Movie Trailers - February 1949

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1949

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The Bribe Trailer (1949)

03 February 1949

Federal agent Rigby (Taylor) travels to Los Trancos on the island Carlotta (in the Caribbean) to break up a war-surplus gun racket and finds himself tempted by corruption, namely Elizabeth Hintten (Gardner), a café singer married to Tug Hintten (Hodiak) a mobster.

Caught Trailer (1949)

17 February 1949

It was her childhood dream come true. She had married a man worth millions. But her innocent dream became a tormented nightmare once she realized the truth about her husband.

Porky Chops Trailer (1949)

12 February 1949

Lumber jack Porky Pig intrudes upon the peace of a hipster squirrel vacationing in the Northwoods by trying to chop down the squirrel's tree.

I Shot Jesse James Trailer (1949)

26 February 1949

Bob Ford murders his best friend Jesse James in order to obtain a pardon that will free him to marry his girlfriend but is plagued by guilt and self-disgust.

Bad Boy Trailer (1949)

22 February 1949

A lawman tries to find the source of a juvenile delinquent's bad behavior.

The Small Back Room Trailer (1949)

21 February 1949

At the height of World War II, the Germans begin dropping a new type of booby-trapped bomb on England.

Cover Up Trailer (1949)

25 February 1949

In a small Midwestern town a man is found dead. Dennis O'Keefe plays an insurance investigator looking into the apparent suicide.

Flaxy Martin Trailer (1949)

15 February 1949

Messing with a mobster's girlfriend gets a lawyer framed for murder.

Mississippi Hare Trailer (1949)

26 February 1949

After getting mixed in with a bale of cotton, Bugs ends up on a Mississippi riverboat, where he meets up with the notorious gambler Col.

Polka-Dot Puss Trailer (1949)

26 February 1949

Tom pretends to have a cold in order to trick Mammy into letting him stay inside for the night. Jerry tricks Tom by making him think he really is sick - with the measles.

¡Olé torero! Trailer (1949)

15 February 1949

Manuel is a friendly taxi driver in Buenos Aires that helps its beginnings to a famous Spanish bullfighter dubbed "The Carthusian".

Once a Jolly Swagman Trailer (1949)

02 February 1949

Starring Dirk Bogarde, Bonar Colleano, Thora Hird, Sid James and Bill Owen, this British gem was nominated for a BAFTA in 1949.

Tarzan's Magic Fountain Trailer (1949)

05 February 1949

An expedition tries to enlist Tarzan's help in finding the secret Blue Valley, which legend says is the location of a miraculous fountain of youth.

Vote for Huggett Trailer (1949)

01 February 1949

A firm of solicitors do battle with the head of the local council over a parcel of river front land, owned by the Huggett family, in order to build a lido/community center.

Silent Dust Trailer (1949)

01 February 1949

A wealthy blind man is determined to build a cricket pavilion as a memorial to his dead son, who was killed in battle in World War II.

Daughter of the Jungle Trailer (1949)

08 February 1949

An airplane carrying a pair of police officers escorting gangsters to prison crash-lands in the African jungle.

Ladies of the Chorus Trailer (1949)

10 February 1949

Former burlesque star May and her daughter Peggy dance in the chorus. When May has a fight with featured dancer Bubbles, Bubbles leaves the show and Peggy takes her place.

Down to the Sea in Ships Trailer (1949)

15 February 1949

A re-make of the 1922 silent film that details the lives of the people in a small Quaker community and the adventures of a whaling ship.

Salón México Trailer (1949)

25 February 1949

Mercedes (Marga Lopez) dances for money with the clients of Salon Mexico, a famous cabaret in Mexico City.

Calabacitas Tiernas Trailer (1949)

24 February 1949

A man hired to impersonate a bankrupt business mogul who is currently on the run from creditors sets out organize a musical starring beauties from Brazil, Mexico, and Spain in this Spanish-language comedy starring popular funnyman Tin Tan.

The History of Mr. Polly Trailer (1949)

08 February 1949

Quiet and somewhat direction-less, Alfred Polly uses the money he inherits from his father to marry and to set up shop in a small town.

Das Siegel Gottes Trailer (1949)

08 February 1949

No overview found.

The Fighting O'Flynn Trailer (1949)

26 February 1949

A swashbuckling Irishman opposes French agents during the Napoleonic wars.

