Movie Trailers - February 1956

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1956

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers Trailer (1956)

05 February 1956

A small-town doctor learns that the population of his community is being replaced by emotionless alien duplicates.

Carousel Trailer (1956)

16 February 1956

Billy Bigelow has been dead for 15 years. Now outside the pearly gates, he long ago waived his right to go back to Earth for a day.

Joe Macbeth Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

A gangster's (Paul Douglas) wife (Ruth Roman) drives him to kill as she pushes him to the top.

There's Always Tomorrow Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

There’s Always Tomorrow is a remake of a 1934 film of the same name. Fred MacMurray is a toy company executive whose wife (Joan Bennett) and kids (Gigi Perreau, William Reynolds and Judy Nugent) take him for granted.

The Lone Ranger Trailer (1956)

25 February 1956

The territorial governor enlists the help of the Lone Ranger to investigate mysterious raids on white settlers by Native Americans who ride with saddles.

Hello Smile! Trailer (1956)

29 February 1956

A small European Kingdom wants to make a frowning Princess smile for the upcoming Royal photo to be done.

I'm Not the Criminal Trailer (1956)

12 February 1956

Japanese crime film.

Rätten att älska Trailer (1956)

27 February 1956

A drama directed by Mimi Pollak.

Slightly Scarlet Trailer (1956)

29 February 1956

Kleptomaniac Dorothy Lyons is paroled from prison in custody of her sister June, secretary to "reform" political candidate Frank Jansen.

La lumière d'en face Trailer (1956)

24 February 1956

El piyayo Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

The Piyayo offers a calm and friendly reflection on the Providence by the streets of Malaga. He is a gypsy lover of tradition, rich in grace and with a spirit that exudes honesty.

People of No Importance Trailer (1956)

15 February 1956

During a stay at a roadside inn, long-distance lorry driver Jean Viard meets a young woman Clothilde who works there.

The Houston Story Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

A Texas oil driller schemes to steal millions of dollars in oil.

What a Woman! Trailer (1956)

03 February 1956

Private's Progress Trailer (1956)

17 February 1956

Stanley Windrush has to interrupt his university education when he is called up towards the end of the war.

The High and the Flighty Trailer (1956)

18 February 1956

Salesman Daffy Duck comes upon a farm, the site of Foghorn Leghorn's ongoing feud with the barnyard dog, and proceeds to sell Foghorn and the dog contraptions to continue their violent, mutual heckling.

I Am on Trial Trailer (1956)

25 February 1956

A man is on trial and claims he is innocent. Witnesses take the stand but their testimonies differ. Where, among all the various stories, does the truth rest?

Forever, Darling Trailer (1956)

09 February 1956

Susan and Lorenzo have been married for over five years and they are starting to drift apart. So into her life comes an angel, which only Susan can see, to tell her that there will be trouble ahead if they do not work out their problems.

Broom-Stick Bunny Trailer (1956)

25 February 1956

On Halloween, Bugs Bunny, masquerading as an witch, trick or treats at Witch Hazel's door. He comes to the creepy old mansion of Witch Hazel, who's mixing up a potion.

Fountainhead Trailer (1956)

26 February 1956

A botanist woos the secretary of an industrialist whose company threatens the local water supply.

Dark Venture Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

An intrepid reporter embarks on an African safari, hoping to locate a place of lore known as "The Elephant's Graveyard".

Not So Dusty Trailer (1956)

16 February 1956

Two London rubbish collectors come into possession of a valuable book, and thwart the attempts of some criminals to con them out of it.

The Girl from Flanders Trailer (1956)

16 February 1956

A love story between a German soldier and a young Flemish woman amidst World War I.

After the Ball Trailer (1956)

12 February 1956

This cartoon is a bit of a bizarre experiment that asks, "What if Woody Woodpecker were the size of Tom Thumb and had to live in a bowling ball?

The Bottom of the Bottle Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

An alcoholic escaped convict (Van Johnson) asks his Arizona lawyer brother (Joseph Cotten) to help him cross the Mexican border.

Los gavilanes Trailer (1956)

10 February 1956

The story of two half brothers who do not know they are such, who fight over a woman and nearly kill each other.

Fury at Gunsight Pass Trailer (1956)

15 February 1956

An outlaw terrorizes the citizens of Gunsight Pass while he searches for stolen bank money that mysteriously disappeared after a robbery.

Good Luck! Trailer (1956)

11 February 1956

A story of a young man Alexey who comes to Moscow from Siberia trying to get into one of the Moscow universities.

