Movie Trailers - February 1954

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1954

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Riot in Cell Block 11 Trailer (1954)

28 February 1954

A prisoner leads his counterparts in a protest for better living conditions which turns violent and ugly.

The 'Maggie' Trailer (1954)

25 February 1954

The poor, elderly,.....and wily when it comes to parting those who can afford it from their money....

Ride Clear of Diablo Trailer (1954)

10 February 1954

A young railroad surveyor returns to his hometown to find the man who murdered his father and brother.

Beachhead Trailer (1954)

05 February 1954

On a Japanese-occupied island during World War II, only two soldiers remain alive after a mission attempt goes horribly wrong.

The Miracle of Marcelino Trailer (1954)

24 February 1954

Marcelino is an orphan who grows up in a monastery. One day when he eats his small meal in a room full of old things he gives a piece of his bread to an old wooden Jesus figure - and indeed it takes the bread and eats it.

She Couldn't Say No Trailer (1954)

15 February 1954

An heiress decides to pass out anonymous gifts in a small town.

The Command Trailer (1954)

13 February 1954

Once the commanding officer of a cavalry patrol is killed, the ranking officer who must take command is an army doctor.

Jivaro Trailer (1954)

12 February 1954

At Rio Galdez's remote Brazilian trading post live assorted outcast Americans and Europeans, including Jerry Russell, ex-engineer who became obsessed with the Jivaro headhunters' treasure, quit his job, and took up with the bottle and local girl Maroa.

They Who Dare Trailer (1954)

02 February 1954

In Greece during the war a small group of British commandoes and patriots land on an island with orders to attack two airfields from which the Luftwaffe is threatening allied forces in Egypt.

La moza del cántaro Trailer (1954)

08 February 1954

Doña Maria de Guzman, a beautiful lady of Ronda has seen as Don Diego slapped his elderly father, disguised as a man pretending to be his brother (the expected return from Flanders) duels with him and kills him.

Dov'è la Libertà...? Trailer (1954)

25 February 1954

A barber, murderer because of jealousy, spends twenty years in jail. He cannot, however adjust himself to a changed world and to the hypocrisy of his own relatives and decides to return behind bars.

Rob Roy, The Highland Rogue Trailer (1954)

27 February 1954

After the 1715 defeat of the clans, one of the highland leaders, Rob Roy MacGregor escapes, has lotsh

Feline Frame-Up Trailer (1954)

13 February 1954

After Claude frames Marc Antony, making it look like the bulldog ate the kitty, Marc must try various methods of getting back at Claude from outside the yard.

The Long, Long Trailer Trailer (1954)

18 February 1954

A newly wed couple, Tacy and Nicky, travel in a trailer for their honeymoon. The journey is a humorous one that could end up destroying their marriage.

Circus Girl Trailer (1954)

05 February 1954

A circus story

Taza, Son of Cochise Trailer (1954)

18 February 1954

Three years after the end of the Apache wars, peacemaking chief Cochise dies. His elder son Taza shares his ideas, but brother Naiche yearns for war.

Fast and Loose Trailer (1954)

12 February 1954

An unmarried couple are forced to adopt a series of pretexts when they stay at a country inn together with only one spare room.

Bait Trailer (1954)

24 February 1954

A man looking for his fortune in a mine decides to tempt his partner with his much younger wife. The goal? To catch them "in the act" and kill him without consequence.

Hell and High Water Trailer (1954)

06 February 1954

A privately-financed scientist and his colleagues hire an ex-Navy officer to conduct an Alaskan submarine expedition in order to prevent a Red Chinese anti-American plot that may lead to World War III.

The Weak and the Wicked Trailer (1954)

02 February 1954

An Englishwoman (Glynis Johns) sent to a prison without bars meets other first offenders whose stories are told.

Drag-A-Long Droopy Trailer (1954)

20 February 1954

An "absolutely authentic account of the grazing land battles of the sheep and cattle wars of the early west," pitting sheep rancher Droopy against a cattle ranching wolf.

No Barking Trailer (1954)

26 February 1954

A homeless cat (Claude Cat) searching for food is harassed by the playful antics and barking of an energetic pup (Frisky Puppy).

The French Line Trailer (1954)

08 February 1954

Oil heiress Mame Carson takes an incognito cruise so that men will love her for her body, not her money.

The Little Town will go to Sleep Trailer (1954)

11 February 1954

In a small town a bag with delicate letters disappears. Many of the residents are worried about their written messages.

Homeland Trailer (1954)

26 February 1954

The first Slovakian colour film. A celebration of traditional Slovakian folklore and creativity expressed through a story of young love .

Crazy Mixed Up Pup Trailer (1954)

14 February 1954

While out grocery shopping, meek, middle-aged Samuel Smith and family pet Rover are run over by a speeding car.

A Horse's Tale Trailer (1954)

15 February 1954

Sugarfoot, the faithful old plow-horse, fearing his days and place on the farm are numbered since his master had purchased a tractor, destroys it.

Dos mundos y un amor Trailer (1954)

04 February 1954

Cultural differences cause tensions in an international marriage.