Slightly French Trailer (1949)

02 February 1949

A film director, in bad standing with his studio, tries to turn a local carnival dancer into a "French" movie star and pass her off as his big new discovery.

Song of India Trailer (1949)

28 February 1949

Jungle adventure drama about a young man and his wild animal friends attempting to thwart a government-approved hunting expedition.

Farlig vår Trailer (1949)

28 February 1949

A young prostitute, Gullan Svan, is murdered one night. The police suspects that the murderer is a student, since she had a lot of students as customers.

Gatan Trailer (1949)

27 February 1949

Britt Malm gets hit by a car on a Stockholm street and is taken to hospital. She is badly injured and must undergo surgery.

The Road Runner Show Trailer (1949)

01 February 1949

The desert in the U.S. southwest is the natural habitat of the Road Runner, a high-octane, cartoon bird who runs so fast on the desert's roadways that he leaves a trail of flame or causes pavement to ripple, distort, or roll up like a carpet.

The Ghost Talks Trailer (1949)

03 February 1949

The stooges are movers for an express company and on a rainy night are sent to move some junk, including a suit of armor, from a spooky old house.

Once Upon a Dream Trailer (1949)

01 February 1949

An officer's wife has a romantic dream about her husband's man (servant) and comes to believe it is true.

Der himmlische Walzer Trailer (1949)

24 February 1949

State Department: File 649 Trailer (1949)

11 February 1949

Kenneth Seeley, member of the U. S. State Department's Foreign Service Bureau, and Marge Weldon, a morale worker with the bureau, are assigned to an area in Mongolia dominated by an outlaw warlord.

The Emerald Isle Trailer (1949)

25 February 1949

"The Emerald Isle" is an animated short about life in Ireland. Includes a sing-a-long of "MacNamara's Band.

My Own True Love Trailer (1949)

02 February 1949

Following World War II, a woman tries to help her fiance understand his son's traumatic experience as a G.

Daughter of the West Trailer (1949)

15 February 1949

A convent-raised woman (Martha Vickers) learns of her American Indian heritage through romance with an educated Navajo (Philip Reed) during the 1880s.

Donald's Happy Birthday Trailer (1949)

11 February 1949

It's March 13, Donald's birthday. The boys are going to buy him a box of cigars, but they're broke. They do a quick bout of yardwork and hit Donald up for the price of the cigars (without telling him why), but he makes them put it in a piggy bank.

Forbidden Trailer (1949)

28 February 1949

Set on Blackpool’s Golden Mile, Jim (Douglass Montgomery), a once promising scientist, sets up in business as a patent medicine man selling hair tonic at the fair with his ex-army colleague Dan (Ronald Shiner).

Der große Mandarin Trailer (1949)

18 February 1949

Verspieltes Leben Trailer (1949)

27 February 1949

Love drama set during and after the First World War.

Ride, Ryder, Ride! Trailer (1949)

02 February 1949

Riding the plains with Little Beaver and Buckskin Blodgett, Red Ryder encounters bandits trying to hr

Flame of My Love Trailer (1949)

13 February 1949

A woman's struggle for equality in Japan in the 1880s. Eiko Hirayama leaves Okayama for Tokyo, where she helps the fledgling Liberal Party and falls in love with its leader Kentaro Omoi, just as the party is being disbanded by the government.

A Hometown in Heart Trailer (1949)

09 February 1949

Do-seong (Yoo Min) is a child monk who lives at a small mountain temple with the head monk (Byeon Ki-jong), learning the teachings of Buddha.

Die seltsame Geschichte des Brandner Kaspar Trailer (1949)

01 February 1949

Hep Cat Symphony Trailer (1949)

03 February 1949

A jazzbo cat is playing jazz in his home when he is disturbed by the mouse orchestra hidden within his wall.

Der Leberfleck Trailer (1949)

25 February 1949

La rebelión de los fantasmas Trailer (1949)

12 February 1949

When an old house is about to be demolished to make room for a new radio station the famous ghosts which resides in the house start a revolt to alter the decision.

Die letzte Nacht Trailer (1949)

11 February 1949

Det gælder os alle Trailer (1949)

16 February 1949

The Treasure Trailer (1949)

15 February 1949

The first Polish post-war comedy. Witek and Krysia, a married couple, move to Warsaw and have nowhere to stay.

Fregola Trailer (1949)

04 February 1949

Philine Trailer (1949)

17 February 1949

Träum’ nicht, Annette! Trailer (1949)

04 February 1949