Manfish Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

Three deep sea divers get involved in murder while searching for a lost treasure.

Del brazo y por la calle Trailer (1956)

02 February 1956

Unhappy young married couple argue and almost break up their marriage.

Time Table Trailer (1956)

08 February 1956

An insurance detective encounters numerous surprises when he's assigned to investigate a meticulously-planned train robbery.

Afternoon of the bulls Trailer (1956)

24 February 1956

Right-handers Ricardo Puente, Juan Carmona and Rondeño II, which will take the alternative are advertised in the poster.

The Fencing Collegian Trailer (1956)

26 February 1956

Japanese sports comedy film about kendo.

Weasel Stop Trailer (1956)

10 February 1956

A shaggy dog is the guard at a farm's chicken coop when a lip-smacking weasel comes along, intending to gain access to the chickens.

La vida es maravillosa Trailer (1956)

20 February 1956

Eugenio Jalon is a young confident and of good character who has never left her village, Segovia, and thinks that life is wonderful.

Together Trailer (1956)

05 February 1956

Experimental, semi-documentary film, showing London's East End through the lives of two deaf-mutes.

Gerald McBoing! Boing! on Planet Moo Trailer (1956)

09 February 1956

While meeting a new friend, Gerald is abducted by aliens and whisked to the planet Moo. The king of Moo mistakenly thinks that all Earthlings - like Gerald - speak only in sound effects, and he attempts to converse with Gerald.

Chips Ahoy Trailer (1956)

24 February 1956

Chip and Dale are starving in their tree home when they notice a plentiful supply of acorns on an island in a lake.

Kronprinz Rudolfs letzte Liebe Trailer (1956)

28 February 1956

The Anatomist Trailer (1956)

06 February 1956

A horror drama directed by Dennis Vance.

Merry-Go-Round Trailer (1956)

02 February 1956

In a rural scenery in the throes of difficult changes lives a humble but promising young farmer girl called Mari Pataki.

The Balloon Trailer (1956)

19 February 1956

Haruki Murakami (Masayuki Mori), once lionized as a master painter, is now the president of a thriving camera company where his son Keikichi (Tatsuya Mihashi) is also employed as one of the department heads.

Pennin Perumai Trailer (1956)

16 February 1956

Doublecross Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

A Cornish fisherman becomes involved with Iron Curtain spies.

Los bandidos de Río Frío Trailer (1956)

04 February 1956

Luis Aguilar heads the cast in this story of a band of outlaws whose exploits are more fun than negligible.

Egen ingång Trailer (1956)

20 February 1956

A seemingly ordinary day in October. A woman has since she separated from her husband lived in a single room with a separate entrance.

The Wild Dakotas Trailer (1956)

28 February 1956

When Aaron Baring (Jim Davis) signs on as wagon master for a group of settlers headed to Montana's Powder River Valley, his dictatorial style soon creates problems.

Flames on the Volga Trailer (1956)

23 February 1956

Drama of the life of a peasant family, who came to work in the fisheries of Astrakhan. The film is set in the late XIX - early XX centuries.

Ground Hog Play Trailer (1956)

10 February 1956

Casper the Friendly Ghost covers himself with soot and pretends to be a groundhog's shadow.

Thunderstorm Trailer (1956)

06 February 1956

A luminously beautiful, provocative young woman is rescued near a small fishing village on the Spanish coast.

Battle Stations Trailer (1956)

01 February 1956

The crew of a U.S. Navy ship in World War II goes into battle against the Japanese fleet.

Momma Don't Allow Trailer (1956)

05 February 1956

A night at the Wood Green Jazz Club - an example of 'Free Cinema'.

Ich suche Dich Trailer (1956)

24 February 1956

In Hamburg sind die Nächte lang Trailer (1956)

24 February 1956

Historia de un amor Trailer (1956)

15 February 1956

Singer relives her love-life in flashback: she adopts another woman's illegitimate daughter, she gets married, the grandparents of the baby raise a fuss, etc.

Der Jäger vom Roteck Trailer (1956)

16 February 1956

El fantasma de la casa roja Trailer (1956)

02 February 1956

A millionaire's ghost watches while his heirs murder each other over his fortune.

La Riviere des Trois Jonques Trailer (1956)

13 February 1956

The Stolen Nose Trailer (1956)

17 February 1956

Karl, Katrinchen and Spatz are visiting their grandmother every christmas. The small village is covered up by snow and so the three kids bulid a snowman.

Regine Trailer (1956)

23 February 1956