Movie Trailers - February 1958

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1958

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Trailer (1958)

17 February 1958

Brick, an alcoholic ex-football player, drinks his days away and resists the affections of his wife, Maggie.

Labors of Hercules Trailer (1958)

20 February 1958

In this melange of characters and events from separate mythological stories, Hercules, demigod and superman, arrives in the ancient Greek kingdom of Iolcus to tutor Iphitus, son of king Pelias; immediately on arrival, he falls in love with the king's delectable, briefly clad daughter Iole.

The Brothers Karamazov Trailer (1958)

20 February 1958

Ryevsk, Russia, 1870. Tensions abound in the Karamazov family. Fyodor is a wealthy libertine who holds his purse strings tightly.

King on Horseback Trailer (1958)

28 February 1958

Henri La Tour, a strolling player, is also a daring adventurer. So, when, after accomplishing a brilliant feat, he is awarded a title by King Louis XV, the Duke of Saint-Sever takes offense at it and challenges Henri to a duel.

Cowboy Trailer (1958)

19 February 1958

Chicago hotel clerk Frank Harris dreams of life as a cowboy, and he gets his chance when, jilted by the father of the woman he loves, he joins Tom Reece and his cattle-driving outfit.

Carve Her Name with Pride Trailer (1958)

18 February 1958

Violette Bushell is the daughter of an English father and a French mother, living in London in the early years of World War 2.

The Black Orchid Trailer (1958)

11 February 1958

An aging widower fights family disapproval when he falls in love with a gangster's widow.

The Quiet American Trailer (1958)

08 February 1958

Cynical British journalist Fowler (Michael Redgrave) falls in love with a young Vietnamese woman, but is dismayed when a naïve U.

Darby's Rangers Trailer (1958)

12 February 1958

Highly fictionalized account of the formation of the US Army's First Ranger Battalion in World War II and their first commanding officer Major (later, Lieutenant-Colonel) Orlando Darby.

The Gift of Love Trailer (1958)

11 February 1958

Fearing she will die, a physicist's wife hopes her husband will be consoled by the orphan she adopts.

The Boy Detectives Club – The Invisible Fiend Trailer (1958)

25 February 1958

Seventh film in the Boy Detectives Club series.

Hare-Less Wolf Trailer (1958)

01 February 1958

Bugs Bunny plays with the head of a Clueless wolf who is supposed to hunt a rabbit for dinner

Geratzite Trailer (1958)

10 February 1958

Gaffer Yordan the Gerak is a wealthy farmer with a large family. The Geraks live in harmony as long as his wife is alive.

Flood Tide Trailer (1958)

01 February 1958

When the testimony of a crippled child sends a murder suspect to prison, a friend of the accused sets out to investigate the crime on his own.

Il marito Trailer (1958)

06 February 1958

Alberto's marriage is a complete failure: his wife Elena is a hard woman influenced by her mother and sister who live with the married couple.

Fort Bowie Trailer (1958)

01 February 1958

Fort Bowie commander Colonel Garrett, suspecting that his wife Alison is having an affair with good-looking Captain Thompson, sends him on a dangerous mission to try to persuade renegade Indian leader Victorio to cease his attacks against white settlers and soldiers.

Kommunist Trailer (1958)

03 February 1958

Drama set to the Russian civil war of 1918

Jenny Trailer (1958)

21 February 1958

The Master Builder Trailer (1958)

23 February 1958

Halvard Solness is a middle-aged architect whose ruthlessness in his business makes him a hardened individual.

Secrets of a French Nurse Trailer (1958)

19 February 1958

In the Money Trailer (1958)

16 February 1958

The Bowery Boys tangle with Scotland Yard, diamond smugglers and a gem-toting canine during an ocean cruise.

The Beast of Budapest Trailer (1958)

23 February 1958

Archival footage combined with new footage re-creates the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. It is also a love story between a devout communist woman and the liberal son of a prominent professor.

La guarida del buitre Trailer (1958)

19 February 1958

Cowboy-policeman-hero interferes with the bad guy's plans and prevents his engaging in monkeyshines. Part of the series "Mauricio Rosales, el rayo justiciero.

Sing Boy Sing Trailer (1958)

21 February 1958

The teenage son of a rural preacher becomes a huge Elvis-like rock 'n' roll star, but he has trouble adjusting to fame and success.

Jet Attack Trailer (1958)

15 February 1958

A Soviet nurse (Audrey Totter) helps a U.S. pilot (John Agar), his buddies and a scientist escape from North Korea.

Underwater Warrior Trailer (1958)

14 February 1958

Based upon the life of Commander Francic D. Fane (USNR), UnderWater Warrior follows the evolution of the US Navy's Underwater Demolition Unit from its inception near the end of World War II through its acceptance and finally successful utilization in Korea.

