Movie Trailers - February 1938

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1938

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Bringing Up Baby Trailer (1938)

18 February 1938

David Huxley is waiting to get a bone he needs for his museum collection. Through a series of strange circumstances, he meets Susan Vance, and the duo have a series of misadventures which include a leopard called Baby.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Trailer (1938)

11 February 1938

An orphan in 1850 Missouri gets into a variety of scrapes, including a murder mystery. Entertaining David O.

Of Human Hearts Trailer (1938)

11 February 1938

This is a story about family relationships, set in the time before and during the American Civil War.

Boat Builders Trailer (1938)

25 February 1938

Mickey buys a boat kit, and enlists Goofy and Donald to help assemble it. The plans say, "so simple a child could do it", so of course, they have their share of troubles.

Mad About Music Trailer (1938)

27 February 1938

A young woman at a girl's school in Switzerland makes up stories about and writes herself letters from an imaginary explorer-adventurer father; and is eventually put in a position where she has to produce him.

La Marseillaise Trailer (1938)

02 February 1938

A film about the early part of the French Revolution, shown from the eyes of the citizens of Marseille, counts in German exile and, of course, the king Louis XVI, each showing their own small problems.

A Yank at Oxford Trailer (1938)

18 February 1938

Lee Sheridan, a young American comes to study at Oxford University, but is instantly disliked by the other students, because of his brash and big-headed attitude.

Arsène Lupin Returns Trailer (1938)

25 February 1938

A reformed jewel thief helps detectives track down a criminal.

Die Bauten Adolf Hitlers Trailer (1938)

02 February 1938

Nazi Third Reich propaganda film that used architecture as a statement about "racial accomplishment," and so called "racial superiority.

Mr. Boggs Steps Out Trailer (1938)

18 February 1938

A dull statistician changes his life after winning a pile of money after successfully determining the number of beans in a barrel.

Midnight Intruder Trailer (1938)

07 February 1938

A former actor poses as the son of a wealthy man and gets involved in a murder in which the real son is a suspect.

Swingtime in the Movies Trailer (1938)

08 February 1938

A waitress at the Warner Brothers commissary gets her big break.

Tarzan and the Green Goddess Trailer (1938)

14 February 1938

Tarzan retells the story of a trip to Guatemala in which the ape-man had gone to aid a friend in searching for a very valuable totem pole called the Green Goddess.

Gestern und heute Trailer (1938)

02 February 1938

Nazi propaganda film contrasting Germany in the days before Adolf Hitler became Chancellor with the Germany of "today" and how much better it is.

The Goldwyn Follies Trailer (1938)

04 February 1938

Movie producer chooses a simple girl to be "Miss Humanity" and to critically evalute his movies from the point of view of the ordinary person.

The Buccaneer Trailer (1938)

04 February 1938

French pirate Jean Lafitte (Fredric March) rescues a girl (Franciska Gaal) and joins the War of 1812.

Cassidy of Bar 20 Trailer (1938)

25 February 1938

Hopalong Cassidy, boss of the Bar 20 ranch in Texas, rides down the Camino Real in the New Mexico cattle country near Alamogordo, in response to an urgent message from his lifelong sweetheart, Nora Blake, who is in serious trouble.

Self Control Trailer (1938)

11 February 1938

Donald hears a radio philosopher advise to laugh and count ten when he gets angry. He tries it successfully, then settles into his hammock for a nap.

No Time To Marry Trailer (1938)

05 February 1938

In this lightweight comedy, two news reporters who are engaged to be married endure romantic difficulties in their competitive pursuit of a "big scoop".

Rio de Janeiro Trailer (1938)

07 February 1938

A tour of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro in 1938, from the Andre de la Varre "Screen Traveler" series.

History of Philosophy Trailer (1938)

25 February 1938

A student rebellion precedes revolutionary events in Prague.

Partiointia pakkasessa Trailer (1938)

01 February 1938

Documentary on Winter Scouts in Finland.

I See Ice Trailer (1938)

10 February 1938

George Bright is a props man in an ice ballet company, and a keen amateur photographer who accidentally snaps crooks at work.

Blondes at Work Trailer (1938)

05 February 1938

Steve promises his captain not to favor Torchy with stories over other papers but becomes frustrated as to how she continues to scoop her rivals.

Who Killed Gail Preston? Trailer (1938)

24 February 1938

A temperamental singer's murder leaves a nightclub full of suspects.

Gold Is Where You Find It Trailer (1938)

12 February 1938

Colonel Ferris, a wealthy farmer in northern California, is strongly opposed to hydraulic mining, a new method developed during the gold rush of the 1870's, which is flooding the area's prosperous farmlands.

International Settlement Trailer (1938)

04 February 1938

In Shanghai amidst Sino-Japanese warfare an adventurer (Sanders) collecting money from gun suppliers falls in loves with a French singer (Del Rio).

