Movie Trailers - January 1923

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1923

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Hunchback's story revolves around a beautiful gypsy dancer, Esmeralda (Patsy Ruth Miller) and the men in the life.

The Balloonatic Trailer (1923)

22 January 1923

Buster and Phyllis endure a number of outdoor adventures trying to prove to each other their survival skills.

Der Mann mit der eisernen Maske Trailer (1923)

15 January 1923

Die Flamme Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch.

L'ascension de la Pyramide de "Chéops" par S.A.R. le Prince Léopold Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

During his 1923 visit to Cairo, Prince Leopold III of Belgium climbed the Cheops pyramid. The film was shot by Tullio Chiarini, Italian photographer, cinematographer and correspondent in Cairo and Alexandria.

Cœur fidèle Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Marie wants to escape from her job and also from her lover, Paul, an unemployed drunk. She dreams of going off with Jean, a dockworker.

Lulú Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

A monkey comes home and uses a magic wand to make himself dinner. No sooner as he falls asleep, a hungry burglar enters his house.

Woman to Woman Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

David Compton leaves his expecting French girl-friend Louise Boucher, a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, for the war where he looses his memory.

While Paris Sleeps Trailer (1923)

23 January 1923

Lon Chaney plays a Parisian sculptor who falls in love with his model (Mildred Manning). She, however, cares nothing for him.

Alice's Wonderland Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Instead of Wonderland, Alice visits the Walt Disney animation room.

The Champeen Trailer (1923)

27 January 1923

Mickey and Jackie feud over Mary, so Sammy schedules a championship bout between the two rivals.

Prizrak brodit po Yevrope Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Vladimir Gardin.

The Hearth Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Robert Boudrioz.

The Tragedy at Kizkulesi Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Muhsin Ertugrul.

Macedonia Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

This film was made on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Ilinden (St. Ellias Day) Rebellion.

Where the Pavement Ends Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Rex Ingram.

Without Evidence Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

No overview found.

Violettes impériales Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

This historical melodrama (later remade by Henry Roussel himself in 1932 and Richard Pottier in 1952) set during the reign of Napoleon III of France.

Felix the Ghost Breaker Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Felix is trying to get some sleep in a graveyard, but keeps getting bothered by a ghost. He follows the ghost to the house of an old farmer, and the ghost proceeds to terrorize the old man, and when the farmer calls for help from the police, the ghost terrorizes them, too.

Felix Win's Out Trailer (1923)

14 January 1923

Bored with life in town, Felix sees an opportunity for some excitement when a traveling circus passes through, so he joins up.

Das alte Gesetz Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Baruch Mayr, son of an orthodox rabbi from a poor shtetl in Galizia, decides to break with the family tradition and leave the shtetl to become an actor.

Martha Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

A short film made by Walt Disney in 1923.

Gunnar Hede's Saga Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Gunnar Hede is raised by a strict mother, who wants him to become respectable to match his family’s wealth.

Glumov's Diary Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Filmic insert to Eisenstein's modernized, free adaptation of Ostrovskiy's 19th-century Russian stage play, "The Wise Man" ("Na vsyakogo mudretsa dovolno prostoty").

L'infernal contorsionniste Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Red-tinted 9,5 mm Baby-Pathé version (1923) of a devilish contortionist short starring Fred Sato (1910/1911).

Shirt of Fire Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Muhsin Ertugrul.

Rhythm 23 Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

We watch white shapes dancing on black background, which changes when the white shape fills up the screen completely, and black lines and figures bounce around on the now white background.

No Wedding Bells Trailer (1923)

09 January 1923

Larry arrives at his girlfriend's house to ask her father for her hand in marriage. Her father, who is in the middle of winning a chess game for the first time in 20 years, immediately throws Larry out the window.

