Head of a Man Trailer (1933)

18 February 1933

Her Majesty Love Trailer (1933)

06 February 1933

Fred von Wellingen is a wealthy industrialist, part of a large family-owned corporation. Fred has fallen for Lia, a comely bartender in the Berlin Cabaret.

Harmony Row Trailer (1933)

11 February 1933

George enlists in the police force and is assigned to Harmony Row, a haunt of criminals such as Slogger Lee.

Luxury Liner Trailer (1933)

03 February 1933

This drama offers a few slices from the lives of those who live, work, and travel upon a luxurious trans-atlantic ocean liner.

Reaching for the Moon Trailer (1933)

24 February 1933

A Screen Song from the Fleischer Studios with the Irving Berlin song "Reaching for the Moon".

Medicine Show Trailer (1933)

07 February 1933

Columbia Krazy Kat cartoon released February 7, 1933.

Rip Van Winkle Trailer (1933)

09 February 1933

Rip Van Winkle, a lazy American man, wanders off one day with his dog Wolf into the Kaatskill mountains where he runs into an odd group of men drinking and playing bowls.

Bosko in Person Trailer (1933)

11 February 1933

Bosko and Honey perform a wacky stage act that includes doing imitations of Maurice Chevalier, Greta Garbo and Jimmy Durante.

Via Pony Express Trailer (1933)

05 February 1933

The Government has approved Betty Castelar's Spanish land grant and notification is sent via pony express.

Opening Night Trailer (1933)

09 February 1933

Cubby the Bear sneaks into the Roxy Opera House on it's opening night and ends up condicting an epic, animal-enacted version of Faust.

Kanske en diktare Trailer (1933)

24 February 1933

Gösta Ekman in the role as coat janitor Filip, a dreamer that has failed in life and sees people as the cloths he has in his wardrobe.

One Step Ahead of My Shadow Trailer (1933)

04 February 1933

Several Chinese residents play music. A dragon frees himself from a cage and goes after them, but fireworks are shoved down the dragon's throat.

The Tale of a Shirt Trailer (1933)

19 February 1933

A Terrytoons cartoon released 19 February 1933.

Zwei gute Kameraden Trailer (1933)

17 February 1933

Africa Speaks -- English Trailer (1933)

06 February 1933

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy's plane runs out of gas and lands in the African jungle. After a short comedy routine between the two, some natives come by and insist that they stay for dinner.

Around the Horn in a Square Rigger Trailer (1933)

28 February 1933

Discover a time when the truest adventure had the wind at your back and an infinite horizon all around.