Special Inspector Trailer (1938)

14 February 1938

U. S. Customs Agent Tom Evans is given the assignment of running down a smuggling ring which hijacks Canadian fur-shipper's trucks and sells the loot in the United States.

The Big Broadcast of 1938 Trailer (1938)

11 February 1938

The Bellows family causes comic confusion on an ocean liner, with time out for radio-style musical acts.

The Tears of an Onion Trailer (1938)

26 February 1938

It's harvesting season, so all the fruits and vegetables come out to play.

Canned Fishing Trailer (1938)

11 February 1938

Spanky and Alfalfa plot to play hooky so they can go fishing, by pretending that Alfalfa is sick and Spanky should stay with him while the parents are away.

Great Citizen Trailer (1938)

13 February 1938

Soviet film noted for deep-space compositions.

The Lone Ranger Trailer (1938)

13 February 1938

In 1865, Captain Mark Smith of the Confederate Army leads a band of deserters to conquer Texas and rule it as a dictator.

Jungle Jitters Trailer (1938)

19 February 1938

Starts out with a tribe of African cannibals imitating Native Americans. After this, they do the new Warner Bros.

Another Romance of Celluloid Trailer (1938)

05 February 1938

This second entry in MGM's "Romance of Film" series documents how celluloid movie film is processed and features behind-the-scenes glimpses of current MGM productions.

Daredevil Drivers Trailer (1938)

12 February 1938

To spite his girlfriend (Beverly Roberts), the owner of a successful bus company, an auto racer (Dick Purcell) goes to work for her rival.

Advance Democracy! Trailer (1938)

05 February 1938

Bert, a crane driver in the London docks, is persuaded to listen to a radio programme about the Co-operative movement by his wife May.

Suonikylän talvielämää Trailer (1938)

01 February 1938

Winterlife in Suonikylä, Finland.

Hollywood Stadium Mystery Trailer (1938)

21 February 1938

A boxer is killed in the ring, and the only clue is a tune that a man was whistling.

Just Ask Jupiter Trailer (1938)

18 February 1938

A dog wonders what it would be like to be a cat, and imagines he goes to heaven to ask Jupiter to grant that wish.

Shunn u Katun Trailer (1938)

02 February 1938

Soviet cartoon, The Dog and the Cat, from Lev Atamanov.

Born to Be Wild Trailer (1938)

16 February 1938

Truck drivers Steve Hackett and Bill Purvis are fired from their jobs with the West Coast Trucking company for not using second-gear going down steep grades.

Sport in Scotland Trailer (1938)

05 February 1938

An overview of sports played in Scotland, including the benefits to its citizens and the facilities used.

Outside of Paradise Trailer (1938)

08 February 1938

Daniel Francis O'Toole, singing maestro in a New York restaurant, finds himself the unexpected heir to an estate in Ireland.

Inkerin vanhaa tekniikkaa Trailer (1938)

01 February 1938

Documentary on making baskets.

The Rebel Son Trailer (1938)

02 February 1938

During the 16th century the Cossacks and their Ukraine homeland is ruled by Poland. This is the story of the leader of the Cossacks and how his son was sent to study under the Poles to learn how to defeat them in battle.

Penrod and His Twin Brother Trailer (1938)

26 February 1938

Penrod Schofield's mischievous dog, Duke, is falsely accused of biting Penrod's spoiled friend, Rodney.

La mazurca di papà Trailer (1938)

12 February 1938

Swing It, Sailor! Trailer (1938)

04 February 1938

Comical exploits of two Navy pals, at sea and on shore.

Das Mädchen mit dem guten Ruf Trailer (1938)

25 February 1938

A Romance of Engineering Trailer (1938)

05 February 1938

Production of steel components at William Beardmore & Co's Parkhead Forge, Glasgow. Made for screening at the 1938 Empire Exhibition.

The Painted Trail Trailer (1938)

16 February 1938

Tom Keene, formerly George Duryea and latterly Richard Powers, made his final starring appearance in the Monogram western The Painted Trail.

Cataluña mártir Trailer (1938)

01 February 1938

Spanish documentary made during the Spanish Civil War showing the damages suffered in Catalonia, Barcelona.

The Candid Kid Trailer (1938)

12 February 1938

Short comedy/musical film featuring Josephine Huston and Phil Silvers.

Alarm Trailer (1938)

21 February 1938

Family movie

Gewitter im Mai Trailer (1938)

22 February 1938

A Road in India Trailer (1938)

05 February 1938

Life on the road in India, showing the traffic, people and animals.

The River Trailer (1938)

04 February 1938

This short Depression-era documentary describes the importance of the Mississippi River to the United States.

Radio City Revels Trailer (1938)

11 February 1938

A down-on-his-luck songwriter attempts to peddle musical compositions of a naive Arkansas hillbilly under his own name.

Hong Kong: Gateway to China Trailer (1938)

06 February 1938

A tour of Hong Kong in the 1930s.