Paste and Paper Trailer (1923)

13 January 1923

Well executed but unexceptional one-reeler about a couple of incompetent paperhangers. James Parrott, brother of Charley Chase, was an equally skilled man behind the camera, later writing and directing some of Roach's best two-reelers, before he died too young, but while the gags here are well done, he never really developed much of a personality in these pieces and they are not, somehow, quite as sharp as the stuff he was co-starring in with Sid Saylor two or three years before.

Aiyoku no nayami Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Kensaku Suzuki.

La maison du mystère Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Film composed of 10 episodes: 1.- L'Ami felon. 2.- Le secret de L'etang. 3.- L'Ambition au service de la haine.

Friedrich Schiller - Eine Dichterjugend Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

In his film version, Curt Goetz shifts the focus away from the poetic output towards the young Frieds

Der verlorene Schuh Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Ludwig Berger.

The Street Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

No overview available

Palestine Awakening Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by William Topkis.

Brass Commandments Trailer (1923)

28 January 1923

"Flash" Lanning returns to Bozzam City from the East to put an end to cattle rustling. Gloria Hallowell, who has known him by reputation, falls in love with Lanning but believes that he loves Ellen Bosworth, an eastern "lady.

The Traveling Female Entertainer Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Kensaku Suzuki.

Border Law Trailer (1923)

20 January 1923

Texas Ranger Chuck Williams (Leo D. Maloney, as Leo Maloney)is the bashful sweetheart of the daughter, Ellen (Pauline Curley), of the captain of his Texas Rangers troop.

Watch Your Wife Trailer (1923)

07 January 1923

A James Parrott comedy short.

Dark Secrets Trailer (1923)

21 January 1923

Ruth Rutherford, crippled as a result of being thrown from a horse, breaks her engagement to Lord Wallington.

Master Barsum is Looking for a Job Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Muhammad Bayyumi.

Savitri Satyavan Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

India's first international co-production. The love-is-stronger-than-death story sees Savitri, the daughter of King Ashwapati and a goddess, fall for Satyavan who is destined to die within a year.

Anguish of a Human Being Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Kensaku Suzuki.

Augusto Aníbal Quer Casar Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

A 1923 Brazilian silent comedy film directed by Luiz de Barros.

The Goat Man Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

A man walking along a beach spots three bathing beauties and tries to get them to have sex with him. They agree to do so only if he inserts himself through a hole in the fence.

Kœnigsmark Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

To fulfill her Father's wish, Grand Duchess Aurora (Huguette Duflos) is forced into an unhappy marriage with Grand Duke Rudolph (Henry Houry).

In the Country of Tutankhamun Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Victor Rosito.

The World's Applause Trailer (1923)

29 January 1923

Powerful story of love and fame.

Flanders under Philip II Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Concepcion de la Playa Setta, an Andalusian noblewoman, the daughter of the provost marshall of Flanders, is in love with the Duke Philippe de Hornes.

Dokuro no mai Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Directed by Eizo Tanaka.

The Nightmare of António Maria Trailer (1923)

25 January 1923

Considered as the first Portuguese animated film, it shows António Maria da Silva, at the time the President of the Ministery of the 1st Republic of Portugal, who is returning home after another day's work.

Jute Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

The film show the day to day running of the Titaghur Jute company, which is in Bengal on the banks of the river Hooghly.

National Bicycle Week Begins Trailer (1923)

02 January 1923

Part of BFI collection "On Yer Bike."

The Christian Trailer (1923)

14 January 1923

Glory Quayle and John Storm, sweethearts since childhood on the Isle of Man, go to London, Glory to become a nurse and John to enter a monastery.

Casa mia, donna mia... Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Mad italian melodrama.

Rue Campagne-Première Trailer (1923)

29 January 1923

On minute short document of life on the Parisian street in 1923

The Call of the Mountain Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

In The Call of the Mountain (L’appel de la montagne) a couple are childhood sweethearts who are separated, she marries a rich man and he becomes an alpine guide.

Geneviève Trailer (1923)

01 January 1923

Geneviève is an orphan child and living with her little sister Josette. Because of her economic situation, she cancels marriage with an honest and respectful man.