Movie Trailers - February 1967

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1967

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The Fearless Vampire Killers Trailer (1967)

01 February 1967

A noted professor and his dim-witted apprentice fall prey to their inquiring vampires, while on the trail of the ominous damsel in distress.

The Witches Trailer (1967)

22 February 1967

Le streghe (also known as Les Sorcières or The Witches) is a film produced by Dino De Laurentiis in 1965 and released in 1967.

Hurry Sundown Trailer (1967)

09 February 1967

Following the Second World War, a northern cannery combine negotiates for the purchase of a large tract of uncultivated Georgia farmland.

Accident Trailer (1967)

05 February 1967

Stephen is a professor at Oxford University who is caught in a rut and feels trapped by his life in both academia and marriage.

Tobruk Trailer (1967)

07 February 1967

In September 1942, the German Afrika Korps under Rommel have successfully pushed the Allies back into Egypt.

We Still Kill the Old Way Trailer (1967)

22 February 1967

A leftist professor wants the truth about two men killed during a hunting party; but the mafia, the Church and corrupt politicians don't want him to learn it.

A Covenant with Death Trailer (1967)

15 February 1967

An innocent man is found guilty of murder and sentenced to death, but as he's about to be hanged he accidentally kills his executioner.

The Thief of Paris Trailer (1967)

22 February 1967

Personal setbacks turn a working man into a notorious thief.

Sing a Song of Sex Trailer (1967)

23 February 1967

Four sexually hungry high school students preparing for their university entrance exams meet up with an inebriated teacher singing bawdy drinking songs.

The Spy in the Green Hat Trailer (1967)

03 February 1967

"Spy in the Green Hat, The (1966)" on the other hand, is both exciting AND funny. Especially the scene where Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) hides from THRUSH agents under a young woman's (the incredibly cute Letícia Román) bed and is caught by the woman's grandmother (Penny Santon), who is forcing Solo to marry the young woman.

Slave Girls Trailer (1967)

25 February 1967

Leader of a tribe of amazon women, Queen Kari, has vanquished a rival tribe and rules them with savage ruthlessness and cruel arrogance.

Loca juventud Trailer (1967)

13 February 1967

Johnny Durán, who is seventeen years old and son of a multimillionaire, arrives to Madrid for hollidays.

Master Stroke Trailer (1967)

23 February 1967

An actor is approached by a group of men offering him a job posing as an executive at a diamond exchange to help them pull off a robbery.

The Borgia Stick Trailer (1967)

25 February 1967

No overview found.

Hong Kong Nocturne Trailer (1967)

07 February 1967

A musical about 3 sisters, singers and dancers, and their dad, a magician performing in nightclubs until they make their own life.

The Three Fantastic Supermen Trailer (1967)

04 February 1967

FBI agent Brad joins Tony and Nick, the self styled Supermen who battle crime wearing bullet-proof super-suits.

Murder Czech Style Trailer (1967)

24 February 1967

The protagonist (Rudolf Hrusinsky) is a dull, fat, shy government clerk indulging in voyuerism and ego fantasies.

Bama Vijayam Trailer (1967)

24 February 1967

A middle-class joint family is living happily run by the responsible father Ethiraj, a retired headmaster.

The Terrornauts Trailer (1967)

01 February 1967

A group of scientists are kidnapped and taken to an outer space outpost in order to save Earth from destruction.

That Man in Chang-An Trailer (1967)

18 February 1967

A romantic Han Dynasty adventure epic of a dying Emperor, an Evil Queen, a beautiful Princess, a dastardly royal nephew, and a masked hero, with plots and counterplots galore, complete with cliffhangers and last-second rescues.

Joe l'implacabile Trailer (1967)

15 February 1967

Due to the continuous theft of gold shipments that are destined for the government, Senator charge of the case engages the services of Joe, a curious man who doesn´t use gun: single dynamite.

How We Stole the Atomic Bomb Trailer (1967)

03 February 1967

Franco, an Italian fisherman, witnesses a U.S. Air Force plane crash in the Mediterranean off Egypt carrying a nuclear weapon, and he is then persued by shady spy, named Ciccio, working for a spy organization led by the sinister Dr.

Deadlier Than the Male Trailer (1967)

12 February 1967

British agent Bulldog Drummond is assigned to stop a master criminal who uses beautiful women to do his killings.

Monkeys, Go Home! Trailer (1967)

08 February 1967

Henry Dussard, a young American, inherits a picturesque but badly neglected olive farm in southern France and is determined to make it operational again despite cautionary advice from the local priest and a pretty villager.

The Hellbenders Trailer (1967)

02 February 1967

The Civil War has ended, but not for Jonas, a ruthless Confederate officer who wants to continue the fight by reorganizing Confederate troops in the Southwest with the support of a large sum of stolen money.

The Boy Who Flew with Condors Trailer (1967)

19 February 1967

The true-life adventure of Chris Jury, a California teenager who goes from admiring the endangered condors' flight to sailing sky-high with them.

Island of the Doomed Trailer (1967)

20 February 1967

We take six diverse people--an unhappy married couple with a younger wife, a scientist, an older eccentric lady who is voiced in a Fran Drescher manner, a heroic young man (George Martin), and a desirable young woman for him to be interested in--who choose to vacation at the estate of a Count who is engaged in odd scientific research, and watch them deal with the gradual sense of doom.