Scampolo Trailer (1958)

26 February 1958

Scampolo is a young, poor girl who lives on the island of Ischia. She falls in love with a young architect who hopes to win a design competition.

A Pizza Tweety-Pie Trailer (1958)

21 February 1958

Another wet and wild Sylvester Cat-Tweety Bird chase, this time in the flooded areas of Venice, Italy, where Granny has taken Tweety on vacation.

The Unchained Goddess Trailer (1958)

12 February 1958

No overview found.

Dr. Crippen lebt Trailer (1958)

20 February 1958

A Wicked Woman Trailer (1958)

25 February 1958

In 1870's Tokyo, Den steals to support the daughter of her first marriage and her consumptive second husband.

The Bride and the Beast Trailer (1958)

22 February 1958

When Laura and Dan get married, she's more interested in Dan's gorilla. It's revealed through hypnosis that she was Queen of the Gorillas in a previous incarnation.

Los Mujeriegos Trailer (1958)

12 February 1958

Three hard-partying cowboys go to Mexico City for one last fling before entering into arranged marriages back home.

Man from God's Country Trailer (1958)

09 February 1958

Dan Beattie gives up his lawman job to move further west and rejoin his old war buddy Curt Warren in the town of Sundown.

Carnival Stories Trailer (1958)

18 February 1958

TV adaptation after I.L. Caragiale play.

Mariannes bryllup Trailer (1958)

26 February 1958

Damen i svart Trailer (1958)

01 February 1958

The married detective couple John and Kajsa Hillman goes on a vacation to Holmfors mill where a friend of Kajsa's lives with her husband.

Eine Frau, die weiß was sie will Trailer (1958)

25 February 1958

Suicide Battalion Trailer (1958)

28 February 1958

Second World War drama, set in the Philippines about a group of men recruited for the dangerous mission of destroying an American base to keep strategic papers out of enemy hands when Japanese forces invade.

Rx for Murder Trailer (1958)

18 February 1958

An American doctor moves into a quiet British community and becomes entangled in a murder mystery when the town gossips informs him the town doctors wives have all had mysterious deaths.

Besuch aus der Zone Trailer (1958)

23 February 1958

Cargaison blanche Trailer (1958)

28 February 1958

The Girl Most Likely Trailer (1958)

05 February 1958

Dodie dreams of marrying a millionaire so that she can live 'the life'. Buzz, her boyfriend, however is not rich as he is a salesman for a housing development.

Going Steady Trailer (1958)

01 February 1958

Two high-school students keep their marriage a secret from their family and friends, but they're forced to confess when the teenage wife learns she's pregnant.

Steel Bayonet Trailer (1958)

01 February 1958

Tunis, 1943. Battle-weary troops of Company C have orders to occupy a derelict Tunisian farmhouse. They are to establish an artillery observation post, reporting on enemy movements before the imminent offensive to liberate Tunis.

Und abends in die Scala Trailer (1958)

22 February 1958

Lost Lagoon Trailer (1958)

01 February 1958

Saddled with a loveless marriage and three ungrateful children, Charlie Walker (Jeffrey Lynn) dreams of escape.

Quiz Whizz Trailer (1958)

13 February 1958

Joe wins a contest and is promptly fleeced out of his winnings by some con men. When the stooges go to recover his money, the bad guys convince them that they can get rich by posing as children and becoming the wards of a millionaire.

The Narcotics Story Trailer (1958)

26 February 1958

Semi-documentary on how marijuana dealers lure small-town teenagers into heroin use and prostitution and how the police help to fight it.

Se Los Chupo La Bruja Trailer (1958)

26 February 1958

Mikosch, der Stolz der Kompanie Trailer (1958)

28 February 1958

Queen Bee Trailer (1958)

15 February 1958

Earlier version or Prequel to Queen Bee and the School for Dragons.

Kalapani Trailer (1958)

23 February 1958

Based on A.J.Cronin's 'Beyond This Place', this movie narrates the story of an untiring crusade for justice.

¡Viva el amor! Trailer (1958)

22 February 1958

Man wants to dump wife for a new girlfriend; all three end up weekending in Acapulco together along with a gentleman the wife meets enroute, and all four explore the possibility of forming new relationships.

Alle Sünden dieser Erde Trailer (1958)

21 February 1958

El inquilino Trailer (1958)

24 February 1958

Der Arzt von Stalingrad Trailer (1958)

18 February 1958

Sailing and Village Band Trailer (1958)

27 February 1958

he second of UPA's split-reel cartoons in which there were two unrelated segments---one with Hattie and one with Ham---of 3.

Exp. No. 1 Trailer (1958)

19 February 1958

short experimental animation from Spain

The Notorious Mr. Monks Trailer (1958)

28 February 1958

A drunken driver (Paul Fix), his wife (Vera Ralston) and a hitchhiker (Don Kelly) equals murder.