Lowlands Trailer (1954)

11 February 1954

Set in the early part of 20th century Europe. There lived a dancer who becomes the romantic bone of contention between a humble shepherd and an imperious marquis.

Ballet-Oop Trailer (1954)

11 February 1954

Dance teacher Miss Placement is dismayed to learn that the head of the School of Ballet where she teaches has entered her beginners class in a contest just three weeks away.

Who's Right? Trailer (1954)

07 February 1954

Dramatization of the experience of a young married couple whose quarrels undermine their happiness and prevent the development of adult love based on mutual understanding.

Eine Liebesgeschichte Trailer (1954)

25 February 1954

The Way to Shadow Garden Trailer (1954)

05 February 1954

This way madness - or experimental filmmaking - lies. A solitary man in coat and tie enters an apartment that may be a converted garage.

Wild Wife Trailer (1954)

19 February 1954

A harried housewife is criticized by her male-chauvinist husband, who remarks that she doesn't make effective use of her time during the day and insinuates that she doesn't finish her chores because of laziness.

Judas' Kiss Trailer (1954)

28 February 1954

The story of Judas's betrayal of Christ.

Sininen Viikko Trailer (1954)

26 February 1954

A Bergmanesque triangle drama. After a weekend of dancing and camping on a recreation island near the city, a young factory worker decides to stay and cut work for a day.

Camelia Trailer (1954)

16 February 1954

A woman of low estate is beloved of a promising young man, but sacrifices her love for him in order to protect his future and reputation.

Jagriti Trailer (1954)

27 February 1954

Sent to a hostel as a punishment, a rebellious lad leads a revolt and creates havoc in the institution.

The Last Bridge Trailer (1954)

11 February 1954

A German nurse gets sent to the front because she gives medical aid to a wounded Serbian partisan during World War II.

Matar ou Correr Trailer (1954)

12 February 1954

"High Noon" spoof. Kid Bolha and Ciscocada, two clumsy swindlers, arrive at a violent Old West town called Citydown where, by mistake, one of them is appointed Sheriff.

Red Garters Trailer (1954)

09 February 1954

A spirited cast kicks up its heels in a lively musical spoof of cowboy films crammed with spur-jangling tunes by Jay Livingstone and Ray Evans and decked out with colorfully stylized, Oscar.

Die süßesten Früchte Trailer (1954)

05 February 1954

El pescador de coplas Trailer (1954)

15 February 1954

It is the story of two brothers who have rented a boat to survive. Juan Ramón sings like an angel and an entrepreneur decides to take him to Madrid to succeed.

Top Banana Trailer (1954)

22 February 1954

Jerry Biffle (Phil Silvers) is the star of the Blendo Soap Program. He has been invited to participate in an autograph-signing party for his new book at an important department store.

La perversa Trailer (1954)

04 February 1954

Working-class girl becomes a Kept Woman, violating all of man's laws and God's Mandates.

Novio a la vista Trailer (1954)

15 February 1954

Several families vacationing on the coast in the early twentieth century.

Ain't It Aggravatin' Trailer (1954)

06 February 1954

Charge of the Lancers Trailer (1954)

01 February 1954

The downward spiral of the quality of films Paulette Goddard appeared in in the 1950's would cause a gravitational blackout to anyone viewing them in a single day, but with some of the all-time great schlock names serving as the producers---Sam Katzman, the Danziger brothers, Albert Zugsmith and---gasp---Sigmund Neufeld--- the results easily met the low expectations.

Maldita ciudad (un drama cómico) Trailer (1954)

28 February 1954

Doctor and his family move to Mexico City, everybody falls into corrupt Big City lifestyles. Or do they?

Look Who's Driving Trailer (1954)

05 February 1954

Look Who’s Driving: A super-rare UPA educational film from 1954 directed by Bill Hurtz (The Unicorn in the Garden) and designed by Bob Dranko.

Crazy Town Trailer (1954)

25 February 1954

The story of a town where everything is topsy-turvy.

Five from Barska Street Trailer (1954)

27 February 1954

In war-ravaged Warsaw, five juvenile delinquents are given probation for stealing, to rehabilitate themselves, but remain under the influence of their profiteer-boss.

Addio, mia bella signora! Trailer (1954)

23 February 1954

Flottans glada gossar Trailer (1954)

16 February 1954

When Ludvig Ekman is ordered to do his military rehearsals course, he sends one of his employees, Lasse Alm, to do it for him.

Troll i ord Trailer (1954)

01 February 1954

Die Perle von Tokay Trailer (1954)

05 February 1954

Income Tax Sappy Trailer (1954)

04 February 1954

Tax cheats Moe, Larry and Shemp decide they're so good at cheating the government, that they start a business as crooked tax advisors.

Phantom Stallion Trailer (1954)

10 February 1954

Ex-cavalry buddies, Rex and Slim, band together to capture a wild stallion, solve a murder and thwart the killers from cheating a boy out of his inheritance.

Bitter Creek Trailer (1954)

21 February 1954

"Wild" Bill Elliott is a cowboy who goes in search of the man who killed his brother, and finds himself in the small town of Bitter Creek.

Boum sur Paris Trailer (1954)

19 February 1954