Cat and Mouse Trailer (1967)

07 February 1967

Dutchman Trailer (1967)

27 February 1967

A young conservative black man, minding his own business, rides a nearly empty subway car. The only other passenger, a blonde vixen looking for trouble, sizes him up.

Jack and the Beanstalk Trailer (1967)

27 February 1967

A retelling of the popular fairy tale that mixes live action and animation.

A Colt Is My Passport Trailer (1967)

04 February 1967

The melancholy, homely Kamimura is a hit man who takes a job to kill a mob boss who's gotten greedy..

Sor Citroen Trailer (1967)

01 February 1967

A community of nuns, who is in charge of an asylum for orphan girls, decides to get motorized. A car is absolutely necessary to them in their work and they buy the vehicle.

Just Like a Woman Trailer (1967)

26 February 1967

A stressed television producer and his unhappy lounge singer wife are growing tired of each other.

Hard Breed to Kill Trailer (1967)

23 February 1967

A band of outlaws appear out of nowhere on a ranchers property and viciously shoot him down. They steal what they can from his ranch and kidnap his wife.

Band of Ninja Trailer (1967)

15 February 1967

A young boy joins a band of ninja during a peasant uprising, all depicted through an experimental form of filming pages from the original manga set to sound.

Epoch of Murder Madness Trailer (1967)

03 February 1967

A movie by Kihach Okamoto. (1967)

La piel quemada Trailer (1967)

13 February 1967

La piel quemada deals with the problem of internal emigration between regions with different level of development.

Death Walks in Laredo Trailer (1967)

18 February 1967

Whitaker Selby, Lester Kato, and Etienne Devereaux, three eccentric gunmen, discover they are brothers.

The Scorpio Letters Trailer (1967)

19 February 1967

The Scorpio Letters (1967) was a TV movie starring Alex Cord as a secret agent uncovering a blackmail ring in London and Paris.

The Golem Trailer (1967)

18 February 1967

French TV adaptation of the Golem myth

Adios cuñado Trailer (1967)

16 February 1967

The classic family with more sisters and one brother who has to deal with all the naughty words about being the brother in law of many.

The Hookers Trailer (1967)

09 February 1967

The story of three women and the circumstances that led each to get involved in prostitution as call girls.

Ściana czarownic Trailer (1967)

14 February 1967

Thirst for Love Trailer (1967)

18 February 1967

Koreyoshi Kurahara adapted a novel by Yukio Mishima for Thirst for Love (Ai no kawaki), a tense psychological drama about a young woman who is widowed after marrying into a wealthy family, and becomes sexually involved with her father-in-law, while harboring a destructive obsession with the family gardener.

La perra Trailer (1967)

22 February 1967

Bad woman conspires with young lover to kill her mature husband.

Confessions of Loving Couples Trailer (1967)

16 February 1967

Author Frank's debut novel is successful, but he needs the proceeds to pay off a debt and his girlfriend Mascha ends their relationship.

Have Gun Can't Travel Trailer (1967)

01 February 1967

A villain rides into town on a horse in the old West. Woody is hanging his "wanted" posters out. The villain's horse pleads with Woody to turn the louse in so that they can split the reward.

Dieser Mann und Deutschland Trailer (1967)

24 February 1967

Fictionalized documentary about the first man killed at the border between East and West Germany.

Ein Duft von Blumen Trailer (1967)

18 February 1967

The Velvet Underground in Boston Trailer (1967)

15 February 1967

This newly unearthed film, which Warhol shot during a concert at the Boston Tea Party, features a variety of filmmaking techniques.

Sukha Dukhalu Trailer (1967)

11 February 1967

Vanishree plays the role of a young college girl from a middle class family. She is being taken care by a her older brother (who is also young, no parents ).

The Midshipmen Trailer (1967)

27 February 1967

A group of students preparing to be midshipmen at the Naval Academy live very different experiences: from the typical hazing the new responsibilities they will face when they obtain graduation.

La lune avec les dents Trailer (1967)

16 February 1967

The film follows William, thirty-ish, out of work and looking for a new life after apparently having been thrown out of his previous one.

Freitag muß es sein Trailer (1967)

24 February 1967

The Ten Million Dollar Grab Trailer (1967)

09 February 1967

A heist movie

Beginning Trailer (1967)

01 February 1967

Philosophical essay about the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia, its influence on the destiny of the world in the 20th century.

The Longest Night Trailer (1967)

22 February 1967

The action takes place during the Second World War. Unexpectedly in a train compartment a fugitive - British captive - appears among the passengers.

Birth Control Revolution Trailer (1967)

21 February 1967

The insane gynecologist, Dr. Marukido Sadao (Marquis de Sade), theorizes that a woman is unable to become pregnant if she is writhing in intense pain during intercourse.

Sacré Bleu Cross Trailer (1967)

01 February 1967

When they go after Hassan the Assassin, Deux-Deux gives the Inspector an unlucky rabbit's foot.

Flucht ohne Ausweg Trailer (1967)

09 February 1967